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Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Pangong Lake or Pangong Tso is a lake that extends from India to neighbouring country, China. Although a saline lake, it completely freezes during winter making it more aesthetically pleasing. In India, the lake is located in Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Pangong Lake Attractions

Spangmik is a tiny village located between the lake and the mountain. People halt at this village for refreshment and food. The lake has an illusion of changing color as the day pass by. When the sun is at peak, the lake turns deep blue in the middle and turquoise near the shore. As the evening approaches, the lake turns dull and dark. The lake then reflects the brown mountains turning murky. You can spot a few fishes in the lake. Boating is banned in the Indian part of the lake. Tourists enjoy

  • Overnight camping

  • Enjoying the change in lake color as the day pass by

  • Ice skating

  • Trekking on frozen river

  • Swimming

  • People prefer visiting the lake by late afternoon to set up camp and enjoy the sunset. Overnight stay in the shore of the lake is very common among tourists. Watch sunrise before leaving the camp. Some prefer to visit the lake on the last day of the trip to avoid altitude sickness. There is no hard and fast rule in when to visit the lake. It is hard to find hotels and shops near the lake. Always carry enough water, fuel and food with you. Planning a trip to Ladakh then Pangong Lake is a must visit tourist destination of Ladakh. Explore Pangong Lake travel guide for memorable vacation at Pangong Lake, Ladakh

    Best time to visit Pangong Lake

    Summer in Ladakh starts in June and ends in September. This is the right time for enjoying sunset view, camping and other activities along the shore of the lake. Winter starts by the end of October and extends until April. During winter, the water freezes completely allowing tourists to enjoy ice-skating, trekking and others. The temperature will be very low during winter season making travel, little complex. Always pack woolen clothes for your Ladakh travel no matter when you visit the place.

    How to reach Pangong Lake

    The lake is located five-hour drive away from Leh. The route to the lake is rugged and mountainous. The route connects Shey and Gya where you can find many scenic spots. The route from Chang La to Tangste is very mesmerizing and is open only during tourism season (May to September). International tourists are required to obtain Inner Line permit and Indian tourists should hold individual permits and should accompany with a guide who is accredited by tourism department.