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Kargil, Ladakh

Kargil is located in Ladakh of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the unofficial capital of the Muslim part of the state. Although in famous for political conflicts, this place is an important tourist attraction.

Kargil Attractions

This place is a paradise for trekkers, mountain climbers, cyclists and adventure lovers. You can find many places for river rafting, trekking and others. If you visit during summer, you ought to visit any apricot orchards for a romantic walk. You can find many scenic viewpoints for picnic, sightseeing and sunset viewing. Visit Gongma Kargil for a picnic afternoon. Jameh Mosque is an important attraction here. Not all attractions are present inside the city. You might have to travel a little to reach most of the attractions. However, the drive will be aesthetically pleasing.

Other top attractions in Kargil are
  • Sani

  • Zongkhul

  • Mulbekh monastery

  • Stonday monastery

  • Rangdum

  • Best time to Visit Kargil

    The best time to visit the place is from March to July. This is the summer season of the place and during summer, the climate will be mildly pleasant. Snowfall will be scarce and all the trekking trails will be open to tourists. This is also the right time to visit apricot orchards. Summer is the right time to enjoy many festivals in this region.Winters are very cold. Snowfall can block many trails and activities.

    How to Reach Kargil

    The nearest airport is in Srinagar. You can easily reach Kargil in jeeps, buses or bikes from Srinagar, Padum or Leh. Road route will be mesmerizing during tourism season. It is better to hire an experienced driver than self-driving. Once inside the place, you can scale the whole town on foot.

    Shopping in Kargil

    If you are visiting in summer, buy fresh apricots. You can also find dried apricot, apricot jams and others. Other top items to buy are

    • Tibetan handicrafts

    • Rabbit wool articles

    • Carpets

    • Shawls

    • Yak wool articles

    • Hookah

    • Brass articles

    • Buddhist paintings

    • Pashmina shawls

    • Cuisine of Kargil

      Kargil is famous for its iconic Tandoori naan. Try Kashmiri rice with meat at least once during your vacation. Top street foods to enjoy here are

      • Sugu (stock of lamb)

      • Rgyuma (sausage)

      • Momos

      • Noodles soup

      • Culture of Kargil

        It is recommended to visit the place during any festival time to enjoy the culture of the land.

        • Hemis Festival is celebrated in June in the monasteries. You can find masked dance of monks and many interesting rituals.

        • Kargil festival takes place in June. You can find stalls, exhibitions, dance and music performances, competitions, adventure sports and others.

        • Apricot festival – cultural performances, tours to apricot plantation and others

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