2 Nights / 3 DaysChardham Yatra By Helicopter from Dehradun

Journey Covered:
  • Dehradun
  • Yamunotri
  • Gangotri
  • Harsil
  • Kedarnath
  • Badrinath
  • Dehradun


  • Complimentary lavish stay for 1 Night in Dehradun including breakfast and Dinner.
  • Pick and Drop facility from Dehradun Airport, Dehradun Bus Stand and Dehradun Railway Station.
  • Luxurious stay and delicious meals.
  • VIP darshans at every Dham.
  • Local sightseeing by any of the SUV’s.
  • Palki (Sedan Chair/Pony) at Yamunotri.
  • Helicopter Shuttle Tickets for Kedarnath.


Get ready to enjoy the benefits of the best selling packages of Travelogy India by Helicopter. It is for 2 nights and three days for this year. The start and the end point of this yatra is Dehradun. It covers all the sacred Char dham.

Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath

This yatra provides you with the opportunity to get VIP darshans, have comfortable stays and enjoy delicious meals. You will certainly enjoy the luxurious services here. There are also informed handlers present in every location and these are the highlights of our best selling char dham package. If you go through our char dham tour itinerary, you will surely get attracted to book the chardham package.

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Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1 :Arrival Day (Dehradun)

    When you reach the Dehradun airport or the railway station, you will be received by our driver cum guide. He will receive you and take to our luxurious hotel where you will be able to enjoy a complementary stay. On the day you arrive both dinner and breakfast is included. You can spend some time relaxing and you can be rest assured that you will have quite a smooth check in process. You can have a good night's sleep and prepare yourself for an exciting next day.

  • Day 2 :Dehradun – Yamunotri – Gangotri – Harsil

    (Yamunotri Darshan )

    07:00 AM : You depart from the Sahastradhara helipad, Dehradun by helicopter.

    07:30 AM : You arrive at the Kharsali helipad, Yamunotri.

    We will have our agents who will take you to the helipad of the State government on the Sahastradhara Road. From there you will fly to Yamunotri. You are advised to live your hotel early in the morning and stay energetic throughout the Chardham Yatra. This is referred to as the land of the roads.

    Once you arrive at Khansali, out handlers will be there to welcome you. They will unload your package and will also provide you with palki for the Yamunotri darshan. You will then leave for VIP darshan in a palki to the Yamunotri temple. This is around 5 kilometers trekking distance. You will certainly enjoy the palki ride in the midst of nature.

    After the divine Darshan, you get back to the hotel during the lunch time. Then you can have your delicious lunch and then leave for the most beautiful valley of the Chardham Gangotri by helicopter which is located at a distance of half an hour from Yamunotri.

     (Gangotri Darshan)

    01:00 PM : You will depart from Kharsali helipad, Yamunotri by helicopter.

    01:30 PM  : You then arrive at the Harsil helipad, Gangotri.

    You will enter the most beautiful valleys in the Uttarakhand that is referred to as mini Switzerland, Gangotri. You will be taken to the nearby comfortable hotel by our handlers. You will have a delicious lunch and then live for the Gangotri temple for a VIP Darshan in the cab. This temple is situated around 20 kilometers from the hotel. You can simply tune yourself to the high altitude and enjoy paradise on earth.

    Gangotri Dham

    You will enjoy all the basic as well as the leisure facilities here. These include the premium accommodation with delicious vegetarian foods. You will also be able to enjoy attached washrooms in these hotels. You can enjoy short walks and enjoy some local sight seeing around the unexplored valley. The first day of the chardham yatra package will end with a well prepared dinner and also an evening bonfire. You will leave for Kedarnath after having morning breakfast.

  • Day 3 :Harsil – Kedarnath – Badrinath - Dehradun

    (Kedarnath Darshan)

    07:00 AM  : You will depart from the Harsil helipad, Gangotri by helicopter

    07:30 AM : Arrive at the Kedarnath helipad.

    This is a place that is a wonderful combination of the beautiful mountains and the spirituality. You will find natural peace here. There is also religious zest and snow capped mountains of the Kedarnath Dham. This is a place that will enchant your heart and make it one of the most heritge sites among the char dham.

    From Gangotri, you will arrive at the Guptkashi helipad from Gangotri. Here, you will have to change the chopper and then you will have to fly to Kedarnath that is located at a distance of 10 minutes from Guptkashi.

    Once you reach Kedarnath, you will be able to view the beauty of the changing colors in the sky. We have our handlers here who will take you for the VIP darshan. at Kedarnath. You will enjoy the serenity of the surroundings and the prayers of the devotees at an altitude of 11,755 ft. After spending a divine morning, you will return to Guptkashi.

    Then you will fly to Badrinath that is situated at a distance of 25 minutes from here. You should energize yourself to spend another beautiful day.

     (Badrinath Darshan)

    11:00 AM: You will have to depart from the Kedarnath helipad

    11:35 AM : You arrive at the Badrinath helipad.

    Go to the beautiful city of Narayan Badrinath. On the second day of your chardham package, you will go to Badrinath. On the way, you come across deep valleys and also the majestic view of the lofty Himalayas.

    Once you arrive at the Badrinath helipad, you will find our handlers who will take you to hotel satovar portico. You can enjoy your lunch here and get a VIP darshan to Badri Narayan. Then you can have a saskat darshan of bhagwan Narayan at the Badrinath temple and get blessings from Lord Vishnu. You can make the maximun use of the religious yatra by cherishing the Srinagar darshan of Narayana closely.

     (Badrinath to Dehradun)

    03:00 PM : You depart from the Badrinath Helipad.

    04:00 PM:  Reach Dehradun Helipad

    You can have a good lunch and then have a sakshat darshan. Then you can bow your head to Badrinarayan temple and then fly back to Dehradun with a positive mind and very pleasant mindset of the Chardham yatra.

Guidelines For Passengers

  • Maximum 05 Passengers/Guest will be allowed in 01 Helicopter.
  • Only 5 kg luggage per passenger will be permitted due to limited space in the helicopter.
  • Passengers bringing excess baggage would not be allowed to take the same in the chopper. At any cost we won’t allow passenger to take more luggage. This is the standard safety rule for Aviation. All temples are located at high altitude areas. Passengers are advice to carry regular medical kit.
  • Timings are flexible depending on weather conditions/technical reasons/govt. permissions etc.
  • Passengers should carry only handbags (Soft Bags/duffle bags) as suitcases/trolley bags cannot be kept in the helicopter. Trollies are strictly not allowed.
  • If individual body weight exceeds 80 KG, Extra charges of INR 200 per Kg will be applicable at Kedarnath Shuttle.
  • While changing the helicopter at Kedarnath or Guptkashi the waiting time is between 10 mins to 3 hrs. depending on Shuttle slots / weather conditions or technical reasons
  • Passengers may be divided into 2 groups while changing the helicopter at Kedarnath/Guptkashi shuttle depending on their body weight.  
  • Property at Yamunotri is basic but best in the region as it is remote area and rest all properties are 3 to4 star category.
  • Total passengers weight should not be more than 430 Kgs.
  • All passengers will be taken to all the helipads atleast 1 hour prior before the departure time. Inthis case sometimes you may have to wait at govt. helipad.
  • Please share your actual body weight at the time of Booking. Your body weight will be mea- sured before flying. Company have full rights to de-board a passenger incase the actual body weight exceeds than the weight given by passengers. Kindly don’t share any assumed body weight

Terms & Condition

  • Children above the age of 2 years will be considered full ticket. Infant below 2 years are carried free of charge, in case of dispute birth certificate can prevail.
  • There is no provision of concession to children or senior citizens for helicopter yatra.
  • The booking has to be done in advance with a deposit of 50% of the charter amount. Remaining 50% amount to be paid 20 Days before the journey starts.
  • In case the journey is not finished within the given time and passengers would not be able to Dham due to bad weather conditions/technical reasons. In this scenario company will still try to visit the all dham by extending the timeframe. Company will do all the dhams on the next day if weather condition remains poor whole day and so on.
  • Sometime we may change the property in emergency situation (like landlside on the way to property, electricity and any other natural circumstances). We may try to provide other property of same or upper category.
  • One cab will be provided to the group of upto 6 pax wherever required.
  • Additional amount of INR 5,000/- Per Person will be applicable incase of single occupancy.
    We recommend you to book your return flight one day later. Company will not bear any cancellation of flights at any cost.
  • Disputes as to legality, interpretation, application or performance of services or any of its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Delhi jurisdiction.
  • In case of emergency and bad weather passengers will be taken back to Dehradun by other means of Transport.
  • No money will be refunded incase the passenger is de-boarded due to wrong given body weight.
  • Your luggage will be strictly not allowed in the helicopter if it is found more than 5 KG at the helipad.
  • Prices will remain same even in case the royalty fees changes or remains same.
  • In case we are completely unable to visit any dham due to bad weather situation we will refund proportionate money i.e if due to any reason we are unable to do 2 dhams then we will refund 50% of the payment. If unable to do 3 Dhams then we will refund 75% and so on. This refundable proportionate money is exclusive of Royalty fee, Taxes and fixed components.
  • Any Extra Night due to bad weather will be borne by client itself.
  • Mobile Network: - (Kharsali ; Airtel , BSNL) (Harsil ; BSNL) (Kedarnath ; BSNL) (Badrinath ; Airtel , BSNL).
  • Cancellation policy: - If customer wishes to cancel their booking they have to pay following cancellation charges.
  • Upto 30 Days before journey — 30% of the amount
  • In between 15 to 30 days — 70% of the amount
  • In between 0 to 15 Days — No Refund
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