Gangotri Dham – Everything That Travelers Should Know Before Traveling

Uttarakhand is one beautiful place. It is emerging as a preferred tourist hotspot. Gangotri is one of the frequently visited tourist spots in Uttarakhand. It is located in the Uttarkashi district. For Hindus, Gangotri is a sacred place. It is the origination point of the Ganges river.

What you should know About Gangotri Temple?

Gangotri is a place that is surrounded by a lush green sanctuary. The place is a famous pilgrim spot located in the Northern part of the country. It has been identified as a Hindu Devotional spot for ages. If you opt for Char Dham yatra , then Gangotri always holds its significance.

The place is famous for temples and the path of the holy river Ganga. The Ganges has always been worshipped in the Hindu religion for ages because of its sacred values. Gangotri town is also famous for waterway Ganges and Bhagirathi river stream.

The entire path of the river is stretched to over 11204 feet or 3415 meters. It originates from the Himalayan ranges from the Gaumukhi glacier. The river stream runs through the uneven terrains of Himalayan ranges and covers a distance of over 19 km before it reaches Gangotri.

The river holds its place in Hindu Mythology and is worshipped by everyone. Tourists from all over the country visit this place every year. as per the mythology the river was forced out of Lord Shiva's forehead hair.

At the source Gangotri is named as the Bhagirathi river will it reaches the plains where it is known by the name Ganga or Ganges. The river has many tributaries that originate from its flowing streams. The most attractive sign of Gangotri is the evening AArti that is performed by Pilgrims and holy Hind priests.

Brief History of Gangotri

If you travel along with the beautiful ranges of the Himalayas you will get to enjoy the Gangotri. The Himalayan ranges path ill exposes you to the spot where the Ganges meets the soil for the very first time. Based on the Hindu scripts, Ganges forms a stream the moment it flows down the Himalayan ranges.

The Ganges is believed to cleanse off you from your sins. This is why most Hindus believe that it is important to take a dip in this river at least once in their lifetime. When performing sacred rituals, taking a dip in the Ganges is important.

The river that originates from the forehead tip of Lord Shiva will cleanse your soul so you can lead an eternal life. The river in its initial stages is named Bhagirathi. Gangotri is also associated with Ashwamedha Yagna that was conducted by King Saga to help cleanse the earth from the demons and evil spirits.

The Yagna was declared as one of its type with the launch of a sacred horse to run about freely in the open land. During the entire Yagna procedure, the horse was not supposed to be captivated by anyone. Indra and Kesani’s son Aamanja managed to take control of the horse and tie it up at the Kapil Muni’s ashram.

Later in the ashram was raged by Ruler Sagara’s sixty thousand siblings. Ea one of them was killed by the Kapil muni’s curse. This was the time when the only surviving son of King Sagara believed that only the Ganges river could cleanse the place of the blood of his brothers.

The Ganges river has also been associated with several other legendry tales that may date back to the time of BheeshmaPitama. It is believed that BheeshmaPitama was the son of Ganga.

Thus, Gangotri is a place that has its historical significance in Hindu Mythology. Ever since ancient times, the river has been worshiped by many.

Places that You can Enjoy Visiting at the Gangotri

When on your trip to the Gangotri, there are several other spots that you can visit. The entire journey will offer you with recreational feeling. You may have to plan your travel accordingly so you can enjoy visiting each spot. Here you will find mentioned some of the well-known and not-to-miss spots on your way to Gangotri.

  • Bhojbasa

    This place is located at a height of over 3775 meters from sea level. The place is just amazing as it is located in the most beautiful spots in this region. The place is famous and has derived its name from the Birch tree that is found in great number in this place. The location is located between Gaumukhi and Gangotri region. Gangotri is located at a distance of around 14 km from this place.

  • Gangnani

    This is a small town that is located in Gangotri. If you are spiritual by nature then you must visit this place. You can be a part of the Yoga ashram that meditation center that is located here. To help overcome distress and stress there are a lot of Yoga ashrams where you can relax. The place is frequently visited by many tourists year-round. The place is also known for its Kunds where you can get cleansed spiritually.

  • Ganga Temple

    This temple is the only one that is devoted to Mother Ganga. The temple is located on the banks of the Bhagirathi river. The place is also famous for its natural sanctuary and wildlife. The place is surrounded by a lush green landscape. It certainly is the perfect relaxing spot. The stream water is crystal clear and unpolluted.

  • Bhaironghati

    This is a small settlement that is located on the banks of the River Ganges and River Bhagirathi. The place is a sacred spot in the Northern India Uttarkashi. You may be attracted by the lavish green forest cover of this place the place is around 10 km from Gangotri.

  • Jalmagna Shivalinga

    This certainly is one of the most visited tourist hotspots in Gangotri. It is known for its sacred values. The shiva linga is usually water submerged during the winter seasons. It has its mouth submerged in the rider Ganga stream.

  • Harsil

    This is one of the most visited spots by tourists from all over the country. If you want to plan to spend your vacation in nature, then this is the ideal spot. There are several temples that you can visit in this place. Harsil is also famous for its collection of deodar trees. Several trekking routes are famous here.

  • Dharali

    Dharali is situated in the Uttarkashi part of the Gangotri. The place can easily be reached when traveling to Gangotri as it is situated within 18 km from Gangotri. The place can also be visited when traveling to Harsil as it is only around 3 km from this place. The place is located right next to the Ganges stream. The place is surrounded by high rise Pine trees, apple plantations, and red bean vines.

  • Suryakund Gangotri

    To travel to Suryakund Gangotri, you may only have to visit the Gangotri sanctuary. The place is located just at a distance of 500 m. The place has a lot that can be enjoyed including Surya Kund and Gauri Kund. When traveling to this destination you will have the benefit of organizing your stay in GMVN Bungalow. The place is also famous for its spectacular waterfalls. The sound of the waterfall is just dynamic and you will love the scenic beauty that surrounds the falls. Apart from this, you can enjoy your stay at the Tapovan ashrams.

  • Pandav Gufa

    This place certainly has managed to register its name in the Mahabharata. The place holds its epic values and is linked to the Padova Putra. This was the exact location where the mighty Pandavas spent their time when in exile. They meditated in this Gufa for many years.

How can you reach Gangotri?

The best point to keep in mind is that Gangotri is well connected to the rest of the nation and Uttrakhand via rail, air, and road routes. Anyone can easily reach this destination via any one of the three routes. The district of Uttarakhand and Uttarkashi is located in the Northern part of the country.

  • By air

    The place can be reached by the air route. The place has its airport – The Jolly Grant airport base. From the airport, you may have to travel around 266 km to reach till Gangotri foot hills. You can hire rental cars from the airport itself. Always ensure that you only hire a good driver as the terrain has a lot of snake turns. Sharing taxi benefits are also available at the airport.

  • By rail route

    If you want to reach this place via rail route then you may have to alight till Dehradun. This is the nearest railway station and will offer access to Gangotri. The place is located at a distance of around 242 km from Dehradun railway station. Your further journey will have to be completed by road. Rental taxi services are available and can be hired. You can also book your journey from Dehradun by Helicopter ride.

  • By road route

    If you want to enjoy your journey then booking services from an outstation taxi is the best option. You may have to travel till Haridwar or Dehradun to reach Gangotri. You can drive from New Delhi or any part of Uttar Pradesh to reach Gangotri. Many tourists will also travel to Gangotri from Kashmir.

Average Distance chart to Gangotri

If you are traveling to Gangotri, you can access outstation bus services from any part of the country. The distance may vary depending on the place from where you are traveling. Some commonplace and distances are mentioned here below.

  • Dehradun to Gangotri - 246 km app.
  • Rishikesh - 263 km.
  • Haridwar - 287 km.
  • Ghaziabad - 436 km.
  • Delhi - 481 km
  • Gurgaon - 518 km.
  • Chandigarh - 409 km.
  • Shimla - 399 km.
  • Amritsar - 636 km.

The place is ideally a pilgrim destination. So, one of the most important activities to enjoy here is enjoying being close to mother nature. You can get involved in all types of pilgrim activities. You can be at any temple and be a part of the morning and evening Aarti.

The place is also one of the best places to enjoy trekking activities. If you love green scenic beauty then you can enjoy Gangotri. You can spend your best time out in nature or watch the exclusive wildlife.


  • Q. Why Gangotri is so important for Hindus?

    One of the most important significance is that Gangotri is the birthplace of mother Ganges. It has religious significance. The place is one of the selected destinations for your Char Dham.

  • Q. When should you visit this destination?

    Visitors who want to visit this place may enjoy their travel between April to June and then again from September to October. These times are also rush season in Gangotri and the temple facilities are open for everyone.

  • Q. What time do temple services operate?

    The temple will remain close from Diwali onwards till Akshaya Tritiya.

  • Q. What lodging and food facilities are available?

    The hotel accommodations are not very much in Gangotri. You may have to book your stay well in advance. You can enjoy all types of pure vegetarian food here in Gangotri.

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