Delicious Street Foods in Delhi

Delhi is not only the capital of India but also is associated with history. Once you set foot on the soil of Delhi you are sure to be overwhelmed to cast a glance at the forts, mosques, monuments, buildings, temples, gardens built by the emperors who once ruled this historic city. But the journey to the core of Delhi does not end here. You must find a nostalgic joy in exploring the age-old city veiled in the the mystery of ancient Indian history associated with diverse cuisines, beverages and food items reflecting varied Indian demographics, health notions that have played a vital role in the very evolution of different cooking patterns exhibited on the street corner food stalls of Delhi.

If you are very sincere of your tight budget but still want to taste the essence of the Delhi trip, we can help you. Keeping aside the shining dining places, you can easily satiate your hunger at a very cheap rate at a very cozy place. We shall try our best to bring before you some best places for street foods in Delhi.

Best Places for Street Food in Delhi

1. Aslam Chicken Corner, Chandni Chowk

Aslam Chicken Corner The owner of the food corner is known as the master of non-vegetarian food items. He never follows the stereotype dishes. In his stall, maximum mouth-watering dishes are his brainchildren. He knows it well how to use secret spices, pastes, and creams. Be it a Butter Cream Chicken or something else, you cannot but appreciate the delicacy the great ‘chef ‘has mastered with the rolling of time. But sorry to say, this is the ideal food stall to visit only in the evening time.

  • Famous Cuisine: Great Butter Cream Chicken, Fish Tikka and Seekh Kabab
  • Ideal for: Group dinner, package
  • Address- 540 Matia Mahal Gulli, Jama Masjid, New Delhi
  • Phone for booking- 9312281022

2. Ghalib Kabab Corner, Nizamuddin

Ghalib Kabab Corner The 45-year-old food stall noted for kebabs and tikkas is located just near the Markazi Mosque. Wandering for street foods and no visit to the famous shop is beyond imagination. The residents of Nizamuddin are all of the opinions that Ghalib Kabab Corner is not only famous for its delicacies but also for the purity of ingredients. The owner takes stern care about the hygiene of the foodstuffs, hence imports such spices that come directly from Lucknow. Even the meat used in Kababs is fresh. The moment you set into the Kabab Corner, you are sure to be enthralled with the smell of food items being cooked there.

The price is reasonable too. A full- plate of Tikka costs only Rs.50, 4 Seekh Kababs cost Rs. 50 and if you opt for two Shami Kababs, you have a pay a bit higher; only Rs. 70.

  • Famous Cuisine: Seekh kabab, Tikkas, Shami kabab
  • Ideal for: Spot dining
  • Address- Shop 57, Ghalib Road, Lal Mahal, Nizamuddin, New Delhi
  • Phone No- 9810786479

3. Lotan Chole Wala of Chawri Bazar

lotan chole wala So long I have hinted at non- vegetarian items. Now it is the ideal time to take the essence of vegetarian dishes. If you are bored with taking non-vegetarian items you must stop at the shop of Lotan Cholewala to taste the flavor of Chola Kulcha. The dual preparations of soft Kulcha and boiled spicy chickpeas are sure to win your heart. The Chole recipes are of three great tastes- mild, medium and extremely hot.

The choice is absolutely yours. With the three delicacies, there are white radish pieces, coriander leaves, and grated ginger to add flavor to the preparations. The shop is mobile. Hence you have to take pains to find the seller out in two different places. Once you wish to complete your breakfast you have to head away to Chatta Shahji. Right at noon, the seller is there at the place behind the Commercial School at Dariya Ganj.

  • Famous Cuisine: Chana Soup and Chola Kulcha
  • Phone Number: 9899031530

4. Fateh Chand Kachoriwaley

Fateh Chand Kachori Waley The name indicates that the items found here are absolutely vegetarian by nature. Even if you are health conscious, a few Kachories on the top of which reigns some Chole are sure to bring water to your mouth. Delhi street foods without the intake of Kachoris are unimaginable. The Kachoriwale is no new man here. They are going on supplying mouth-watering Kachories for about three decades. The shop may be tagged as a street shop but people from upper strata frequent this shop to have a dip in the vegetarian grandeur. The kids who read in the nearby schools cannot lose their precious Tiffin hours without visiting this great shop.

  • Famous Cuisine: Choley kachori, Kulcha Matar Roll
  • Perfect for: Quick dining
  • Address: 4, Raj Niwas Marg, Ludlow Castle, Civil Lines, Delhi 110054
  • Phone Number: 09871174656

5. Roshan Di Kulfi, Karol Bagh

Roshan di kulfi Have you ever tasted Chole bhature? It is a special North Indian dish, highly appreciated at every corner of Delhi and her surroundings. Once you venture to taste one, the entire day forces you to stay satiated. It is a heavy dish so to say and ideal for breakfast. But the shop as the signboard goes is famous too for its Kulfis. The cold tasty kulfi is absolutely fascinating and if you take it after taking Chole Bhature, you are sure to be in Heaven absolutely for the time being so to say.

  • Famous Cuisine: Chole Bhature and Kulfi
  • Ideal for: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Address: 2816, Ajmal Khan Rd, Block 34P, Beadonpura, Karol Bagh, New Delhi 110005
  • Phone Number: 011 2872 4230

6. Jung Bahadur Kachoriwala, Kinari Bazar

Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala There is none in India who is not acquainted with the word Kachori. It is the famous word in the dictionary of Indian food items, enough to water every Indian mouth. Here in Delhi, the capital city of India, Kachori is absent can never be thought of. So once in a spree for best street food in Delhi, you are sure to find a shop that is famous for selling the great Kachoris. The shop was installed before Independence, in the year of 1940 and still the tradition of selling Urad Dal Kachori is going on.

Not only have the Delhites, people from the neighboring cities have also thronged here to enjoy the taste of the famous Kachoris. Never try to hurry. You must have to wait for about half an hour before you are served a dish. It is the ideal place for both breakfast and lunch. The price is within your budget too. A plate of Kachori costs you around Rs. 20.

  • Famous Cuisine: Urad Dal Kachori and Sabji
  • Ideal for: Breakfast, Lunch and Home Delivery
  • Address: 1104, Maliwara, Jogiwari, FGali Paranthewali, Gandhi Chowk, New Delhi
  • Phone Number- 9891698995

7. Sab Ki Khatir, Lodhi Road


Visiting Delhi without tasting Mughlai Khana is absurd. By all means, you have to find out a place where such Mughlai food is ready to welcome you. Sab Ki Khatir, is there to welcome you catering special mouth-watering Mughlai dishes. There are a handful of dazzling shops in Delhi, well known for their food items. But this one is par excellence.

They have no great ambiance but they know how to cater you the prolific Mughlai dish along with sweet Phirni. There is not ample space here to take your food after your own sweet will. All you have to do is to buy the dish and take the taste somewhere else. The shop is ready to cater you food at midnight too.

  • Famous Cuisine: Mutton Kakori and Phirni
  • Ideal for: Nocturnal Visits
  • Address: Ispat Bhawan, New petrol Pump, MCD Stall, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
  • Phone Number: 9891292786

8. Sitaram Diwan Chand, Paharganj

Sitaram Diwan Chand Another specific shop for Chole Bhature is Sitaram Diwan Chand located at Pahar Ganj. It is one of the iconic food stalls located in Delhi Street. Carrying on a tradition of old Indian flavor the shop is getting popular day by day by dint of catering dainty dishes at a low price.

Since its inception, the generations are too careful to keep their quality at par. As an obvious result, the shop is frequently visited by stalwarts of the Delhi city and her neighborhoods.

  • Famous Cuisine: Chole Bhature
  • Ideal for: Breakfast and Lunch
  • Address: Rajguru marg, Chuna Mandi, Paharganj, New Delhi 110055
  • Phone Number: 08010775577

9. Al Kauser, Chanakyapuri

AlKauser It is an ideal place for Awadhi Kabab. The Kabab along with soft Roomali Roti is a really awesome combination. There is a here say that the Kabab has the elegance of 52 spices mixed together in a magical combination. It may or may not be true but all you have to get there is the dainty dish that is sure to cater you utmost pleasure.

  • What to get: Kakori kabab, Mutton Galouti Kabab, Afghani Chicken, Mutton Shahi Korma and Roomali Roti
  • Ideal for: Dinner and Home Delivery
  • Address: 21, Mother Teresa Cres, Kirti Nagar, Palika Vihar, Diplomatic Enclave, Chankyapuri, New Delhi 11004
  • Phone Number: 9891703786

10. Shiv Misthan Bhandar, Chandni Chowk

Shiv Mishthan Bhandar Make a bit late and you are sure to miss a chance to taste the Nagari Puris with tasty Halwa at the famous Shiv Misthan Bhandar at Chandni Chowk. The shop is so jam-packed at the rush hours that you have to wait for a long time to get a room there to have a crunchy bite on the Puri. The Puris are famous for their special tastes, thanks to the courtesy of Deshi Ghee. If you are restricted to your diet this shop should be avoided. The special items sold here are Badami Poori and Aloo ki Sabzi. Besides, don’t forget to munch a crunchy Jalebi here.

  • What to get: Poori and Aloo Sabzi, Jalebi, Chole Bhature
  • Ideal for: Breakfast
  • Address: 375, Kucha Ghasi Ram, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi
  • Phone Number: 011 23921406

11. Hazari Lal Jain Khurchan Wala, Kinari Bazar

Hazari Lal Jain Khurchan Wala If you prefer something really sweet and milk-made, you can stop here for Khurchan. It is a creamy item made from pure buffalo milk. The creamy Khurchan is excellent to taste as it is garnered with sugar and slices of pistachio. Khurchan is ideal for curbing your sweet cravings.

  • What to get: Khurchan
  • Ideal for: Sweet Craze
  • Address: 2225, Kinari Bazar Rd, Dharampura, Old Delhi 110006

12. Nagpal Chole Bhature, Amar Colony

Nagpal Chole Bhature This is the ideal place to brood over your wallet when it is absolutely exhausted. In Delhi, it is an ideal place to taste the famous Chole Bhature. The shop is 28 years old and is running in full swing around the year. Besides Chole Bhanture there are other tasty dishes such as Chole Poori, Rajma Rice, Shahi Paneer Rice, etc. But it has picked up its momentum only for the grand Chole Bhanture item.

  • What to get: Nagpal Chole Bhanture, Choley Poori, Samosa, Rajma Rice, Kachori and Mango Lassi
  • Ideal for: breakfast and lunch
  • Address: 7/25, Old Double Storey, Gupta Market, Lajpat Nagar 4
  • Phone Number: 9871786680

13. Sahni Fish Corner, Gujranwala Town

Sahni Fish Corner Are you crazy for fish? If yes I can hint at a particular shop where seafood snacks are top sold items. You can enjoy Fish Tikka and crunchy Fish Fry. The light meal cannot satiate your hunger but can surely offer you the taste of ‘fishy items’ that are scarce in the city of Delhi. Fish Fry with chutney and sliced onions can be palatable when you are on the spree of changing your stereotype meals.

  • What to get: Fish Fry, Fish Tikka
  • Perfect for: Random Bites
  • Address: G-3, Block B Gujranwala Town, Delhi 110033
  • Phone Number: 09971145453

14. Azam’s Mughlai, Khan Market

Juicy Tikka and succulent Kababs are the ideal items here at Azam’s, one of the best street food shops in Delhi. The shop has coined fame for serving Mughlai recipes. For random bites, this is an ideal place where you can taste the flavor of Galouti Kababs, Mutton Burra, Kathi Rolls, Paneer Tikka, etc.

  • What to get: Galouti Kababs, Mutton Burrahs, kathi Roll, Panner Tikka, Soya Masala Chaap
  • Ideal for: Random bites
  • Address: 1B- Black Lane of Khan Market, New Delhi 110003
  • Phone Number: 09891595786

15. Bengali Sweet House, Bengali Market

Bengali Sweet House Do you want to taste the Bengali flavor in Delhi? If your answer is yes, you must creep into Bengali Sweet House. Sweets are famous in this shop. But you can savor Chaat items here too. Sandesh, Chum Chum is undoubtedly mouth-watering sweets but you can’t dodge Gol Gappas and Papri Chaat here. The Papri Chaat with chutney is an excellent combination that will feel hard to forget going back at your residence.

  • What to get: Sandesh, Rusgolla, Gol Gappa, Aloo Tikki Chhat, Dahi Bhalle, Papri Chaat
  • Ideal for: Random Bites
  • Address: 30-33, Bengali Market, Mandi House, New Delhi
  • Phone Number: 011 23353310