Prince Of Wales Museum

The Prince of Wales museum or Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya is a 20th century museum in Mumbai. This museum was built to commemorate the visit of Prince of Wales, Edward VIII and thus, the museum got its name.

Where Prince of Wales Museum is Located ?

The museum is located in MG road of South Mumbai. The museum can be reached by hiring cabs or auto from any part of Mumbai. The museum is located near Kala Ghoda and Hutama chowk. Parking is allowed only in Kala Ghoda and Hutama Chowk.

The museum is just 20 minutes away from Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus, which is commonly called as the central railway station. It is also close to Churchgate railway station. There are many buses to the railway station. From the station, you can either walk or hire auto. You can hire taxis from any part of Mumbai to reach here.

Best Time to Visit Prince of Wales museum ?

The museum is at prime beauty throughout the year. The museum is closed on Jan 26th, May 1st, Aug 15th, Oct 2nd and other public holidays. The museum opens at 10:15 am and closes by 6 pm. The ticket counter closes by 5:45 pm.

A show is conducted every day in English and Marathi about the museum and its contents. The film runs for little less than 20 minutes. The show starts at 11:00 am, 12 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm, 4pm and 5 pm.


  • Indian adult (Above the age of 12) : INR 80
  • Foreign adult : INR 500
  • Children (Above the age of 5) : INR 20 (Indian and foreign)
  • Museum show : INR 50 for adults and INR 20 for children
  • Cost of audio guide : INR 50
  • Camera photo : INR 50
  • Professional camera without tripod : INR 100
  • Professional camera with tripod : INR 5,000

Why this Museum is so famous ?

The building is in Indo-Saracenic architecture. The museum has a garden of flower beds and palm trees. The museum has more than 50,000 exhibits of ancient India and from other parts of the country. The museumis divided into three sections- National history, art and archaeology. The museum has artifacts from Indus Valley civilization, Mauryas, Guptas, Chalukya and other reigns.

The building was built using malad stone and basalt. The building is rectangular and is built in Indo-saracenic style. There is an entrance porch, raised dome and cluster of pinnacles. The interior of the building is built in 18th century style. The museum has a library, seminar room, exhibition gallery and conservation studio that were built a few decades ago.

Top collections to spot here are

  • Art collection of Ratan Tata
  • Indian paintings
  • 11th century palm leaf manuscripts
  • Sultanate period painting
  • 17th century manuscript of Ramayana
  • Ivory collection of Gupta era
  • Mughal jades
  • European paintings
  • Japanese Porcelain
  • Metal ware
  • Armor of Akbar

Archaeological section

  • Ancient weapon, ornaments and measures of Indus valley civilization
  • Sculptures of Gupta and Sind period
  • 750 BC statues that were retrieved from Elephanta caves

Natural history section

  • Religious artworks
  • Textile manufacturing techniques
  • Miniature painting gallery


Physical guides are not available. Audio guides are available in seven different languages namely, English, Hindi, Marathi, German, Japanese, Spanish and French. The guides are available at the ticket counter and at the information desk.

History of Prince of Wales Museum

The museum was planned in 1904 and the foundation stone was placed in 1905. In 1909, the museum was designed by George Wittet and in 1915, the museum was built. It was initially used as a military hospital and children welfare center. In 1922, this museum was inaugurated.

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