Top Adventure Activities to Experience in Jaipur

Taking a break from the regular and repeated schedule can allow you to think over. If you want to make some bigger changes in your life, then it is better that you take a break from your job and go on a vacation or adventure trip in Jaipur.

It will allow you to enjoy the beauty of outdoors and you will also be able to know yourself little bit more. Travelling can help you to explore various aspects of life without stressing yourself over it.

Adventure Activities in Jaipur

Most of the people visit Mountainous areas for peace of mind but you can also opt for the historical areas where you can learn about history and can also achieve the solitude. The rising sun or the beautiful sunset can be a time when you can see the real beauty of a place.

Do you want to see the royal architecture of Rajasthan? Are you interested in seeing a glimpse of Rajputana lifestyle? If yes, then you should visit Jaipur where you can be able to see the real royal beauty.

Not only you will enjoy the shopping and sightseeing in the ‘Pink City’ but you can also be able to do adventure activities. Mixing the sightseeing and adventure rides can allow you to gain the real essence of Jaipur city.

It will be one of the most wonderful experiences of your life to enjoy adventure trip in Jaipur. If you haven’t heard from someone about the numerous enjoyable adventures of Jaipur, then you should experience it on a trip to Jaipur.

Here are the top adventure activities to experience in Jaipur:

1. Elephant Ride to Amer Fort

elephant safari

Elephant Ride to Amer Fort

Have you ever gone on an elephant ride? If not, then you can decide to visit Amer Fort on elephant. Amer Fort is one of the most amazing skylines sightseeing of Jaipur and you should definitely visit it. On elephant ride, you will be able to explore large gateways and cobbled paths of the Fort. Hindu artistic and Rajput elements are included in the construction of Amer Fort.

It was built by Raja Shri Maan Singh Ji in 16th Century. Every evening, the magical light show is held at 7.30 p.m. You can also take your kids along with you like two or three people can enjoy the elephant ride without any difficulty. You can visit this fort from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m. on elephant back. The entry fee for the elephant ride will be Rs. 900.

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2. Camel Safari in Jaipur

Camel Safari in Jaipur

You can’t leave Rajasthan without riding camels otherwise you won’t be able to feel the real essence of the place. When you are interested to go on adventure rides, then you can choose camel safari which can be the thrilling experience for you. You can enjoy visiting Fort Madhogarh on camel hump which is in Bassi.

You need to pay around Rs.1500 for the camel ride to the fort. Camel Safari are really thrilling and you should definitely go on camel ride if you are visiting Rajasthan because you might not be able to get the same experience anywhere else. If you haven’t even touched or seen camel till now, a riding camel can be really adventure.

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3. Learn Rifle Shooting at Star Shooting Academy

If you are someone who is interested in learning rifle shooting, then you can visit Star Shooting Academy in Jaipur. Here, you can have learning and thrilling experience because you will be able to learn to operate and handle the firearm. You will learn the basic techniques to do rifle shooting with pistols and air rifles. You can go to Rifle Shooting Academy located in Vaishali Nagar in Jaipur.

You need to pay an amount of Rs. 720 to get this superb opportunity. Rifle Shooting can allow you to know if you are really interested in this sport. If you are planning to get a pistol or gun, then you should go for the basic training in Jaipur.

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4. Adventurous ATV Bike Rides

adventure trip in Jaipur

Adventurous ATV Bike Rides

If you had thought of Jaipur as a place of camels and elephant rides only, then you are wrong because there are lot more thrilling options waiting for you. You will love to visit famous temples and old palaces but you will also have fun with ATV bike riding sport. You will enjoy a lot while riding on ATV bike through the rough paths of Jaipur.

At Naila Bagh, you can enjoy ATV bike rides at Rs. 4000 only. You should definitely go on this bike adventure ride if you haven’t experienced it before. You will be able to have an unforgettable experience ride on these bikes.

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5. 4 hours Elephant Tour for a thrilling experience

adventure trip in Jaipur

Elephant Tour for a thrilling experience

If you want to visit City Palace, Hawa Mahal, and Jal Mahal in  Jaipur on Elephant, then you can book for the four-hour tour. Elephant safari is quite a popular option among the tourists in Jaipur. You need to pay an amount between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 2700 to go on four hours of Elephant ride.

Not only you will see the mesmerizing beauty of the forts but you will also be able to enjoy the bumpy elephant ride. This four hours of tour will allow you to have lot of fun if you haven’t riddenan elephant before. Riding on elephant is totally different from driving your cards and riding on bikes. You must have this superb experience in your life for one time in life.

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6. Go on Jungle Safari to Amer Jungles

adventure trip in Jaipur

Jungle Safaris in Amer

If you are a wildlife lover, then going on Jungle Safari can be a superb option for you. Amer comes under Jaipur now and you can visit the jungles located around Amer for your Safari Adventures. If you want to spot deer, leopards, peacocks, and snakes, then going on Jungle Safari in Amer Jungles is a good option for you.

You just need to pay an amount of Rs. 2500 to go on Jungle Safari. You can also click the superb pictures of these wild animals and birds wandering around the jungles.

7. Fantastic Zorbing in Timber Adventure

adventure trip in India

Zorbing at Jaipur

If you want to do something other than visiting forts for some time in Jaipur, then you can opt for Zorbing. It is not much famous but it is a quite enjoyable activity for the tourist. You will be fitted inside inflatable which is quite giant in size. You can enjoy zorbing with your loved one or friends.

You don’t have any risk of bumping but the rolling in the giant inflatable ball will be thrilling experience for you. You just need to go to The Timber adventure located at Ajmer Road to enjoy Zorbing. You just need to pay an amount for around Rs. 300 to experience zorbing in Jaipur.

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8. Explore Jhalana Safari Park of Jaipur

adventure trip in India

Jhalana Safari Park of Jaipur

If you want to see Desert foxes, striped Hyenas, Leopards, Chitals, and Golden Jackals, then you should go on a trip to Jhalana Safari Park. You will also be able to see birds like Dusky Eagle, Spotted owl, Pitta and many more. You can also opt for a night tour to Jhalana Safari Park to have a beautiful desert tour. Nothing can be a better option than visiting this place for a wildlife safari. Make sure that you carry Camera along with you so that you can be able to capture the essence of wild animals of Rajasthan.

9. Hot Balloon Ride in Kukas

adventure trip in Jaipur

Hot balloon ride in Kukas

If you want to get an overview of the Pink City from the sky, then you can go for hot air balloon ride. Its experience will mesmerize you with the views of beautiful forts and palaces. You will have fun while seeing the colored beauty of Jaipur the rustling rounds in the air. This ride is quite popular when it comes to enjoying an adventure trip in Jaipur.

People who are going to Jaipur for one day should opt for this ride as you will be able to visit almost every part of Jaipur in the balloon in one day. You need to visit Kukas from where you can book for the hot air balloon ride for yourself. The amount you will pay for this ride will be totally worth it because you will never regret it in your life. Not only you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the city from the balloon but you will also save lot of money and time.

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10. Cycling Tour to Nahargarh Fort

adventure trip in Jaipur

Cycling tour to Nahargarh Fort

Do you love cycling? If your answer is yes, then you should go on a cycling ride to Jaipur countryside. The cycling tours can allow you to get lot of opportunities and time to admire the beauty of forts and other areas of the city. You will be able to witness European and Indian architecture if you will go on cycling expedition to Nahargarh fort.

It can be a thrilling experience for you. You can have some food at Padao Open Bar restaurant located at the terrace of this palace from where you can enjoy the beauty of the city around the fort. It would be best that you for cycling between October to March otherwise you will die of the blazing heat. You just need to pay an amount of Rs. 20 to go on cycling tour to Nahargarh fort.

11. Stay in Tree house

adventure trip in Jaipur

Stay in Tree house

Have you ever live in a Tree House? Most probably, you might not have experience glamping in your life but you can do it now. Jaipur isn’t only the place of forts and safari but it is also a place where you can enjoy living in nest-like birds. These days, glamping has become a major part of adventure trip in Jaipur.

You can go glamping at the famous Tree house resort where you will be able to enjoy best art amenities, leathered chairs, and iron wrought beds. You will get the chance to stay in nests of Keekar trees which are named on the birds of Jaipur. The luxurious tree houses will allow you to enjoy at tennis courts, camel rides, and bird watching. If you want an unforgettable trip to Jaipur, then you shouldn’t skip staying at Tree house.

It is located opposite to Amity University in Jaipur. You need to pay around Rs.14000 to stay in this treehouse.

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12. Explore Pride Amber Villas Resort

adventure trip in Jaipur

Pride Amber Villas Resort

Most of the people who visit Jaipur don’t know about this unique place called Pride Amber Villas Resort. You can go on Camel Safari to this resort to see the actual rural Rajasthan. The essence of real village beauty can be experienced easily at this resort. You will also be able to enjoy the royal food thali at this resort.

The natural setting of the villages of Rajasthan has been arranged for the kids’ and adults. The camels are harmless due to which you can also let your kids go on ride over a camel. You can either choose one day trip or you can also go on a three days trip to Amber Villas Resort. You will be able to enjoy Camel Safari to this resort from Rs. 600 to Rs. 2000.

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So, these are the top adventure activities which you can do in Jaipur. Whenever you plan to make a trip to Jaipur, make sure that you enjoy adventure trip in Jaipur. There are no chances that you will regret visiting Jaipur because you will get to see the gorgeous beauty of the forts and you will also be able to experience the adventurous rides at different attractions in Jaipur. You should definitely choose camel safari, elephant safari and Jungle Safari among the above adventure trip in Jaipur.

Make sure that you carry your camera to click photos and make videos of the various places you visit in Rajasthan. There are no chances that you will regret visiting Jaipur city because of its mesmerizing and gorgeous views. You will also come to know the reason because of which Jaipur is called the ‘Pink City’. So, don’t sit back and wait for the right opportunity because you have to choose to make a plan to adventure trip in Jaipur.

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