Pragati Maidan Delhi

  • Open : 09:00 a.m. – 08:00 p.m. whenever there is exhibition.

  • Close : If there are no exhibitions, its generally closed

  • Nearest Metro Station : Paragati Maidan

  • Entry Fee : Depends upon the Exhibition being held

  • Food : There are food counters whenever there is a exhibition at specific places within Pragati Maidan.

  • Ho Ho Bus Route : Not Included

  • Travellers Advice : Don’t rush around and hold your childrens’ hand tightly as generally there is lot f rush during exhibitions. If kids presence is not required, do not bring them along. Maintain queue decorum and co-ordinate with the POLICE deployed at Exhibitions, after-all they are there to help you out only!

Get More Details About Pragati Maidan

Pragati Maidan is a place where all the major Business Trade Fairs take place. The world famous Trade Fair takes place here every year in which Top notch companies of India participate. In other words, Pragati Maidan is Delhi’s biggest Exhibition Centre managed by Indian Trade Promotion Organisation. Inaugrated in the year 1972 by the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, it is spread across 150 acres just near Purana Quila. Some of the well known fairs include names like India International Trade Fair, World Book Fair and Auto Expo. These 3 fairs are organised each year dedicatedly in Pragati Maidan, leaving out other small fairs which take place from time to time.

The meaning of Pragati Maidan is Field of Progress. The first show which took place here was the ASIA 72 TRADE SHOW – to celebrate 25 years of India’s Independence. The maidan has several pavilions like Indian Pavillion, Nehru Pavillion and so on. In all there are 18 exhibition halls which cover an area of over 150 acres in all! There are several buildings, performance spaces, compounds, including Headquarters of Indian Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). Out of all the buildings and compounds this complex has, there are 5 permanent exhibitions including Nehru Pavillion, Atomic Energy and Defence Pavillion.

Each year around 30,00,000 visitors visit this place annually. It also holds some of most prestigious Fashion Shows of India like Wills lifestyle Indian Fashion Week (WIFW) and NATIONAL Handicrafts display. Exhibitions which are held at Pragati Maidan are generall related to lifestyle products, toys, clothes industry, industrial manufacturers and books. Various countries like Bangladesh, Japan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan keep their stalls in annual trade fair. In addition to this all the major states of India participate in the Trade Fair. Auto Expo is held biannually here.

The nearest Metro Station here is Pragati Maidan which sees over 2 lakh travellers every day! On the special occasion when exhibitions like Trade Fair and Auto Expo are held, special counters are made to cater to the huge crowd which come here. Railways run special trains to Pragati Maidan during the annual fair.