Shilpigram Art Fair

Shilpgram Art Fair Udaipur

Shilpigram is the name of an annual vibrant fair held in Udaipur. It is held at the western part of the city and is a notable crafts fair hosted primarily to promote Rajasthani art and handicrafts. The fair is the perfect destination for trying out and collecting authentic Rajasthani mirror works, women’s clothing, artefacts, handicrafts etc.

Where is the Shilpigram located ?

Shilpigram is a culture centre within the city of Udaipur and is primarily a crafts village. The village of Shilpigram is situated in the west of Fateh Sagar Lake.

Unique feature of the Shilpigram Art Fair

Shilpigram exists within the dusty rolling countryside of the majestic royal city of Udaipur but it is contrived to possess unique character.

  • 26 traditional village houses have been brought from the villages of Rajasthan, Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra.
  • Some of these have glittering mirrors and craft exhibits.
  • There are always an excellent group of folk dancers and artisans with groups ready to pereform as tourists approach the village.
  • If you are interested to learn more about Rajasthani art and craft you can also join the various workshops hosted to demonstrate them.
  • New additions to the Shilpigram art fairs & festival include urban potters, visual artists and designers who bring a contemporary touch to the old .
  • You can take a walk through Crafts Bazaar which houses several artistic pieces up for sale.

History of the Shilpigram Art Fair

The Shilpigram fair is hosted under the name Shilpidarshan and was started to encourage local arts and crafts which forms an integral part of rural Rajasthani livelihood. Through such exhibitions the local artists get recognition and a global platform, including the fact that handicrafts form the most important part of their living. As Rajasthan is a dry desert land art and craft and tourism has always been the primary source of income for the people and Shilpigram was started to support that further.

Accomodation near Shilpigram

  • Amantra Shilpi Resort
  • Shouryagarh Resort and Spa
  • Park Exotica Resort Udaipur
  • The Royal Retreat resort and spa
  • Bonjour Paradise Resort

Tips for travelers

  • Out of the tourist season Shilpigram is an almost deserted place with no artisans or performers .
  • The best time to come is during the 10 day festival in December which is thronged by hundreds and hundreds of artists and folk performers .
  • As you approach the performers and they begin to sing and dance for you, you will be expected to proffer some tips.
  • The market is also a suitable place to fine-tune you bargaining skills.
  • One can reach the fair by cycling from Lal Ghat which is about 10 km.
  • Rickshaws can take you back to the city and cost around 300/-.

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