Dilli Haat Delhi

Facts About Delhi Haat/Dilli Haat

  • Open : 10: a.m.

  • Close : 09:30 p.m

  • Entry Fee : Nominal

  • Nearest Metro Station : INA Metro Station

  • Nearby Tourist Attractions : Mubarak Shah’s Tomb, Safdarjung Tomb, St. Luke’s Church, Sarojini Nagar Market (famous local shopping market)

  • Travellers Advice : Bargain Hard! Look out for fashion jewellery which is really cheap here and are funky enough to go with any dress you wear! All the girls stuff!

Get More Details About Dilli Haat

The brain child of Delhi tourism, Delhi Haat or more commonly called Dilli Haat is a open - air area representing various arts and crafts of Indian states. In fact, it would not be wrong to say it is a place Indian art and craft carefully created by traditional techniques are on display. It is one of the best places in Delhi to explore traditional Indian art (some even dying crafts) like Metalware, Stonework, Blue Pottery, Teracotta, Indian Jewelery Lac work, Glass work, Home décor, Indian Puppets and Gemstone Bead work.

The entrance of Dilli Haat itself speaks a lot about the place. Traditionally decorated “Darwaza or Kutccha mitti door” welcomes you with puppets and Pottery on both the sides. On the right side of the entrance there is a line of small shops beautifully crafted in the form of Indian Village huts decorated in the fashion the state they represent. Inside these hut one can find pieces of Art and Craft laid out in perfection. On the left side there are eatery shops with various food cuisine from different states of India sold in reasonable INR.

Dilli Haat is famous for

  • Teracotta : Here you will see some highly glazed reddish pottery. Designs are awesome and they look really beautiful when kept in home.

  • Indian Paintings : Real miniature Rajasthani Paintings can be found in Dilli Haat. If you are not able to go to Rajasthan, buy them from here; they are worth it. Some of the finest paintings of 16th century including wall paintings of Royal Palaces, Havelis, royal men and ladies and even war scenes are depicted in these. Generally ancient towns of Bundi and Kota of Shekhawati Region are depicted in these paintings.

  • Lac and Glass : Lac and Glass work has a different maze. Simply look at those beautiful bangles and you will love them.

  • Carpets : Floor coverings especially Kashmiri Carpets are worth the buy. And the good thing is – they sell real stuff here.

  • Blue Pottery : Blue Pottery is something which is not to be missed. Highly glazed, Persian blue flower pots, vases, water – pots, cups, saucers, pen holders with royal Mughal era floral motifs are a charm to see and collect. Blue Pottery is something which is a must – pick from Dilli – Haat as the paintings date back to 16th century with influence of Mughal and Chinese art.

  • Puppets : Take a close look at those small beautifully painted and well – dressed Indian dolls. They look as if they will speak out. Dark colossal eyes, well painted lips with tinted red and pink lipsticks on both men and women dolls with variation in high moustaches of men make them stand out! Perfectly blended clothes in sparkling colours are enough to catch the beholders eyes! One can also find small bullock-carts, camels, village huts, snake – charmers in the form of puppets. And yes, do not forget to see the Puppet Show if it’s going on!

  • Metalware or Panchdhatu : Panchdhatu or a piece of metal made out of 5 metals is something unique. 5 metals are mixed to make out a single piece of craft which can be even a Lord Ganesha on leaflet or Sun God or an OM. Generally found in metallic greyish – black or copper – red colour, these can really pinch your pocket as the originals begin from INR 5000 – 8000/-. Fake ones can come in INR 300/-.

The charm of Delhi Haat lies in the traditional variation which one gets to see here. Various types of paintings like Bani,, Batik, Indian Miniature, oil, Patachitra, Persian, Sikh art, Tantra, Thangka, Wild life and so on. Textiles like brocade, leather ware and block fabric too can be in found here. The crux of the story is to explore. More you see, more you will find!