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Goa Climate : Best Time to Visit

You can always enjoy fair weather round the year in Goa. Falling in the category of tropical weather excluding any extremities in temperatures, Goa offers pleasant weather round the year.


During the summer season, it remains moderately hot in Goa. Even during the summer the temperature rises to mid-thirties only. The warmest of all the months in Goa is May. If you are visiting Goa during this month make sure to carry cotton clothes. Humidity increases at the end of the summer season, so get ready to face the increased humidity.


With the arrival of June Goa witnesses the southwest monsoons. The monsoon season stretches till last September in Goa. If you are in Goa plains, you are bound to experience heavy downpours during this period. With rains the humidity also soars. This is the time period that becomes the off season for tourists visiting Goa. However, if you wish to see lush green environs, this is the Best Time to Visit Goa.


Winters are most pleasant in Goa. Constituting one of the peak times in Goa, visitors are enthralled in the premises in Goa during this time.

Especially from December to February, visitors enjoy during this time. Temperature drops down to low twenties and gives a sense of relief especially if you have to visit many destinations in Goa. During the winter, you can relax at any of the beaches of Goa as it is just perfect to experience the peak of enjoyment.

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