Bagore ki Haveli

Bagore Ki Haveli

An elegant but unconventional Haveli that was set up in the 18th century in Udaipur is famous as Bagore ki Haveli. Amarchand Badwa who was the Prime Minister of Mewar has constructed it. Over time, this Havel has been re-established and transformed into a museum along with numerous artefacts that have been accumulated over many years.

Where Is Bagore ki Haveli Located?

It is located in Udaipur just beside the lake known as Lake Pichola. It is easily accessible from Lake Pichola’s Gangori Ghat.

History of Bagore ki Haveli

During the rule of Maharanas Pratap Singh II, Ari Singh, Hamir Singh, and Raj Singh, Amarchand Badwa was the Prime Minister of Mewar. He was the one, who built this Haveli and after he passed away, the royal family of Mewar took possession of the Haveli. Nath Singh who was the Maharana’s relative at that time resided in Bagore ki Haveli. In the year 1879, the Haveli was additionally extended by Maharaj Shakti Singh.

He constructed a gateway that is triple arched and from then this Haveli is popularly named Bagore ki Haveli. It was possessed by the state of Mewar till the year 1947. After the independence of India, it has been used for government employees’ accommodation by the government of Rajasthan. For almost 40 years, this Haveli abandoned. But finally, in the year 1986, the government decided to provide the West Zone Cultural Centre the responsibility of the Haveli’s restoration work.

Tourist Attractions in Bagore ki Haveli

1. Puppet Museum

This museum in Bagore ki Haveli displays various puppets. At the museum’s entrance, you will find a miniature puppet that will welcome you. Other handmade décor items are also present here. At one of the side, a section represents the courtroom of the king. It is decorated with puppets that portray the kings, queen and other ministers who are sitting in their respective seats. Puppets of elephants and horses in different shapes, as well as sizes, are also seen. You can also purchase puppets from this museum at an affordable price.

2. Display of Artwork

Other than the attractions of the private room, this Haveli also includes many exhibits. Be it the largest turban or the costumes of women, it features a thermocol model collection of the Haveli. It attracts a huge crowd because it comes with the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s sculptures. The Haveli’s basement features a great range of art gallery that showcases modern artworks. You can also have a look at the Elephant Chariot belonging to Jhalawar Kings that comes with individual history.

3. Dharohar Dance Show

It is a vibrant traditional and cultural show that is exhibited with a lot of honesty and zeal. It spots a huge crowd from different parts of the globe. It consists of the following programs:

1. Chari Dance: Here the dancers are seen to carry flamed up brass vessels on their heads and dance.

2. Terha Taal Dance: The dancers are seen to play 13 varied manjiras that are tied well on their hands as well as legs.

3. Gorbandh Dance: Dancers wear accessories that are used to decorate the camels and thus dance in total wildness.

4. Rajasthani Puppet Show: It is very popular with a large audience that includes kids.

5. Ghumar Dance: It is a high standard dance. Here the music is played and dancers enjoy dancing to that leading music in rhythmical circles.

6. Bhavai Dance: Earthen pots are placed on the head of the dancers and they dance with those pots.

Accommodations near Bagore ki Haveli

The most well-known accommodations near the Haveli are :

  • Jaiwana Haveli
  • Taj Lake Hotel Aashiya Haveli
  • Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel
  • Lake Pichola Hotel
  • Hotel Udaigarh

Shop and Eat around Bagore ki Haveli

If you wish to enjoy shopping, then visit the local market by walking for a few minutes. You must visit the Tibetan market and Bada Bazaar. There are many cafes as well as restaurants around the Haveli where you can eat and feel refreshed. Some of these restaurants are:

  • Udaigarh Rooftop as well as Mewar Haveli rooftop situated in the Jagdish temple area of Lalghat.
  • In the Ganghor ghat area, the most famous restaurants are Sunrise Rooftop and Hotel Tiger Rooftop.
  • You can also have a look at Natural View, Poonam Haveli, and Jaiwana Bistro Lounge.

Tips for Travellers

The Haveli has a huge area and thus any individual who visits it will need a lot of time if he wishes to explore it completely. So a well-planned tour is necessary.

  • You need to cover most of your tour by walking. So it is recommended that you wear comfortable footwear.
  • Summers are very hot in Udaipur. So very light clothing to stay comfy and use sunscreens.
  • It is better that you have a guide for proper assistance.
  • This Haveli is one of the renowned places in Udaipur. So you will see a huge crowd here.
  • Photography is prohibited in some areas of the Haveli.
  • No pets are allowed.
  • Food along with bathroom facilities can be availed here

How to Reach Bagore ki Haveli

It is sited in Udaipur’s Old city and thus it lies within 1.5 km radius from the main city. Thus the Haveli can be reached easily by local buses, taxis or auto-rickshaws. It can also be accessed easily from the airport and railways station.

  • By Air : The nearest airport is Maharana Pratap Airport at a distance of 23.3 kilometres away
  • By Rail: Udaipur Railway Station which is at 2.4 kilometres distance is the nearest railway station from the Haveli.
  • By Buses: Many buses operated by the government connect Udaipur with other cities. Private buses are also seen to arrive and depart from Udaipur to other main cities.

Best Time to Visit Bagore ki Haveli

The Haveli is open to its visitors all around the year. Throughout the year, cultural events also take place in the Haveli. So there is no such specific time of the year for visiting Bagore ki Haveli. But winters, as well as monsoons, are considered to be the best time for visiting here because of the pleasant weather prevailing then.

Thus July-August would be excellent for a visit. Moreover, cultural activities’ frequency also increases during winter. If you wish to avoid the scorching heat of the sun, then it is better that you do not visit here during the summers.

Udaipur witnesses many visitors each year because of its vast culture, legacy and striking places. Bagore ki Haveli is one of those places that represent the true spirit of the culture as well as traditions of Rajasthan. So if you are planning a trip to Udaipur then you should never forget to visit this Haveli.

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