Top Reasons why you should Visit Goa

When one thinks about planning their trip then Goa is one of the most preferred places in India, rather all over the world to travel and enjoy stay there. There are a lot of reasons for someone to visit Goa which includes it wonderful beaches, some alluring forts, picturesque sceneries and its charming festivals and delicious food.

We often wonder what the places are to visit in Goa, why goa has a huge boom in tourism and what activities that can be done in goa. A lot of time we often wonder what can be eaten and some good place to enjoy the festivals along with the best time to visit Goa. Goa is a very nice place that can be visited anytime during the year and there are numerous places along with humongous variety in food and cultural places where one can visit.

There are a lot of activities that make goa one of the best places to visit such as the water sports that one can enjoy on the beaches along with a romantic or family trip. There are numerous beaches and a lot of them are famous for certain activities that one can do there. There are some famous resorts and comfortable accommodations which allows the tourist to help them explore goa, including its flora and fauna, plantations and parties.

Some of the Top Reasons to Visit Goa are:-

1. Water Sports

Water Sports in Goa There are a lot of places in the world with beaches but very few of them offers water sports like Goa does. These sports make visiting beaches very interesting.

Due to the nice weather that stays pleasant and sporty for almost whole year makes these beach activities enjoyable.

There are various activities like kitesurfing, wave surfing, fishing tours and even a lot of film shootings often takes place on several beaches here. There are some calm, soothing and pleasant activities like Kayaking and backwater boat riding that can be enjoyed by a whole group of people and often taken by people on their honeymoons and family trips.

2. Portuguese Design

The architect of Goa is very different from other places in India due to the influence of the Portuguese in this area as compared to French and British influence in rest of the sub-continent. There are places which still have an essence of Portuguese culture like that of St. Cathedral, which is the seat of Archbishop of Goa, Church of St. Francis and many more such places. The houses in capital region are built with Portuguese style architecture that can be visited to enjoy a small change in culture.

3. Parties in Goa

One of the most enjoyed part of a trip to Goa is the never-ending party environment that can be enjoyed. The nightlife in Goa has its own place in the life of people and the rules to party in Goa are very relaxed as one can easily party till the dawn. In fact, there are various these parties like beach parties, cruise ship parties and even silent parties which makes sure the tourists that come here enjoy their time the most whether it is daytime or nighttime.

4. Goa Festivals and Carnivals

 Goa Carnival

There are various festivals that are celebrated in Goa from religious to cultural fest. Some of the most important festival that shouldn’t be missed, and people from all over the world come to celebrate it in Goa are the Goa International Jazz live, World Mouth Harp, Hilltop Festival, music on the mount and many.

These festivals are Asia’s largest festival and have a huge number in audience following it. Apart from these festivals there is the Goa Carnival which happens in the month of February and all the people of goa take the streets.

5. Exploring Wildlife

There are hundreds of exotic species of birds, flowers and other animals that one can have an adventure looking for them and finding them. The bird sanctuary in charro where 400 plus species of birds are present along with the likes of finding rare animals like the pangolins, chitals, elephants or guars in these wildlife reserves.

There are several more species of trees and other wild animals that can be found in the forests of the Goa. There are various wildlife safaris or trekking option available that can be adventurous and an escape from the daily life hustles.

6. Enjoying the food

 Goa Cuisine

The food in Goa has a huge variety when it comes to providing dishes that includes fishes, prawns, lobsters and other spicy food. The sea food in Goa has been one of the best as there are is a huge variety in the food that is available here.

For the tourists visiting here it, they should try the food and the drinks from different location as each location in Goa has its own taste. The drinks in Goa is very cheap as compared to other states and thus drinking wine and some exotic drinks in beach and parties can be a lifetime experience.

7. Trekking

There are several trekking spots routes can take to explore the wildlife and flora in the forests. There are some very nice scenic beauties that can’t be missed out for anything in the world. There are some majestic waterfalls that are worth the efforts to trek their way towards like the Dudhsagar fall which is 310 meters tall and with the forest that surrounds it make the slope of the fall alluring to look at.

8. Cruise Ship Ride

 Goa Cruise

There are a lot of activities regarding the coastal line of goa that can be done, but one of the most famous activities here is the riding a cruise ship. The cruise ships are large boats where one can easily get a ride at an affordable price and enjoy the sea water.

There are many cruise ships which even offers the chance for a party inside the deck and various cultural shows can be enjoyed in these ships. The smaller version of these ships can be booked for a romantic date which one can enjoy the moment along the fine moonlight and the warm breeze of the sea that surrounds it.

Along the coastal line dolphins can be spotted which makes these water rides one of the best and worth all the money in the world.

9. Scuba Diving

 Scuba Diving in Goa

Among the other activities this is one of the most loved and enjoyable hobby that can be done with the benefits of huge sea life in Goa.

Scuba diving becomes a fun activity when it is done with friends and loved one along with the opportunity to explore the extensive sea life that is present beneath the sea level.

There is a huge variety of fishes, corals and other sea animals that can be found, and with the help of right instructions and gear that is found in goa, the tourists can easily enjoy their time in the sea.

10. Island Trip

One of the advantages to travel to goa is that, tourists can take trips to the Island that are present in the sea lining of goa. There are numerous islands in the Arabian sea, and few of them are located within 10 km of range from the costal line of goa, hence a lot of these islands are often visited by people who are looking for an escape from all the noise to find some silence and serenity. The tourists can swim in the calm waters and explore the lands or sea without any interreference from anyone.

11. Air Adventure Activities

Paragliding is one of the most fun, adventurous and lovely activity that is done by a great deal of people and the trend doesn’t seems to stop. There are other activities like hot air balloon ride which is soothing as well adventurous ride as one can ascend to the height of several hundred feet in the air.

12. Bike Riding

Goa has a very nice weather that makes it an ideal condition for the tourist to rent a bike and explore the roads. In fact, two-wheeler taxis have been in goa for a huge amount of time. The cool breeze from the sea when it hits the face while riding the bike makes that bike ride one of the best activities that can be done in Goa. There are even quad bikes which can be rented, and they run very well on the beaches as well making the ride comfortable.

13. Goa Market

 Shopping in Goa

There is huge collections of goods that can be bought from the market that includes some local made handicraft work, seashell, fake jewelry and much more. These markets are packed with people during the daytime and offers some great deal on goods.

These are some of the reasons to visit Goa often or even every year because of the music festivals that often happen here along with the activities one can do on all the beaches. It is due to these reasons’ goa can be visited by a numerous people anytime at the year. This makes goa as the ultimate tourist destination for family, couples and even party animals that can enjoy the vacation in Goa for whole day either it’s nighttime or daytime.