Why To Visit Jaipur ?

The Royal Land of the Rajputs and Maharaja's is now a top tourist destination in India. There are many reasons to visit Jaipur and learning the rich history of the past is one great reason. Many of the palaces are now luxury hotels that give a life of a King to the guests for a day or few days at an expensive price.

Jaipur attracts people for the innumerable fairs and festivals held here, the interesting activities for tourists, shopping at the back lane markets and best of all to see the mighty forts and palaces there. Every time you visit Jaipur there is something new about the Pink city of Rajasthan.

Here are the Top Reasons to visit Jaipur

Historical Forts and Palaces

Jaigarh  Fort The pink city is filled with various old havelis, pink buildings in the old city, and palaces and forts that draw attention from tourists all over the world. They are the most famous attractions of Jaipur including defense forts, palace residences, etc.

These historic structures showcase the rich culture of the various dynasties and rulers. There are several such royal residences and some are managed by top premium hotel chains and are palace hotels or luxury resorts.

Few famous palaces in Jaipur are

1. Amber Palace

Also known as Amer fort this is one of the biggest forts constructed on a hill with massive walls, arches and pillars. You have to take taxi or elephant ride up the hill to the entrance!

2. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort is known as a haunted place by many people and has a historic significance. There is a roof-top hotel from where you get a mesmerizing view of the city of Jaipur.

3. Hawa Mahal

Palace of Winds is a five storey house constructed for the royal family members of then Maharajah. It resembles a bee-hive and some say it is like the Crown of Lord Krishna.

4. Jal Mahal Palace

Take an evening walk as the sun kisses the pink sandstone walls of Jal Mahal standing in the blue waters of the Man Sagar Lake and a great place for birds.

Heritage & Architecture of Jaipur

Heritage & Architecture of Jaipur This royal city has regal heritage in abundance that you must learn and explore. For that visit Jaipur for the history culture heritage and architecture of the place. The Jantar Mantar is a huge sun observatory with a sun dial and instruments to measure the planetary movements.

The royal palaces some built as summer resort home, some for resort on pleasure trip, palace residences, and walled in city or defense forts. There is so much to see in Jaipur, the pink city full of magnificent forts with a historic story about it. As you travel from one place to another you can explore the rich culture and rich heritage of Jaipur.

The monuments showcase the architectural brilliance and of the artisans who designed these structures in this legendary royal state of desert sands. It is an awe-inspiring journey into the regal architecture defining the culture and heritage of these historic landmarks.

Explore History of Jaipur at City Palace

Heritage & Architecture of Jaipur The City Palace Jaipur is one of the greatest attractions of the pink city. A section of this massive palace is reserved for the last ruling royal family who still resides there. There are so many palaces and structures within this walled City palace of Jaipur. The walk inside this palace will let you explore the history of the regal kings, imposing massive gates – Virendra Pol, Udai Pol, Tripolia Gate, etc.

Structures within City Palace include – Mubarak Mahal, Chandra Mahal, Diwan-e-Khaas, Diwan-e-Aam, and Maharani Mahal. The collections of swords, armory, daggers and weaponry that are centuries old will leave you in shocked and in chills! The walk or journey inside the City Palace gives an insight into the centuries back architecture, history, and the way of life of the kings and royals.

Try Rajasthani Cuisine at Chokhi Dhani

Dal Baati Churma If you have heard about Chokhi Dhani, the village resort where you get a raw feel and lifestyle of the Rajasthani village it is a must – see reason to visit Rajasthan. There are elephant rides, camel rides, tents to live in, etc. However dinner is served in various options – from a common village form of dinner on a leaf on the floor to the lavish dining style experience of a King. You can select one of your choice.

It includes vegetable salads, the famous Dal Batti Churma, and many other authentic Rajasthani cuisine in traditional Rajasthani style of eating. There are also activities in the 5-star village resort like puppet show and folk dance performance.

It is open from evening 5.30 – 6.00 pm and has two dining options for guests such as open area eating where dust may get into your food, and covered area dining. It includes Traditional Rajasthani Adult Dining @ Rs. 650/-; A/C Royal Rajasthani Dining Adult @ Rs. 800/- and Multicuisine Buffet @ Rs. 950/- with restaurant such as Bindola and Sangri hotels.

Festival & Events

Festivals in Jaipur There is yet another reason to experience the customs, culture, energy, and vibrant colors of Jaipur – the Festivals and Events held here every year. There are so many festivals in Jaipur almost every month of the year. It is highly impossible to take part in all the festivals although it would be a great idea.

But these are the top festivals and events in Jaipur you can participate in when you visit Jaipur:

1. Teej Festival

It is the most famous festival that is celebrated to welcome the harvest festival in rains. The heavy monsoons marks the start of this important festival in the first week of August month.

2. Gangaur

This is important for the females as they pray to Goddess Gauri for their husband long living and marital happiness. This major festival is celebrated 2 weeks after Holi and a massive procession takes place throughout the city of Jaipur.

There are many such festivals such as Elephant festival where decorated elephants play polo, camel festival with camel races, performances, etc, Kite Festival, and even the famous Pushkar Fair which is livestock Mela and many more.

Shopping at Johari Bazaar

Shopping in Jaipur The Pink city of Jaipur is known for the shopping places that sell all ranges of things. When you to visit one of the top tourist destinations in JaipurHawa Mahal, take time for shopping at Johari Bazaar in Jaipur which is situated in front of this palace of winds. You can get just anything from girls jewelry to blue pottery.

This is one of the top shopping places in Jaipur with all colorful things to sell. There are semi-precious jewelry but go for trusted sellers. Also, this market does not permit bargaining as most markets in the country it is an important thing to do.

Other Famous Attractions of Jaipur

Shopping in Jaipur Jaipur is dotted with forts, palaces, monuments, and tourist activities now. There are many reasons to visit Jaipur and learning the rich history of the past is one great reason. Now the addition of adventure sports like rifle shooting, village resort stays, quad biking in sand, mean machine rides, hot air balloon festivals, etc.

They all attract tourists also. There is an annual Jaipur literature festival that gets crowds and bookworms from all over the country and the world, folk dance performances, classical songs and music, the sweets and cuisine of Rajasthan, etc. These are all the attractions of the pink city of Jaipur.

Sound & Light Show at Amer Fort

Amer fort Also known as Amber Palace this massive fort situated on a hilltop is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Jaipur. It gives a great view of the city and overlooks the famous Maota Lake.

The famous attraction at this fort is the Sound & Light Show conducted at the evening times. It gives a flashing of lights and various colorful light effects on the walls of the rocks of Amer Fort.

The show narrates the history tales and legendss of different kings of various dynasties wtih a folk musical background. It is a visual and audio documentary or repetition of the empire of Rajputana, and goes back into centuries old ancient lifestyle of the rich royal families of regal past.

The most attractive and surprising feature here is that when the narration starts, you listen to the voice of Bollywood’s icon Big B, at the start of the play at evening in Kesar Kyari. It is featured in two main languages – English and Hindi at a reasonable price of INR 250/- to INR 300/-. Timings change on the basis of seasons.

Experience the Luxury of Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace Situated roughly 5 km from Jaipur conveniently 20 min. drive from the Jaipur Airport so that guests to Jaipur can experience the royalty and luxury that the royals enjoyed in this palace.

Rambagh Palace is a place where the royal family of Jaipur lived till some time ago is now a luxury hotel with over 70 rooms, a personal butler for guests, a polo-bar housing the trophies of late Maharajah of Jaipur, swimming pools, lush gardens, etc. Everything that you can find in a luxury resort palace hotel.

If you visit the pink city of Jaipur then you have to spend few days here as it provides the best accommodation and stay. There are also fitness center and Ayurveda massage done in the privacy of your personal room in the hotel or the historic Palace Salon . The fine dine restaurant called Survana Mahal and international fare at the Rajput Room. The suites and rooms that the king and royalty once lived in have regal decor and furnishings gives the same ancient palace ambiance to guests.

Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride The Elephant safari has a lengthy queue for tickets and you have to be early like 9 am to book the ride. The ticket is same per head even if child / adult. The tired elephants carrying up and down the passengers move in a line and so they are slow. It gives time for to see the nature around you and the massive fort walls.

There are checks and measures done by the Rajasthan Government to make sure that there is least cruelty to these broken and painted huge creatures. The owner /mahout of any elephant used for any activities including rides should be registered with the AWBI.

There are nearly 1000 visitors a day and less than 100 elephants giving joy rides to such tourists. It is a cushioned saddle and seats two people at a time and the mahout in the front. The 20 – 30 minute joy ride or elephant safari begins at the bottom of the hill and ends at the entrance /courtyard of the Amber Palace.

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