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Nature Walks in Ladakh

Ladakh is ideal for those who love nature in all its unspoilt beauty. These breathtaking mountains are littered with literally hundred of opportunities to experience nature at close quarters. Choose any winding footpath and you do not have to go far before nature starts unfolding its many treasures in front of you. Lush rolling fields, twisty trails, riverside walks and valleys full of extraordinarily trees, there's something to enthral everyone.

Ladakh Safari camps offer ample opportunity for you to explore the natural wealth of Ladakh. The locations of the camps ensure that you are amidst the most beautiful of landscapes, and some even more incredible sights and experiences are never more than a stones throw away. Guided walks can be arranged from the camps, and are one of the most enchanting ways to explore and unwind. A walk along the river Indus from Shey will leave you spellbound. Explore the ancient monasteries and go on to a peak for a lovely view of the valleys and surrounding mountains.

Nubra Valley offers some great walks through some pristine scenery. To discover an exotic landscape with rocky barren hillsides, take the famous Deskit nature walks. Walking through villages allow you to get to know the Ladakhi culture and its beautiful people.

Nature walks in Ladakh will elevate you from the worries and constraints of modern life that you have left behind for the moment. Nevertheless, nature walks will help you come closer to nature and more importantly your self. This simple activity will bring out a change in your perception of life and this is where you journey to your deeper senses.

Nature walking is a milder version of trekking and consists mainly of pleasure walking. The objective is mainly to observe the intricacies of nature while on an enjoyable walk in the calm environs of Ladakh.

Nature walks are usually done over areas of gentle slope and scenic beauty. The walk usually starts early in the morning or in the evening as the emphasis is always on enjoying the nature. This is a group activity and a guide who knows the area and its interesting features will accompany the group. The hike extends for a time period of 2 ½ to 3 hrs covering a distance of 3-4 km at an easy pace. The guide will provide basic information about the area and its ecology.

Safety precautions - Wear trekking shoes for easy hiking and better grip.

Ladakh Safari offers guided Nature Walks at the following destinations:

Take our nature walk tours in Ladakh and enjoy the splendid sights of the world's mightiest mountain ranges. Relish the magnificent views of the landscapes and the flora and fauna that is unique to this region on our nature walk tours.

Come for a Ladakh Safari nature walk with us to get to know in detail the ecological splendour of Ladakh. Our unique nature walks have experienced guides or naturalists who will tell you all the intriguing aspects of the area that you wish to discover.

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