Best things to do in Shekhawati

The home of unparalleled art forms, wall paintings and architecture, this forgotten paradise is a hidden gem of Marwari community. Famous for its collection of forts, temples and havelis, this region was once the backbone of the reign. Due to reduced commercial tourism, this region has lost its charm to other tourism destinations of Rajasthan. The most appreciated element of Shekhawati is the wall panting in traditional structures. Apart from this, there are numerous other things to concentrate in Shekhawati. This article will talk in detail about the same.

Spotting Mural Paintings

Numerous structures in and around Shekhawati are famous for mural paintings. The best place to enjoy this is the havelis like Bhagtonki haveli, Anadilalpoddar haveli, Khedwal Bhawan and others. These mural paintings are an expression of the artisanship of yesteryear Rajasthani people.

Spotting Mural Paintings Shekhawati

Spotting Mural Paintings Shekhawati

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Visit to Ancient Structures

Shekhawati is famous for its link with the history of the land. You can find numerous ancient structures like forts, temples, havelis, Jagannath Singhania Chattri and others. The best place to enjoy the architecture is Fatehpur. Do not confuse it with Fatehpur Shikri of Agra.

Visit to Ancient Structures Fatehpur Shikri

Visit to Ancient Structures Fatehpur Shikri

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Temples of the Land

A little away from Fatehpur, you can find a small town, rich for its temples. Fortunately, the ancient people did not see the temples as a way of spirituality alone. They bombarded these structures with their art fever. You can find ceiling paintings, fresco painting, mural painting and much more. The best of all temples of the region are Ganga temple, Ganesh temple and Shani Mandir (a temple for Saturn). Those who are undergoing series of misfortune, pray to the deity in Shani Mandir to get a new start. It is an important activity of the Hindus in the region. Other temples of Shekhawati are Jain temples, Jeen Mata temple, Madan Mohan temple, Raghunath temple and others.

Temples of the Land Shekhawati

Temples of the Land Shekhawati

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Stay at a Heritage Hotel

Mukundgarh is a small region in Shekhawati, which holds Mukundgarh Fort, which serves as a luxury heritage hotel. If you are looking for a luxurious vacation, you ought to visit this hotel for a stay during your vacation. If you wish to enjoy the luxury throughout your vacation, span Rajasthan with Palace on Wheels or other luxury trains.

Heritage Hotel Shekhawati

Heritage Hotel Shekhawati

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A vacation in a heritage site is best known for shopping unique items and souvenirs. The same goes for Shekhawati too. This small town is famous for shopping unique souvenirs like handicrafts, iron articles, brass statues, textiles, artifacts and others.

Shopping Shekhawati

Shopping Shekhawati

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Tips to know before scaling hidden gem locations

It is true that these hidden gems are more beautiful than iconic attractions. In the same note, it is also important to know that it is mandatory to be more cautious while scaling these less-travelled destinations than while dealing with iconic spots. Here are the top tips for those looking for unique destinations in Rajasthan.

  1. Get a local cellphone and an Indian SIM for short use. This will help you get coverage even when you are in the rural regions. Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity can be a sheer luxury in many villages of India.
  2. Do not venture to unique places after sunset. Most of the hidden gems do not have proper accommodation, safety or other facilities.
  3. Based on the previous point, it is better to bring food, water and local currency with you. ATM cards/ Debit cards/ Credit cards/ Amex cards/ travelers’ note might be unworthy as you might not find suitable machines or options in rural places

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The best way to scale such hidden gems is by taking up exclusive packages from tour operators. The operator will be able to cover all the attractions, provide required amenities and take care of travel, accommodation, food and other facilities. Top exclusive tour packages for hidden gems of Rajasthan by Travelogy India are as follows.

  1. 14 days – Best of Rajasthan tour – covering Agra, Jaipur, Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Ranakpur and Udaipur
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  3. 14 days – Rajasthan village tours – covering Neemrana, Dholpur, Bundi, Deogarh, Pali, Jodhpur, Bikaner and Mandawa.

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