Chennai The Best Places To Visit In Summer

The rich culture of South India flourishes at the capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. It is an amazing blend of nature with modern city life, as the wild Bay of Bengal passes through the heart of the metropolitan. Be at Chennai to unfold a glorious phase of India.

The silver sands of Marina Beach

Known as the second largest beach of the world, the Marina beach of Chennai is the most happening spot of the city. As the sublime rays of the sun spread over the silver sands and blue waters of the beach, the city transforms into an ethereal paradise. Besides basking in the warmth of the soft sands, tourists can enjoy fishing at the Marina Beach. Shore in the blue sky with wind surfing or exhilarate your adrenaline with exotic games of beach volleyball.

Marina Beach Chennai

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The Pristine Breezy Beach

With its unpolluted atmosphere and solitary location, the Breezy Beach is best to be far from the maddening crowd of Chennai. The mesmerizing sunsets are loved by photographers, while the clean water of the sea attracts water sports lovers. Tourists can also enjoy romantic boat cruises here.

Pristine Breezy Beach

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The tranquil atmosphere of Semmozhi Poonga

The 20 acre sprawling meadow of Semmozhi Poonga is a treat to the eyes amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Spend some moments of solitude at the cool shadows of 500 trees of the park, which are as old as a hundred year and are equipped with medicinal properties. The crystalline waters of the lake enhance the beauty of the park while the swings, see saws and other play structures attracts the kids.

Semmozhi Poonga

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The Peaceful Huddleston Gardens of Theosophical Society

As you step in the paradisiacal gardens of the Theosophical society, you are greeted by chirps of numerous birds. The lush greenery of 260 acres of the Huddleston Gardens of Theosophical Society is loved by migratory birds. the 450 years old banyan tree at the heart of the garden not only is the nests to the avian life but also a history in itself, being one of the largest trees of the world. With almost two hundred books, numerous palm leaved manuscripts and religious books, the library of the society is a treasury of knowledge.

gardens of the Theosophical society

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The Wilderness of Arignar Anna Zoological Park

The first zoo of India, Arignar Anna Zoological Park covers a massive area of 510 hectares and is a home to 170 species of wildlife. From the ferocious tigers to the sly hyenas, from the superfast panthers to the cool elephants, get close to nature at this sanctuary.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

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The Serenity of Pulicat Lake

Located at the borders of Tamil Nadu, the mirrored waters of Pulicat Lake are ideal for boat cruises. Tourists can enjoy fishing and bird watching from  the boats. Near to the lake is the Nellapattu Bird Sanctuary. From the fish loving flamingos to the colourful kingfishers, from the lovely pelicans to the secretive ibis, the sanctuary is melodious with chirps of numerous birds.

pulicat lake chennai

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The amazing Kapaleeshwar Temple

With its 400 years old history and spectacular Dravidian architecture, the Kapaleeshwar Temple in south India is one of the assets of the city.

Kapaleeshwar Temple

The treasures of National Art Gallery

As you approach the classic red sandstone building of the National Art Gallery of Chennai, you seem to travel back in time. With its precious Tanjore paintings, colourful paintings of Ravi Varma, it exhibits the rich culture of India. The Rock and Cave Art Gallery of the National Art Gallery is an awes trucking creation.

Quite an impressive Structure but heavily damaged. Closed for the public as of now. The walk ended here.

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The Wealth of Connemara Public Library

Besides being one of the four libraries of the world to have all the newspapers and daily publications, the Connemara Public Library is also important in having a Braille section. The library also impresses the readers with its distinguishing Deccan, Rajput and Mughal blend of architecture.

Connemara Public Library

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Last but not the least; refresh your taste buds with the tangy sambar, crispy hot dosas, healthy idlis and special South Indian coffee. Hence Chennai is a complete package of entertainment, history, art and culture, a gem of South India.

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