Interesting Facts about Nepal

Nepal One of India’s friendliest neighbors, Nepal is known to be the most prominent example of a beautiful culmination of diverse cultural patterns.

Located in the southern region of Asia, Nepal lies between two very strong countries of the world, India and China and has always maintained a uniform relation with the two.

Nepal has had an independent existence since quite long, more of an isolated one, which is why even today it stands among the least developed nations of the world.

Top 15 Interesting Reasons to Visit in Nepal

1. Major parts of Himalayas care in Nepal

Nepal is covered with mountains and homes the major portion of the Great Himalayas along with eight other highest mountains of the world. Every year thousands of mountaineers and trek enthusiasts come here to scale these ranges with a greater motive to reach the highest peaks. These trekkers are usually assisted by the trekking agencies in Nepal who guide them throughout their expedition in all terms.

2. Only country with a non-rectangular flag

Nepal is the only country in the world with a non-quadrilateral national flag for state as well civil purposes. Its flag is a double-pennon structure, red in color depicting bravery, blue border depicting peace and the figures of sun and crescent moon.

3. Birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha

Lumbini NepalIn spite of being a great culmination of different religions and cultures, Nepal is the birthplace of one of the most peaceful religions of the world, Buddhism.

Lumbini in Nepal is the place where Gautam Buddha was born and is considered a very spiritual and sacred place that attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Situated in Mayadevi Gardens, the Mayadevi temple has been recognized as the exact birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini by the inscriptions of Ashok Pillar.

Pilgrims from around the world come here to meditate and learn about the teachings of Buddhism. The religion spreads the message of humanity and is open to all. It creates a peaceful and happy environment so that people live their lives fully while being spiritually uplifted.

It’s a beautiful place with amazing surroundings and a calm atmosphere. The entire setting makes it perfect for people to concentrate and meditate.

The presence of Vipassana Centers offers yoga and other meditation services along with spiritual interaction with the Buddhist monks living in monasteries. The religion as well as its followers only spread the message of love and harmony wherever they go and ask everyone to join them in devotion and worship.

4. 80 ethnic groups and 123 languages

Nepali being the official language of Nepal, there are 123 other languages spoken here. Since the people in Nepal are friendly and there are various ethnic groups that have been migrated in Nepal over the time of two millenniums that some oldest languages can also be found here.

The museums in Nepal has artifacts from the Nepali kingdom that existed a long time ago with different dynasties and some great rulers. Currently there are 80 ethnic groups and cultural living in Nepal peacefully and in harmony with each other.

The museums in Nepal has artifacts from the Nepali kingdom that existed a long time ago with different dynasties and some great rulers. Currently there are 80 ethnic groups and cultural living in Nepal peacefully and in harmony with each other.

5. Home of Endangered Animals

Home of Endangered Animals

People in Nepal being religiously rooted and culturally influenced often seem to treat animals very well and have provided home to some endangered animals home in the form of Chitwan National Park, Shivpuri Nagarjuna National Park and many more.

These parks often lie on the lowlands of the Nepal where there is heavy forest area of tropical trees and plants and less snowfall.

A great number of animals species can be found like the Bengal tigers, deer, bear, monkeys, rhinos and some beautiful insects and butterflies that is certainly a treat for the animal lovers.

6. World Heritage Sites of Nepal

World Heritage Sites of Nepal

The country homes four World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, these are: Lumbini, Kathmandu, Sagarmatha National Park and Chitwan National Park. These places are crazy beautiful with an amazing scenic diversity.

The national parks provide a great insight into the diverse wildlife of Nepal along with the mesmerizing beauty of the nature. The heritage sights act as an easy gateway to the cultural richness of Nepal and make the stay of every tourist exciting.

Another world heritage site, Changu Narayan temple located outside Bhaktapur near Kathmandu, is the oldest temple here and contains archaeological richness that takes us back to the history of Nepal.

Buddhism being one of the most prominent religions of Nepal can be witnessed in the Monkey temple or in Baudha. These are built for attaining spirituality and have a peaceful time. The temple follows the Nepali tradition and also asks the devotees to do the same. Prayers are held in mornings and evenings and lamps are lit throughout in order to pray for loved ones.

7. Yeti Resides in Nepal

The climatic conditions of Nepal are pleasant throughout the year and very similar to climate of India. Winter is considered to be the best time to visit Nepal as the weather is very soothing and pleasant.

Summers are usually very hot, and monsoons are very wet which makes it a little difficult for tourists to explore the place pertaining to its hilly structure. Nepal is the home to the Nepali mythological creature, Yeti residing in the Himalayan Mountains. It is also referred to as Meh-Teh or Abominable Snowman.

8. Nepalese Cuisine

Cuisine of Nepal

Nepal has been hit by earthquakes a number of times leading to the damage and destruction of a number of temples here which have been restored today. The country celebrates its festivals with great joy and enthusiasm and does not let any shortcomings affect it.

Nepali cuisine is world famous as it’s a beautiful blend of Indian, Chinese and Tibetan culture and never fails to satisfy the taste buds of food lovers.

The cuisine lures the vegetarians as well as it lures the non-vegetarians and is quite fascinating. Nepal has a diverse cuisine which is not very fancy yet appeals to the consumers a lot. It perfectly showcases the rich and beautiful heritage of the country and makes it even more mesmerizing.

Dishes like Momo, thukpa, gorkhali lamb, dhindo, stew etc. have been replicated all across the world with a desire to create the same flavors found in Nepal. These dishes are so popular worldwide that they are being consumed all day.

The amazing flavors used in the preparation of these dishes fill the eaters with a pleasing experience. Since the country has a number of mountains, the dishes are mostly served and consumed really hot that helps in the survival of people at higher altitudes.

Home to the highest mountain peaks in the world

Nepal is very famous to be known as the Roof of the World as some of the highest peak in the world are located here. The Mt. Everest lies just at the border of Nepal and China and most of the tourist which like to pursue their adventure and move them to great height often come here to try climb this peak and become few of the successful people to do that.

9. Nepali Calendar

The official Nepali calendar is also known as Bikram Sampat or Vikram Sampat which uses solar sidereal years and lunar months. It is similar to Gregorian calendar but different from Hebrew Calendar and have a great significance in determining the various festivals that are to be celebrated in Nepal.

10. Adventure and extreme Sports Retreat

Adventure and extreme Sports Retreat in Nepal

Scaling these ranges requires a greater level of dedication and state of mind as it’s not an easy task. It is one of the most tough climbs that can ever be made and hence a lot of adventurous and mountain climbers from all over the world come here and try to climb the biggest peaks.

Nepal has always been on the minds of trekkers and mountaineers since the time explorers from across the world have been mesmerized by its beauty. This led to the establishment of various trekking agencies that started providing all the necessary support to the trekkers in terms of physical guidance, amenities etc.

They have teams that take care of the trekkers at every point of the climbing and supply them with the necessities regularly. The hard-working and dedicated members of these agencies are called Sherpas. The popularity of these Sherpas is worldwide with a much respected reputation all across. A number of locals have become a part of these agencies and are involved in rescue and other services which serve as a source of income for them.

Apart from mountaineering and trekking, other adventure activities that can be experienced in Nepal include kayaking, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking etc. Being a hilly region, Nepal is bliss to adventure lovers.

For biking lovers, the trekking trails are perfectly suitable, for paragliding lovers, Annapurna Himalaya which remains snow-capped and farms below it makes their paragliding quite a wonderful experience. Nepal’s zip-line is the second longest zip-line in the world next to U.A.E.

11. Architecture of Nepal

Nepal is the land of beautiful monasteries with a spectacular architecture. The architecture of the country will take one back to a completely different era and serve as a pleasure to eyes. Nepal has always received financial aid from other countries along with a great contribution in the architecture sector. A number of monasteries, gardens and other buildings have been built by other countries.

12. Kathmandu

Not forgetting about the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu is the diverse and historical city that can offer almost everything that the entire country of Nepal does. The city with an amazing architecture and warm and welcoming residents proudly showcases the skills and creativity of its artisans.

Having monasteries and shrines in every street, the residents of Kathmandu are so close that it’s difficult to distinguish between a Hindu and a Buddhist. The city embraces its traditions and culture but spreads its arms towards a more modern approach. Kathmandu is the largest city of Nepal and the center of all political and cultural discussions due to presence of Nepalis from across the country.

13. The highest mountains on Earth

Nepal have highest mountain on the earth available at it’s terrain. In fact out of the top 10 highest peaks that are on the earth, 8 of them are in Nepal or on the border of Nepal and hence a lot of tourists from all over the world come here to see these peaks through the beautiful valleys whereas some come to Nepal to climb.

All in all, the country of Nepal has enclosed some of the most wonderful tourist destinations that attract tourists from across the world and gives them an insight into the Nepalese culture and traditions. From an amazing cuisine to the home of a beautiful religion, Nepal has it all.

The country has something for everyone who comes here and it shows in its rich and varied culture. These places in Nepal are a must visit for everyone along with the adventure sports making their trip even more memorable.