Rudraprayag Uttarakhand

The famed town of Rudraprayag has been named after the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. This paradisiacal town is capped by the emerald lakes, foaming rivers, glaciers and silver streams. The pristine town of Rudraprayag is huddled on the religious gathering of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers, at 34 km from (Garhwal)Srinagar. It is located at an average height of 895 metres about 2,936 feet above sea level. Rudraprayag is one of the five confluences of Alaknanda River or Panch Prayag. Rudraprayag is endowed with nature's generosity, the weather of which depends upon the elevation of the region.

Why visit Rudraprayag?

Rudraprayag has a religious significance as devotees from far off places come here to see the phenomenal 'Sangam' or the merger of the two holy rivers. The cardinal Hindu temples of Rudraprayag are the Shiva temple and the Jagdamba temple. One can also get delighted in the heavenly ecstasy of the Koteshwar Mahadev temple whose divine aura can be felt from the pristine banks of the Alaknanda River. The popular tourist eyecatchers in the proximity of Rudraprayag are the Chamunda Devi Temple, Basukedar, Kartik Swami Temple, Dhari Devi, Panch Kedar, Madhyamaheshwar, Tungnath. Chopta, Deoria Tal, Gaurikund, Trijuginarayan and Agastya Muni temple.

Activities In Rudraprayag

  • Nature Walks

    The beauty of the nature that envelops the vicinity of Rudraprayag is worth exploring. The possibility of wandering this area of beauty is very hard to resist. One can easily roam around the nearby villages in and around the place Rudraprayag.

  • Village Tourism

    The natural trails throughout Rudraprayag takes one through the situated Garhwal hamlets. One can explore the rustic life in a village and learn about their customs, festivals and the way they live.

  • Pilgrimage

    Kedarnath shrine comes in between the route of Rudraprayag. It is mainly known for the confluence of the two holy rivers Mandakini & Alaknanda. As such there are many revered temples and shrines in Rudraprayag that is visited all year round by the devotees.

Food Guide Of Rudraprayag

A chance of searching for a decent restaurant at Rudraprayag that serves various cuisines is slim. Local food units and roadside eateries specialize in popular Chinese & North Indian dishes. Local cuisine is worth giving a try to, one can taste all kinds of Pahadi dishes like Chainsoo, Gahat Dal, Sisunak Saag, Kappa to name some. However, one can also eat at in-house restaurants in few hotels.

Staying In Rudraprayag

There are quite a few budget accommodations available at Rudraprayag where tourists can stay. During the Char Dham peak season, when finding accommodation is quite difficult in Sonprayag and Guptkashi, pilgrims tend to stay at Rudraprayag and make a day-trip to Badrinath.

Best Time To Visit Rudraprayag

Rudraprayag experiences extremely chilling winters along with snowfall. Monsoon season receives moderate rainfall. Summers are mild and are recommended as the best time to travel the spiritual aura of the town. March- November seems to be the most suitable time to visit the town.

  • Rudra Prayag in Summer (April - June)

    Summers are slightly hot in Rudraprayag lasting from April to June. The temperature there ranges from 20 to 36 degrees Celcius, with a cool breeze blowing during the evenings.

  • Rudra Prayag in Monsoon (July - September)

    Rudraprayag experiences moderate rainfall from July to September. The rainfall yields freshness to the place making the surrounding lush green.

  • Rudra Prayag in Winter (December - February)

    Winters are freezing in Rudraprayag starting in December and lasting till February. The temperature throughout this time drops down to a chilling 0 to 15 degrees Celcius.

How To Reach Rudraprayag

  • Reach By Flight

    Near Dehradun, Jolly Grant Airport serves as the nearest airport to the town of Rudraprayag. It is located about 183 km away. Taxis are accessible outside the airport for an easy journey to the required destination.

    Nearest Airport: Dehradun - 91 km from Rudra Prayag. Tentative return flight costs to Dehradun from the main cities in India.

  • Reach By Road

    Rudraprayag being a way to many important pilgrimages is well-connected to all the major cities of Uttarakhand as well as to the northern states of India. Buses are easily accessible till Rishikesh and Rudraprayag from Delhi ISBT. You will also find buses and taxi easily from other places like Haridwar, Pauri Garhwal, Dehradun and Srinagar, etc.

  • Reach By Train

    Rishikesh is the nearest railway station for Rudraprayag. It is located about 140 km before the place on National Highway 58. The station provides an excellent rail network that joins the town to several major cities of India. In fact, there are regular trains to Rishikesh which is further connected to Rudraprayag via well-maintained roads. You can easily get a taxi or bus for the tour.

  • Local Transport In Rudraprayag

    Rudraprayag is a small town where you will want to hike or trek most of the time. Other than that you can also book taxis, or even better hire a private car for easy commutation from one place to another. However, make sure you outline your trip timing according to the weather conditions prevailing in the area. Avoid travelling during extreme winters or peak monsoon season.

Places To Visit In Rudraprayag

  • Augustmuni, Rudra Prayag Overview

    Situated on the shores of Mandakini River, Augustyamuni is a town devoted to one of the most revered teachers in Indian religion- Rishi Augustya. Augustyamuni is essential for the Char Dham yatra as it has a helipad from where helicopter journeys of the Char Dham are done.

  • Koteshwar Mahadev Temple, Rudra Prayag Overview

    Koteshwar Mahadev temple is a cave temple located on the edges of River Alaknanda. It is a common feeling among the believers that Lord Shiva meditated in the caves while on his way to Kedarnath where one can witness the naturally shaped idols.

    A fair is arranged by the temple during Maha Shivaratri and believers visit during the time in large number.

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