Film City

Film City is a large film studio of Mumbai, which is the heart of Bollywood. If you are obsessed with what happens behind the cameras, you ought to visit the Film City. Film City is an important tourist attraction among locals and tourists. The film city covers numerous gardens, lakes, equipment rooms, sets and others.

  • Where Film City is Located ?

    The 520-acre land is located in Goregaon. It is located near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. You can find cabs and autos from any part of the city to film city.

  • Best Time to explore Flim City

    The film city is open throughout the day and throughout the year. People choose winter for sightseeing. You have to walk for a very long time and it is better to choose winter for its pleasing climate. The worst time is rainy season as it makes travelling hard. Summers will be dehydrating. It is not possible to get a schedule of movies that will be shot, every month. If you are lucky, you might watch a high budget movie being shot.

  • Why Film city is so famous ?

    Film city is a large area where you can find picnic spots, village sets with many huts, mountains, fountains, man-made structures, lakes, prison, temple and other location sets that are used for shooting. Inside the film city,
    Top Attractions in the Film City

    • You can spot and meet many film personalities. Many will be willing to pose for a picture.
    • Watch a movie being shot
    • Visit recording sets and post-production units
    • There are more than 16 studios which would be busy throughout the year
    • Forest set-up
    • Sets of famous places like Goa, Thailand and others. You would be amazed by the sets that look exactly like the location.

    During tourism season, the government runs film city tour-buses that would take you to important spots inside the city. The frequency, start date and end date of the buses changes from year to year.

  • Cost

    There is no entry fee for the film city or any sets.

  • History of Film City

    The Film City was built in 1977 and was renamed as Dadasaheb Phalke Nagar in 2001. The film city is always under construction. New sets and located will be constructed when there is a need.

  • Shopping and dining

    There is a small canteen inside the film city. You might not find many items in the canteen. There are no shops for shopping inside the city. On the other hand, you might find shooting sets of shops.

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