Candolim Beach in Goa

candolim beach

Candolim beach is another one of the popular beaches in North Goa. The Baga, Calangute and Camdolim Beach are the three most prevalent beaches in the north. Both domestic and foreign tourists are found here. Even though it is quite crowded, it is less crowded than the Baga and the Calangute Beaches. The atmosphere here is very pleasant for just lying down on the beach and relaxing under the sun and listen to the calming sound of the waves.

Quick Facts about Candolim

1. The beach stretches from Aguada Fort to Baga Beach for a distance of 30 kilometres. It is one of the longest beaches in Goa.

 2. A ship named The River Princess was stuck in this beach since the year 2000 and was only taken out in 2015. This spot is also a famous tourist spot.

3. The nearest railway station is Thivim . You can reach the main area of the beach from the railway station in about 30 minutes.

Candolim is the birthplace of Abbe Faria, a freedom fighter, and the Father of Hypnotism.

Best Time to Visit

Winters are the best time to visit this place. The temperature is pleasant in the winters and that too without any rainfall. Winters is also the peak season and thus bookings have to be made in advance.

Shopping at Candolim Beach

Newton and Delfinos are the leading supermarkets in Candolim. The Fruit and Fish market is only a little distance away and only takes a five minutes drive to reach the market. The night market is at the Ingos Market and it has an incredible variety of fruits, vegetables, and other food.

Some shops that are popular with the tourists are –

1. FabIndia

It is a very nice shop and has a variety of quality cotton products, including clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, linen, furniture, and handicrafts. The price here is also reasonable.

2. Acron Arcade Shopping Center

This shop has a very rich collection of footwear, souvenir as well as cloths. The shopping experience here is also very pleasant as the staff here is very friendly. You will find a rich collection of clothes, footwear and souvenirs.

3. InStyle Jewellers

This place provides handmade bags and beautiful jewellery.

Tony`s the Designer Jewellers

This is the place provides only quality jewellery. The consultation and quality here is also very fine.

Things to Do in Candolim

Candolim as a tourist spot offers to the people various activities to have fun. Some of them are –

1. Renting a Bike

You can rent a bike or any other motor-vehicle to explore the Candolim Beach. If you rent a bike for one day, the cost is around 250 to 300 rupees and if it a motorcycle, the price rises up to 500 to 700 rupees for a day. However, while going on the bike ride, make sure you have your helmet on and driving license with you.

2. Water Activities

There are also various exciting water sports here to choose from. A few of them are – parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing etc.

3. Yoga

Another one of the popular activities here is yoga and meditation. The yoga classes here help people with stretching exercises and proper breathing techniques too. The sound of the crashing waves in the background here act as a peaceful background sound.

4. Music Performances

There are many places here in Candolim that offer good music performances. A popular restaurant is here called Stone House which is built within a beautiful but old house. There are live music performances here and is accompanied by tasty food and drinks.

Nightlife in Candolim Beach

Candolim beach is another place in Goa with the most active nightlife. There are nightclubs on the main road as well as closer to the beach. Some of the restaurants here play live music and even have a dance floor inside. Some of the famous party places here are Vanilla Lounge, Bom Sucesso, Morina, and Zappa Beach Shack. The poplar nightclubs and bars in Candolim are mentioned below –

  • Bar-Be-Que & Grill
  • Bar Eclipse
  • Bar 1 The Pub
  • Tinas Resto And Pub
  • Bar Latino
  • Pharaoh's Den
  • Bar-Square Goa
  • Jambalaya Restaurant & Bar
  • Palm Shade Guest House Restaurant & Bar
  • Bon Appetit Restaurant & Bar
  • Buena Mesa