Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach

Vagator beach is located in North Goa and is very beautiful as well as popular. To the south of it lies the Anjuna Beach and the Chapora River. Many foreign tourists are also seen here. The beach is surrounded by red cliffs and rocky outcrops on the beach. The beauty of the beach is further enhanced by a Portuguese Fort, which was built in the 17th century, and two freshwater lakes. The water here is very turbulent, making swimming here sometimes very hard. There are also some naturally placid bays in the southern beach.

Compared to the beach here has a sense of privacy because of the less number of people here. The southern part of the beach is even more secluded. Many people have moved here from Europe and Israel and open shops and bars here to earn a living. It is a huge party spot. There are a lot of trance parties held in the beach. The once calm beach during the day becomes a party hub in the night. Vagator beach is also an ideal honeymoon spot for both calm people and people who love parties.

Quick Facts about Vagator Beach

1. The beach is filled with beach shacks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, villas, bike rentals, cafes, ATMs, and other developed infrastructure.

2. The Chapora Fort, built in the 17th century by the Portuguese is located here. They offer a beautiful view from the top.

3. The Vagator beach is only at a distance of 10.4 kilometres from Mapusa.

4. The hippie culture is still prevalent in Vagator. It is also one of the hottest party destinations in Goa.

5. There are red cliffs and rocky outcrops on the beach. There are also palm groves, two springs nearby, and the looming Chapora Fort that makes it a beautiful beach.

6. The beach is very relaxed and calming. It has very few tourists, a lot of which are again foreigners. The Indians often visit this place for viewing sunsets.

7. There are also cruising options here. Cruising on the Chapora River allows one to see many beautiful islands and also plenty of birds too. Depending on the duration of the cruise, the travellers are also provided with lunch or snacks.

8. Many water sports are available on the beach such as parasailing with sea dips, boat rides, water scooter, and banana rides. These rides here are also cheaper here than many other beaches.

9. The Siolim Fish Market is also very close to the beach. You can find various types of fish here such as mackerel, kingfish, tuna, mussels, red snapper, white snapper, lobsters, tiger prawns, and squids.

Best Time to Visit Vagator Beach

Summers here are scorching hot and the monsoons are very wet. The summer temperature reaches a maximum 36 degree Celsius and May is considered to be the hottest month. The humidity is also very high here. However, the evenings are pleasant even in the summers. The winters here are very pleasant, making the best time to visit this beach from November to February.

The peak time here is December and January. The shacks are opened in this time and the humidity is also low. The winters provide the perfect temperature to do all the activities during the day and also party during the night without being much tired.

How to Reach Vagator Beach

If you are travelling by air, the Dabolim airport is only a 45.7 kilometres away from the beach taxis are rented from the airport counter. This airport is connected to various parts of India and abroad by flights like Air India, Air Arabia, Air Asia, Jet Airways, and Qatar Airways. If you are travelling by train, the Vasco da Gamma railway station of only 46.8 kilometres from the beach and if you are travelling by road, the capital of Goa, Panaji, is only 22 kilometres away.

Nightlife in Vagator Beach

In Goa, Vagator Beach has the most happening nightlife. The open-air cafes, shacks and nightclubs here host many parties after its dark. These are mostly in that area in the beach which is called the Disco Valley. Most of the parties are found in the Disco Valley. There are also many pubs and nightclubs along the main road here. Some of the popular party venues in Vagator Beach are

  • Primrose Café
  • Hill Top
  • Nine Bar
  • Katzensuppe
  • Mango Tree Bar & Restaurant

Hill top is the most famous for rave parties. The DJs here might be brought even from international states such as England, France, Israel, Sweden, Russia, Italy, and also India itself. These rave parties are attended by thousands of people. The Disco Valley on the other hand is famous for outdoor parties.