Top Things to Do in Delhi in 2 Days

Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the most visited cities in the city. There are thousands of things in this city which you never even knew about it. There are a lot of special things in Delhi, but one of the most distinct features of this city is that this is the only city to have not only one, but three UNESCO World heritage sites. The city of Delhi is full of bars, cafes, amusements parks and other fun places.

It is one such place that would require one to have a lot of energy to completely get to know this place. Elders, young adults, teenagers – this city has entertainment places for people of every age group. Let us know focus on the different entertainment locations in the city that you can visit in just a span of two days.

List of Things to do in Delhi in 2 Days

1. Yoga at Lodhi Garden

Yoga at Lodhi Garden

Yoga at Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden, located in Lodhi colony in New Delhi is a very beautiful and picturesque park. The area is a beautiful place, full of greenery and also filled with ancient architecture. This place also has the tomb of Mohammed Shah and the Lodhi rulers who ruled over the northern part of India. In the middle of such beautiful scenery, there are also some yoga classes that are held here that is worth attending. There are different trainers who can help the participants with their structures and poses and possibly help them with any kind of bodily pain. Anybody who has the chance must be a part of the Yoga sessions.

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2. Book Cafes in the Connaught Place

Book Cafes in the Connaught Place

A whole lot of us are book lovers out there even though not many of them are vocal about it. But seriously, who doesn’t love spending some time with a good book and a refreshing cup of coffee to go with it? Just for this purpose there are several Cafes in the Connaught Place in Delhi. The Oxford Bookstore in Delhi is also very close to these cafes and is a treat itself. You can just select a pick and come to some of these cafes.

Along with a tranquil atmosphere to read in, these cafes also provide you with hundreds of choices in the field of beverages to go with the book, an example of this is the Cha Bazar in Connaught Place. Another such café in the Connaught Place is the Café Turtle in the Khan Market. It is also another place where you can simultaneously read and eat. The café is well stocked with beautiful books and provides a place to sit and read both inside and outside the café.

3. Cycling Near the India Gate

Cycling Near the India Gate

India Gate in the national capital, Delhi, was built as a memorial to the seventy thousand Indians of the British Indian army that lost their lives in the First World War. The area around the India Gate has a very serene environment. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and the place is always kept clean. There are not many cars here and even with the few cars, there is not much noise.

Near the India Gate, there are several companies that rent out bicycles. Cycling through the roads near the India gate is an amazing experience, that too with the wind hitting your face and the calm and tranquil surroundings. Cycling at the India Gate isn’t an opportunity anybody would want to miss.

4. Visiting the Jantar Mantar

Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar is a building located in the middle of the national capital. This building is like a puzzle, ore more accurately, a maze. The areas are filled with different instruments making this place like an open air observatory. There are altogether thirteen instruments here. These instruments are which are used, because of their different structures, to observe and study the astronomical cycles of the universe.

Even the walls of the Jantar Mantar are designed for astronomical observations. The whole building is built in such a way that it is very easy for a visitor to feel disoriented and lose their way in the observatory. An amount is levied for everyone who wants to enter this place. It is the maze-like structure of this building, for which it was named the Jantar Mantar.

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5. Shopping at Dilli Haat

Shopping at Dilli Haat

With the beginning and expansion of shopping malls, the traditional haats have been slowly going extinct in Delhi. However, there are still some haats in Delhi that have has been still going strong, precisely, there are three such haats in Delhi. The main purpose of Dilli haat is to sell and promote the handlooms and other traditional and cultural aspects of the country. This is a place where a large number of craftsmen exhibit their talent and craftsmanship. These haats are considered among the most popular places in Delhi. Many people prefer to shop from these haats so that they can get a better view at the traditions, culture of the country.

All these handlooms and crafts that are sold here have a unique level of beauty and magnificence that is very hard to find anywhere else. There are, apart from handlooms, also traditional clothes that are found here. Also get more information about Top 10 Famous Shopping Destinations in Delhi.

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6. The Photography Tour in Delhi

Photography Tour in Delhi

There is an arrangement of a Photography tour in Delhi for those who love to click pictures. This tour takes you through the various places that are a part of the extremely rich heritage in the city. This tour takes an individual through a 3 to 4 hour tour that covers all the important attractions in Delhi and that too with the help of a private guide.

The guide takes you through these important sites; however, you can even choose the locations yourself from the Mehrauli Archeological Park, National Zoological Park, Old Fort, or Humayun’s Tomb. The guide does all the leg works and ticketing and also narrates to you as much information as he has on the different locations in the city.

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7. Sound & Light Show at the Red Fort

The Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Delhi. This place, in itself attracts a lot of tourist attraction, add to that the beautiful light and sound show organised in this place.  This show combines the artistic storytelling with the visual animation here. This, the combination of the expert musical a talent with the portrayal of the historical events through the narrative music is an incredible experience for every person. The narratives are done in both Hindi and English.

During this whole narrative, the whole of the Red Fort is lit up with beautiful lights, and soulful music. The narrative is perfectly synchronised with the music. This is one of the best interesting ways to get more knowledge about the historical events of this city.

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8.  The rhythmic beats of the Delhi Drum Circle

The Delhi Drum Circle is a community that attempts to socialist and interact with the people of the city by playing rhythmic beats on their drums, every other day in the park. There are also other instruments that people play here, some of them being flutes, dholaks and pipes. This group has its fair share of followers since the time it started. This community is located in the Hauz Khan Village.

All people of this village are eminent personalities like lawyers, doctors, artists and also some students. As the time went by, these musicians have reached a crescendo they have also established a stage for many open air jam sessions which is not done by any other communities in India. There is no restriction upon anyone’s entry and people are free to bring any instruments of their own choice and enjoy a blissful time there without nay fuss.

9. Bird Watching at Okhla

Bird Watching at Okhla

The Bird watching at Okhla is a lot more beautiful because of its location beside the Yamuna River. There is a sanctuary named the Okhla Bird Sanctuary which can be considered a refuge for bird-watchers. This area was declared a bird sanctuary in the 1990. There are more than three hundred and twenty species of birds which are recorded here. There are also many plants here, about a hundred and eighty-eight species of plants, many shrubs and also nearly thirty species of trees in the park.

This is a wetland that has considered to have come in existence when the dam was constructed at Okhla. This place is filled with grasslands and the thorny shrubs and thus became a home to various birds that were previously present in this place as the migrants who were just passing by. This is one of the best places in the whole city for bird-watching and that too throughout the year. However, the months of winters are considered to be the best for observing migratory bird species.

10. A Tour Through the Old Delhi

Old Delhi City Tour

There is a preparation of a very calm and serene trip throughout the whole city of Old Delhi. These tours take you through some of the most picturesque and narrow lanes of Old Delhi. These tours take you through some of the old Haveli. These Havelis are very old yet elegantly built mansions that bring out the contemporary architecture of India. You can take a slow paced walk through these streets and fine yourself immersed in the beautiful colors and splendor of these buildings.

There are also several markets here like the wedding markets, silver markets, temple galore and the saree bazaars that keep the people fascinated. These trips usually end with traditional meals being served at one of the Havelis.

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11. Delhi Cuisine – The Best Food of Delhi

Street Food in Delhi

Nearly all of us are foodies. In the capital of India, there are many restaurants and dhabas that serve some amazing food that the capital is famous for. Starting from fast food to some delicious meals, Delhi has some mouth-watering food. The rich, spicy and extremely delicious Chole Bhature with some Puri is one of the most famous dishes in the city.

Another special food of this city is Paranthas, these are often stuffed with some spicy and delicious fillings, even enhancing the taste. Some of the other famous delicious foods found in Delhi are chaats, momos, Biriyani, Kulfi, Rolls, Kebab Rolls, etc. Even the Butter chicken cooked in Delhi, is very famous and is worth trying at least once.

12. Close Up with Nature at Garden of Five Senses

Garden of Five Senses

The Garden of Five Senses is located in the village named Saidulajab that is located in South Delhi. This garden is named as the Garden of Five Senses based on the five theme parks that are present in the garden here.

The name of the theme parks in the garden are – the Herb Garden, The Mughal Garden, the Solar Energy Garden, the Pools of Water Lilies etc. The entire Garden is beautifully decorated in a very natural way.

The surroundings of this place is so beautiful so it can get anyone enthralled. The Garden is also used to host several events throughout the years, event such as famous Food Festivals, Tourism Festival, and many more.

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13. Visit the Dolls Museum

Doll Museum

The Doll Museum was established in Delhi in the year 1965. This is an International Doll Museum that holds more than 6500 astonishing exhibitions that was are arranged by more than eighty five countries. The museum is further divided into two sections. One of these sections is devoted to only the dolls made in India and dolls from several other parts of Asia while the other part displays dolls from various other parts of the world like United States, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The Indian section of the Museum in itself has more than five hundred dolls that are dressed in different attires from all over the country. There is also a supposed clinic here which looks after the broken dolls which are in need for restoration. This place is a bonanza for children. Children flock here by large numbers, especially on the Children’s Day.

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14. The World of Wonders

things to do in Delhi

World of Wonders

The World of Wonders is a Theme Park located in a suburb of Delhi called Noida. This place is a combination of Water Park and Entertainment Park. This park was designed by some of the best consultants in the world. The location of the park is very convenient; it is located in the middle of numerous shopping malls and similar popular outlets. The combination of all these outlets here makes this one of the most appreciated places in Delhi for social gatherings and other themed parties.

There are also many themed rides here. There are numerous eating places to here to appease your appetite. This is also the largest amusement park in North India and this place also has a go-karting track. There is also an exclusive area in the park that is sued to host seminars, private parties and sometimes even weddings as well. Fortunately for the tourists, this park is opened throughout the week.

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15. A Night at the Oberoi Hotel

things to do in delhi

Oberoi Hotel

The Oberoi Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Delhi and has been serving its clients for the past fifty years. The location of this hotel is very strategically planned and lies right in the middle of Central Delhi. This is also another great tourist spot in the city. Even though the hotel is currently undergoing a renovation, there are still reservations being done there for future stay.

This hotel is also renowned for being the first five star hotel of the capital and even a single night in this luxurious and marvelous hotel can make your holiday the best you have ever had. The service of this place is also very grand; they serve delicious internal cuisine to its customers and pamper the latter with impeccable spa facilities that promise the customers marvelous memories to carry around for a lifetime.

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16. The National Science Centre in Delhi

things to do in Delhi

National Science Centre

The National Science Centre in Delhi is located adjacent to the Pragati Maidan, the Delhi Zoo, and the Old Fort and is a convenient stopping spot. This building has over eight floors. The museum exhibits different things such as art and culture, heritage and also prehistoric monuments from the Dinosaur Gallery. This place is considered a paradise for learning, especially for little children.

Children from all age groups can spend a day here and it would be one of the most exciting and fulfilled days they had ever had. This is a multimedia centre and is also the first one of its kind in the entire country. There are also aquariums here that show sea water as well as fresh water that enhances the educative value of the aquatic life. The museum is placed on the top of the popularity list for the students as well as other visitors and provides an excellent educative experience.

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These are just a few of the most entertaining places in Delhi. Needless to say, the national capital will never bore any of its visitors and is a city full of wonders. You can also plan your itinerary as per you convenience.

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