Palolem Beach in Goa

Palolem Beach

Palolem Beach is located in the southernmost part of Goa. The beach is at a distance of 28.7 kilometres from the Margao city and is connected by the NH66 highway. There are a lot of activities here such as dolphin sighting, trekking, backwater cruising, scuba diving, canoeing and last but not the least, partying. You can also visit the Canacona Island from Palolem Beach. Palolem beach is one of the most beautiful locations of Goa. Such beauty has led to it being called the “Paradise Beach of South Goa”.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit this beach is during the months of winter. The temperature remains very pleasant and people can have a lot more fun than they can in the summers which is accompanied by scorching heat, or the monsoon, when there is heavy rain.

Things to Do at Palolem Beach

1. There are numerous water sport activities here Diving. You can also go on a drive on a sea kayak which you can take for rent. Group trekking and canoeing are also two of the most enjoyable activities here. Some people also travel by boats into the sea deeper to watch dolphins, amazing sunrises and sunsets.

2. Some tourists also often try fishing here. They can also take help from a fisherman if they don’t know how to catch a fish but is a big fan of this sport.

3. You can also take yoga classes, martial arts here. The lessons begin with beginners’ course on Tai Chi, Chi-Hong and also meditation. Dance lessons usually include Bollywood dance lessons. There are also different ayurvedic treatments and massages available here.

Attractions at Palolem Beach

1. Balancing Rock

The balancing rock is found on the bank of a river. You can climb this rock which is not at all easy because of its bizarre shape but is a lot of fun as a small adventure.

2. Money Stone

A strange stone structure called the Money Stone is also found here. It was designed by the American artist JacekTylicki. He had only used natural stones for this masterpiece.

3. Kancon Island

Kancon Island is towards the north west of the Palolem Beach. This island is named by the local people the ‘Money Island’. When the water is low, it is very easy to reach the island only by walking.

Cotigao National Park, Dudhsagar Falls

These two locations are also very close to the Palolem Beach.

Shopping at Palolem Beach

The best shopping place here is sovereign shops and stalls. However, necessary things can be found easily here. To buy things which are not available there, you might have to travel to the nearest town.

Nightlife at Palolem Beach

After the sunsets, the beach turns into a really marvellous sight of lights. Parties and similar activities are often noticed on the southern part of the beach.

The thing which makes the parties here a bit different from the others is the ‘silent’ discos here. These are noticed on the beach and some bars. The people here are given headphones. There are no speakers blasting music but it comes through these headphones. These relaxing vibrations, the view of night beach makes these parties much more unique. People can individually select their favourite songs and dance to their heart’s desire. Some bars that provide with these silent discos are ‘Neptune Point’, ‘Alpha Bar’.

There are also bars that provide with live music. They provide with genres like reggae, dance, rock, Indian as well as classical. You can enjoy amazing music in the bars here along with drinks and food. There are also sometimes bonfires here. People dance around the bonfires all night long and until the morning.