Marine Drive

Marine Drive or Queen’s Necklace is a boulevard in Mumbai. This c-shaped lane stretches for 3.6 km. If you watch the drive from an elevated building at night, the street lights and the c-shaped lane resembles a necklace. The main tourist attraction here is a car drive or bike drive along the lane.

Where is Marine Drive Located ?

This lane is located in the center of Southern Mumbai. This lane can be reached from any part of Mumbai. It is best visited in a car. There are people who enjoy walking along the length of the road. If you are planning to walk, your trip should start from the southern end of Chowpatty beach.

Best Time to Visit Marine Drive ?

There is no opening or closing hours for the lane. The drive is best enjoyed during winter or rainy season. The cool climate and lush vegetation makes it more attractive during winter season. If you are a photographer, you would enjoy the drive during rains too. If you plan on walking down the lane and enjoying the view or dining, avoid rainy season.

If you are visiting during Ganesh Chaturthi, you can watch thousands of people gathered near the sea to dissolve statues of Ganesh.


There is no toll for the road.

Marine Drive is famous for ?

Marine drive is a six-lane road that runs between Nariman point and Malabar Hill via Babulnath. This road runs very close to shore. You can find many luxury hotels along the stretch.

  • Enjoying local fast food along the road side like Bhel puri, pani puri and others
  • Watching the sea
  • Photography
  • Sightseeing
  • Spotting marathons
  • Feet parade during major events
  • Spotting sunset
  • Nana-Nani park

This drive is an important spot for numerous events that take place from time to time. A little away from the drive, you can spot Walkeshwar temple.

History behind Marine Drive

This palm tree filled road is officially named as Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose road. The name did not catch the attention yet. The road forms a natural bay with a great view of Arabian Sea.

Shopping and Dining

You can find numerous small stalls and five star luxury hotels for dining and accommodation along the lane. You can find a few shops for souvenir shopping. However, souvenir shopping is not recommended here.

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