Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Number of people visiting this market for buying items is very less than the number of people who visit the market just out of curiosity. Chor Bazaar can be translated as thieves market. This place is famous for old items, stolen things and second-hand products. This is one of the largest flea market in the country. This is the best place for buying unique items at very low cost.

Where is Chor Bazar Located ?

The market is located on Mutton Street. It is close to Bhendi Bazaar. You can hire buses or taxis from Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport - (Mumbai airport) and reach the market in just 25 minutes. You can walk from Grant Road to the market. Taxis and autos can be hired from any part of Mumbai to reach the market.

Best Time to Visit Chor Bazaar ?

The market is closed on Fridays. Most of the shops open by 11 in the morning and closes by 7:30 pm. It is better to avoid evenings as, it is a thieves’ market and you would obviously be surrounded by thieves. It is better to choose winter, as you would have to do a lot of walking. Winter climate will be pleasing for sightseeing and shopping. Summers will be too dehydrating and rainy season makes the land very marshy and slippery.

Why Chor Bazaar is so famous ?

Top things to buy are brass items, electronics, vintage items, bronze items, artifacts, furniture, tools, footwear and others. Haggling is very essential here. Apart from those who are visiting the market for genuinely buying antiques and second hand items, here are a few interesting things to enjoy or watch here.

  • Mini market is a small store that sells old movie posters
  • You can find authentic ancient Victorian furniture here
  • Old automobile parts that are not available in market today.
  • Vintage cameras and typewriters for collection
  • Street food and kebabs (Kebabs are must-try items here)
  • Best spot for photographers
  • Old musical items
  • Ancient music disc and players

History behind Chor Bazaar

There is no concrete record regarding when the market was started. The market had nothing to do with thieves in the past. It was called as Shor Market, which means noisy market. Later, British mispronounced the name and it became Chor market. Today, the name suits the market because of the amount of stolen item sold here. There is also another backstory for the market. When Queen Victoria visited India, her belongings were stolen and sold in this market. Thus, the market got its name.

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