New Year Celebration in Dubai

All around the world, Dubai is one of the most exciting cities to celebrate the New Year in. The city is full of mesmerizing high rise buildings, mind blowing fireworks, happening and exciting parties, and fun-filled clubbing scenes. Above all this, there is the existing overall pomp and shows that makes the city one of the most exciting places in the world. Dubai offers the people here many exciting things to do during the New Year Celebration in Dubai, and as a result, this place has established itself as one of the most happening year-end destinations in the whole world.

If you are actually planning for New Year Celebration in Dubai, a few suggestions are mentioned below which can make the first moments of your New Year Celebration in Dubai even more happening.

Top Things to do during New Year Celebration in Dubai

1. Fireworks in Burj KhalifaNew Year Celebrations in Dubai

Fireworks have always been used as a symbol for happiness and celebrations. Many popular landmarks all throughout the world present beautiful shows of fireworks in any festival seasons. One such landmark, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, also presents a beautiful show of fireworks to the people right at the stroke of mid night on the day of the New Year. A professional team of world-class experts have the responsibility of this show. The show is supported by the Government of Dubai.

The government as well as many event security committees stand by this event to make sure that the experience is a very pleasant one for the tourists as well as the residents of the place. Last year, for some reason, the firework show was cancelled and people had mixed reaction about it. Some people agreed to this decision saying that it would help in reducing traffic problems, but many were against it.

New Year Celebrations in Dubai

According to them, this could have led to a very bad impact on the tourism sector of Dubai. Many hotels, airlines, travel agents, shopping malls etc. were affected badly by this decision as a large number of tourists visit Dubai at this time just to experience the firework show in the Burj Khalifa.

Hundreds and thousands of people visit Dubai each year at this time just to watch the show, visit the world’s largest mall, which is situated in Dubai. However, this year, there will also be special viewing platforms set up this year. The firework event is set to be telecasted all over the world and also will be shown on huge screens in Downtown Dubai.

2. Fireworks and end of the year party at Atlantis Dubai

The Atlantis Dubai is a five star hotel that throws a massive party on the New Year Celebration in Dubai. The party arranged by the hotel doesn’t only make way for the people to enjoy a spectacular dinner; it also presents an amazing show of fireworks to the people present. It makes way for the tourists to enjoy an opulent extravagant dinner, something more reserved, and something absolutely glorious. The celebration here is very grand. The evenings begin with tasty canapes and champagne.

New Year Celebrations in Dubai


There are also live performances which are inspired by the 20’s era and the beginning of the entertainment of the night is kicked off by the 30 piece live band. The night is a complete mixture of a luxury buffet, glitz and glamour, live cooking stations, unlimited availability of premium alcoholic drinks which include free-flowing champagne accompanied by the greatest show on Earth – The Atlantis Fireworks.

While the adults are busy in their glamorous drinks and food, for the kids, there is also a program of an Under the Sea Party. The little ones can enjoy themselves in enormous slide bouncy castles, an outdoor cinema, art and craft, game stalls, theme activities, etc.

3. Cruise around the Palm Jumeirah


The Palm Jumeirah is a tree shaped island which is home to numerous luxury hotels such as Atlantis the Palm, numerous world class restaurants and also the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, from where the tourists can take in the views of the Dubai coastline as well as the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The island is a marvel of engineering. It has a two kilometre long trunk, a surrounding crescent and 17 “palm fonds” which are visible from space. A cruise around this island is an amazing way to enjoy and make your time in Dubai worth it. A cruise around this island enables you to view all the amazing places this island has to offer to the tourists.

4. Rest in the Burj Al Arab beach area

New Year Celebrations in Dubai

Burj Al Arab is a public beach that is located surrounding the gorgeous and world famous hotel named Burj Al Arab. Locally, the Burj Al Arab beach is also known as the Sunset Beach or Umm Suqeim Beach. The beach has a very beautiful view and is also one such area in Dubai that is considered the most photographed area. The beach is not only incredibly scenic, it also attracts the crowd of people who want nothing more than to just relax and rest their minds.

In comparison to the other famous beaches throughout the world, the Burj Al Arab Beach is relatively calm and not serene and not much crowded. The atmosphere here is very peaceful and the best for people who aim at rediscovering themselves. There is also a little play area here for the little children to enjoy themselves. There are also many other activities that people can perform here.

A few of those activities are – surfing, playing classic beach volleyball, etc. The feature that makes this beach a public favourite is the magnificent view and also the calm atmosphere. The visitors can just sit and relax on the beach while they enjoy the beautiful view of the Burj Khalifa. This beach is a place from where one can enjoy the views of the New Year celebrations of all the three – Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab as well as the Atlantis, making it look more like a real life panoramic view.

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5. Celebrate your New Year Eve with Desert Safari

New Year Celebrations in Dubai

Desert safari is one of the most popular activities for tourists in Dubai. There are not many animals in Dubai apart from camels and lizards. The main activity involves being in a jeep while it drives through enormous sand mounds, this part of the activity is called “dune-bashing”, and they make a stop at a campsite where you can choose to ride camels or get tattoos, also get entertained by belly-dancers during dinner.


However, the real entertainment in the whole camel safari is the ride and the subsequent view.  It is recommended to fasten the seat belts during this ride. The jeeps practically barrels through the dunes and there’s always a chance of it getting teetering over. Even though the ride can be very dangerous, the thrill of the whole activity attracts a lot of people to it.

This activity provides a thrill to the people and what better way to end the last moments of the year with such a thrilling activity. Apart from the ride and the view, the activity also contains a bit of good food, increasing the goodness and excitement of the whole activity.

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6. Spend the night at Madinat Jumeirah

The Madinath Jumeirah is a hotel in Dubai which is also a must visit location. This place offers many entertainment mediums to the tourists to enjoy their time there. One of the things that you can do at the Madinath Jamirah to enjoy your time here is to take the Abra Tour. This is a tour across the lagoon which is also man-made. The will take you on an Abra, that is a traditional boat made of wood, and ferry you across creeks.

The Abras will take the tourists into the corners of the hotels that can only be reached in Abras. Another one of the proud activities in the Madinath Jumeirah is turtle feeding. The hotel has collaboration with Dubai’s Wildlife Protection Office. They have a project called The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project. They educate local children, adults, and often international tourists too about sea turtle biology.

The Tortuga is an award winning hotel located right here on the lagoon. You can spend your time wandering the souks and find traditional souvenirs for your friends and family, you can have lunch at the Shimmers while enjoying the amazing view, dine at The Hide, and go on a desert drive. The Madinath Jumeriah is famous for a lot of things, but the most pleasant experience of this place is the longs walks across the stretch of beach.

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7. Enjoy Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the biggest festivals throughout the year. Also abbreviated as DSF, the Dubai Shopping festival 2019 will begin from 26th December 2019 and will last from a total of 39 days until the 1st February, 2020. This festival is a unique mixture of light, glamour, shopping, adventure and sports. This is a yearly event that occurs every year.

The DSF is also a very exciting event for the tourists. The whole city is decorated with lights and there re promotion of the products in every malls to attract as many buyers as possible. There are also many entertainment shows during this time throughout the city. This event is not just for buying products, it can be called a mixture of cosmopolitan culture and multi cuisine food.

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The festival was a different and unique theme every year. The city is decorated beautifully with lights in occasion of this festival. The night time view of the whole city during this time is amazing. There is also no specific location for this festival, the products can be found all over the city in every big malls and stores.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can celebrate the beginning of a New Year Celebration in Dubai. The city is filled with so many exciting things at this time of the year that you’ll never find yourself out of options as of how to celebrate.

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