Best time to Visit Nepal

Autumn and spring are the best times to visit Nepal, since the weather tends to be moderate and stable, with clear skies. As Nepal is a country with extreme altitude change within a limited strip of land, not only do the flora and fauna differ greatly, so does the temperature. At night, it’s better to stay in a tent or indoors to protect you from the menacing cold. So, it is better to come at the right time.

During Winters

The chill winter lasts from December to February. And the temperature falls below 0℃. It is the dry season with uncovered mountains and cliffs. Midwinter offers the clearest view of snow-capped mountains. But the temperature at high altitude is below and least visitants.

If you are planning to visit Nepal during Christmas, you can plan the tour to the central valley or Pokhara. Or, you can go on small trips like Ghandruk Ghorepani trek, Namche Bazaar Trek or, easy treks like Chisapani Nagarkot trek, treks around Kathmandu Valley. Besides, if you can abide extreme cold then the mountains are always calling you.

Where to Go in Winters in Nepal

There is an abundance of beautiful places to visit in Nepal during the winter months and it can be hard to narrow it down to just one or two must-see places. Here are some of the best recommendations for places to visit in Nepal in winter:

Many of the short treks in Nepal are great choices for the winter season, and some local experts believe that winter is the best time of the year to hike the treks within the lower Solu area south of Mt. Everest and therefore the shorter treks near Pokhara.

The high mountain areas in Nepal and therefore the classic treks that include high pass crossings are usually too cold in winter. The foothills of Nepal, below 4,000 meters or 13,000ft, are great in winter. It gets cold at nighttime, but during the day the temperatures tend to urge quite comfortable, especially once you warm up while hiking. The lowlands, including Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Parks, have moderate temperatures and are gorgeous in winter.

1. Kalinchowk, Dolakha

Kalinchowk in Dolakha is an idyllic place which offers unparalleled views of the stunning mountain ranges of Nepal

2. Pokhara

Pokhara is renowned for its stunning views of Lake Pokhara, a plethora of hiking, trekking and boating opportunities, as well as glorious mountain ranges.

3. Muktinath Temple, Mustang

Muktinath Temple is one of the most ancient Hindu temples in Tibet and despite being very small, it still offers worshippers a beautifully serene place to practice their religion. The Temple is a wonderful place to go in winter as it is covered by spectacular and mountainous views.

During Spring

Spring season stays during Nepal from March till May. The temperature is about 22℃ with slight rainfalls at night and clear skies in the morning. This is the time for new buds and flower blossoms.

You can enjoy adventure actions like Paragliding, Bunjee, Rafting, Trekking in spring weather. Rhododendron blossoms with exuberant beauty in the high hill will leave you spellbound. It is one of the main vacationist seasons in Nepal.

Where to go in Spring in Nepal

Kathmandu gets warmer, and its tourist centre Thamel becomes a travellers hotspot. Bardia National Park gets very hot and offers the best chance for tiger sightings. In Spring it's nice to walk around Everest, Langtang, Kanchanjunga, Annapurna, Pikey Peak and other routes where the trip includes the Rhododendron flowers and the beautiful mountains.

In Nepal, there are more than 30 species of rhododendron with dozens of varieties in all sizes and colors. From the low land of Chitwan, and Bardi National Park to the middle of the mountain range there will be a various kind of flowers.

During Summer

Summer continues in Nepal from June till August and temperature are 30℃. It is the time of rain in Nepal and a season of cultivation. Paddy plantations can be done during this time of the year. Magnificent views of lush and green hillsides washed by rainwater are peaceful to look at.

Where to go in Summer in Nepal

Kathmandu is hot and humid, and also the lowlands within the south are even hotter, but if you'll withstand the warmth they provide great wildflowers, lush jungle and the possibility of tiger sightings. Treks located in the rain shadow of the Himalayas are best during monsoons, such as Upper Mustang, Nar Phu, Upper Dolpo and Limi Valley. Higher areas within the Everest region also are good.

During Autumn

Autumn comes between the time September to November with temperatures ranging from 10℃ to 25℃. It is the pleasantest time for celebrating the biggest Hindu festival Dashain and Tihar. During this season of paddy harvest, nature grows in yellow. It is the time after monsoon rain washes the whole surrounding. You can enjoy picturesque mountain views at this time. It is the famous trekking season in Nepal where the sky is bright, blue and the weather is clear.

Where to go in Autumn

Nepal has the best conditions for the classic treks. The skies are more crispy, where autumn gets a small edge over spring. There is an advantage of getting offset a bit by the massive crowds, advising to think about less popular treks. To travel the other places and enjoy its activities, all areas in Nepal are accessible during the autumn season, and weather is usually moderate which is great for travelling.