Arossim Beach in Goa

Arossim beach

The Arossim beach cannot be easily distinguished from its two neighbouring beaches, the Cuelim and the Cansaulim Beaches. These two are the natural extensions of this beach. All three beaches are located in the South Goa. Towards the south of this beach are the two famous beaches name Majorda and the Utorda Beach.

How to Reach Arossim Beach

Travelling to this beach is very easy. If you are travelling by air, the Dabolim International Airport is only about 16 kilometres from this beach. Also, the closest main city to this beach is at about a distance of 12 kilometres.

Best Time to Visit

The weather here is extremely hot during the summers making it very uncomfortable for the tourists to have fun during this time. It is generally during the winters that most people prefer to visit the beach. The temperature remains fairly comfortable during the winters, allowing people to have a lot of fun.

Things to Do in Arossim Beach, Goa

1. There are many water sports here in the Arossim beach for the tourists to enjoy. Some of these water sports are – parasailing, windsurfing, speed and banana boats, and water skiing.

2. Another important and enjoyable thing to do in the Arossim Beach is biking. The tourists here can rent a bike from hotels or even beach shacks and enjoy a ride on the bike over the beach and enjoy the scenery.

3. You can take a day and ride to any other of the southern Goa beaches which are close by.

Like all coasts on this remarkable, beautiful South Goa coastline of the Indian Ocean, Arossim Beach also has dazzling white sand. There are green and dense palm trees and also colorful fishing boats. There are only a few houses and shops here. This beach is overall calm and very less crowded than the other beaches of South Goa. The treeline in the background makes this place even more beautiful. A shack and restaurant called the “The Star Fish” is found in the very middle of this beach.

Hotels and Resorts in the Arossim Beach

Arossim Beach is perfectly suitable for those tourists who came to vacation and are trying to get a break from the noisy and overcrowded cities and the rapidly-flying everyday life. In this beach, they can just do that. You can just lie down on a reclining chair and even just on the sand under the tender sun, just watching the time pass with the sound of the crashing waves. You can also go to swim in the beach. Another way to both relax and have fun at the same time is to enjoy the water sports available at the beach. Also, if you don’t want to spend your time on the beach but in some well-built and famous hotels are available, here are the mention of a few hotels below –

1. Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa

In the southern parts of Arossim Beach you can find the luxurious Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa 5 star Hotel. This hotel has the largest swimming pule in the whole of India. There is also a large Spa and fitness centres in this hotel. This hotel also has the amazing Hyatt Children's Camp on the territory of the hotel for the entertainment of the kids.

2. Venus Beach Shack

Just close to the Park Hyatt Goa Resort and Spa 5* Hotel there is another beach shack called the ‘Venus Beach Shack’.. It is a restaurant that is very popular among the tourists here. They provide their customers with different international cuisines and very tasty dishes. Even though the prices here is a bit higher, the difference is cuisine attracts a lot of people here.

3. Heritage Village Club

Heritage Village Club 3* Resort Hotel is located towards the northern part of the beach. Just beside it is the Mango Terrace Restaurant and Ayura Center.