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Rajasthani Turban

Rajasthan is widely recognized for its charming and elegant colourful turbans. One of the greatest parts of the traditional outfits, turban is proudly worn by the Rajasthan men-folk.

It is an experience, which is impressive and unique. In fact, remaining in the air, that too in a balloon is fascinating enough.

turban of rajasthan-visittnt

Turban - The Crown

You cannot resist the famous Dargah Sharif on an account that its hall echoes with the resonance of the Holy name of the Khwaja.

Each Coloured Turban means something!!!

If you think that turbans only add brilliant splash of colour and style to monotonous and barren lands, you will be surprised to know that they wear their turbans for some or the other meaning.

Every colour has its own importance and significance. To cite an example, Ochre is the colour of the mendicant, while the saffron is commonly worn at the time of weddings.

Seasonal Turbans!!!

Some turban colours are seasonal and they are worn in between February and March. On the other hand, the predominant colour is motiya or pearl pink in the month of July.

Do You Know ?

Size & Style of Turbans Changes every 15 Km.