Baga Beach in Goa

Baga beach

One of the most popular beaches of Goa is the Baga Beach. It lies in between the Baga River and the Calangute Beach. One of the lengthiest sandy shores in Goa is the Baga- Calangute-Candolim stretch and attracts a lot of tourists to this place. The beach is filled with coffee bars, clubs, shops, street food vendours, tattoo parlour, Thai massage, and beach shacks and is very famous for its nightlife. Baga Beach is the oldest most popular beach of Goa and is one of the top party spots of the state. There is also the availability of jet skiing, windsurfing, and paragliding, attracting the adventure lovers to this beach.

Some quick facts about Baga Beach

1. The Baga Beach was named after the Baga Creek that empties itself into the Arabian Sea in the northern part of the beach.

2. The Casa de Retiros or Baga Retreat House is just across the creek and overlooks the Arabian Sea on top of a hill. It is dedicated to St. Francis Xavier.

3. The Baga Beach is often considered an extension of the Calangute Beach as it is difficult to say where the latter ends and the former begins. However, the side of the Baga beach is more calm and tranquil.

4. The various water sport activities present here are banana boats, water scooter dolphin cruise, bumper boats, and parasailing.

Best Time to Visit

In summers, the temperature may rise up to 35 degree Celsius and the humidity is very high making it uncomfortable for people to enjoy themselves properly. The best time for people to visit Baga Beach is in the time of winter, in the months of November to February. The temperature at this time is an average 31 degree Celsius and it is also not very humid, thus helping people to relax by providing them comfortable weather.

How to Reach

It is very easy to travel to Baga Beach. If you are travelling by air, the Dabolim International Airport is only 39.9 kilometres from the beach and very well connected to the major cities in our country. If you are travelling by road, the beach is only 10.5 kilometres from Mapusa and only 17.6 kilometres from the capital of the state, Panaji. Finally, if you are travelling by train, the Vasco da Gama Terminus is only 42.7 kilometres away. A little distance away, there is another railway station at Madgaon.

Things to Do in Baga Beach

1. Café Mambos and Club Titos are two of the most famous nightclubs in Baga Beach. Café Titos is opened from 21:30 to 3:00 in the morning. The entry fee here is 1500 rupees, including alcohol. Café Mambos opens at 20:00 to 3:30 in the morning. The entry fee is 1500 rupees for a couple and 2000 rupees for single males, including alcohol.

2. The parties for the occasion of Holi are thrown in early March.

3. There are three amusement parks here for kids as well as adults. For example, the Blue Whale Water Park, Monsoon Fun Park and Snow Park.

Shopping at Baga Beach

There are plenty of shopping openings at Baga Beach. The two most famous shopping spots at Baga are the Arpora Saturday Night Flea Market and the Mackie’s Night Bazaar. The former lies between the Baga and Arjuna Beach and is close to the Baga River. This is a dream place for people who love food, where all types of cuisines are available for people to try. The Mackie’s Night Bazaar offers its visitors things to buy, entertainment, music, and food, making it a must-visit.

Baga Beach Famous For

Some of the locations that the Baga Beach is famous for are –

1. Casa de Retiros

Also known as the Retreat house, it is located on a hill and gives a stunning view of the creek. It was dedicated to St. Francis Xavier.

2. Our Lady Of Piety

It is a church located on the Calangute-Baga road and was built over 250 years ago by the Portuguese.