Adventure Activities in Nepal That You Don’t Want to Miss

Adventure Activities in Nepal

If you are looking for an adventure trip that you and your loved ones will surely enjoy then come to Nepal. It lies in the mid of Himalayan range that offers amazing outdoor activities for every age group.

Relax from daily stress and enjoy the natural beauties of Himalayas. The Himalayas are world-famous to provide solace to the human soul.

Gift your family an adventure trip to Nepal this 2020 to rejuvenate your mind and soul.

Adventure travel is one of the most popular in International tourism but very few people are aware of the major outdoor activities that Nepal offers. It is one of the best places in the world to experience Adventure Tourism.

Earlier tourists used to climb Mt Everest and do “River Rafting” in Sun Koshi or Karnali river. But now with the evolution of technology and the Government’s help many new destinations have come up in Nepal that cater to the tourist’s needs of adventure sports and activities.

If you are a lover of adventure trekking, rock climbing, peak climbing, mountaineering, bungee jumping, rafting, canyoning, cannoning and jungle safari then Nepal caters to your needs. All the International Trekkers come to Nepal for trekking and mountain climbing. The geographical diversity of Nepal is so awesome that it has the scope of all the popular adventure sports.

Jungle Safari in NepalIf you want to observe the rare bird and wildlife species then Jungle safari is a wonderful option because Nepal has flatlands in the Trai region which is great for Jungle Safari.

The National parks of Nepal have swampy lands that will give you a chance to explore flora and fauna. During your budget-friendly jungle safari, one can see the rare species of Royal Bengal Tiger and Rhinoceros.

Mountain biking is an amazing way to transit in Nepal from one region to another. It is pocket-friendly and economical as well. Also, you can witness the untouched natural landscapes, vibrant culture, and traditions across the nation. Local tribes are very welcoming to new tourists, you will soon find your self lost in the divine nature and astonishing rare natural views.

If you want more excitement then try out “Bunjee Jumping” over the 160m high bridge in Bhote Koshi in the Himalayas. Paragliding, parahawking, etc are other sports to lure your hidden desire for outdoor sports.

Top 10 Adventure Sports in Nepal

1. Trekking in the Himalayas

Trekking in the Himalayas Nepal’s trekking trail has lured travelers all over the globe. The homestay treks like Annapurna Community Eco-Ledge trek are very popular among tourists. Other popular treks are Annapurna Circuit and Upper Dolpo also cultural treks, like the Tamang Heritage Trail.

There are snow-covered peaks, tribal communities, green farmland, dense forests, lots of wilderness. Though it’s not mandatory always trek with a guide if you are aiming to explore more. Everest attracts millions of trekkers around the world.

Major Attraction: The Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit are quite popular. But there are other options to trek. Thamel in Kathmandu in busy during Spring and Autumn. Many other busy and famous treks are Poonhill trek, Manaslu Trek, Gokyo trek, Upper Mustang, Makalu base camp, and Kanchenjunga.

Costs: Longer treks will cost you NPR 65,000 and NPR 5,46,000 (for eight to ten days). Whereas Short treks around NPR 6000 to NPR 7000 a day.

2. White Water Rafting in Nepal

White water rafting is very popular in Nepal. It offers splendid views across roaring rapids. Rafting is the best way to explore Nepal through this you can easily venture all the natural canyons, dense forests & wildlife habitat. From the Himalayan Glaciers, there are major rivers that flow down the stream.

This makes white water river rafting so adventurous and intriguing for travelers. Within a single day, you can experience tons of adventure trips.

Major Attractions: River Seti, River Trishuli,River Sun Koshi and Karnali.

Costs: If you include food and cost of river rafting per day then it will cost you approx NPR 7000.

3. Thermal Paragliding in Pokhara Nepal

Nepal is a perfect destination for paragliding. Pokhara in Nepal is famous for thermal paragliding. When you glide above Saragkot, the spectacular view of Himalaya will mesmerize you. Many tourists go for parahawking. Where you fly like a bird.

Major Attractions: Himalayas, Annapurna Range and Pokhara surrounding areas like Khahare, Khapuri, etc.

Costs: for 30 mins it will cost you approx NPR 10,000 and for 50 mins the rates are NPR 15,000.

4. Jungle Safari in Nepal

The Chitwan National Park is a flat region that has dense forests and very apt for tourists to do Jungle Safari. The best way to go for a Jungle safari is through a Jeep of ride on an Elephant. One horn Rhino and Royal Bengal Tigers are major attractions. You can easily book a safari from your hotel or resort where you are staying.

Major Attractions: Chitwan National Park & Bardia National Park.

Costs: The cost may vary from NPR 2000 to NPR 20000 (approx) depending upon your budget or facilities you need.

5. Canyoning in Nepal

After Rafting usually people go for Canyoning. Canyoning trips can be guided canyoning trips can be arranged around Jalberi, about half-way between Kathmandu and Pokhara and on the Bhote Kosi River, northeast of Kathmandu.

Major Attraction: The waterpark at the Jalbire Canyon, Marsyangdi valley, Kakani & Sisneri about 35Km from Kathmandu and Bhotekoshi Valley approx 100 km outside Kathmandu.

Costs: The cost is around NPR 9000 to NPR 20000 depending upon the size of the group.

6. Bunjee Jumping in Nepal

Bunjee jumping from a height of 160 m above sea level is so thrilling. Bhote Kosi River’s suspension bridge offers the third-largest bungee jumping spot. The river flows fast which offers scenic beauty when you are falling off the bridge.

Major Attractions: Last Resort (160 meters in Bhote Kasi) and Hemja (20 minutes from the Lakeside in Pokhara).

Costs: Depending upon the number of the people in your group, its prices vary from NPR 6500 to NPR 7000.

7. Mt Everest Tour by Flight

One of the top adventures in Nepal is Mt Everest Flight by plane. From Kathmandu airport, it takes one hour flight. It is a once in a lifetime experience to watch innumerable ice-capped peaks of Mout Everest from the top. Also, you can choose to fly across rivers, valleys, mountains and tribal farmlands of the country.

Major Attractions: Buddha Air (50 minutes flight)

Costs: Approx NPR 11000 to 16000, the International tourists end up paying more compared to the locals.

8. Rock Climbing in Nepal

A favorite destination for tourist who wants to do rock climbing is at Hattiban, a beautiful village near Kathmandu Valley. First, you need to hike the forest for 20 minutes then you start climbing the limestone cliff of Hattiban. The routes are meant for rock climbers. So be patient and start exploring.

Major Attractions: Astrek Climbing Wall in Thamel, Kathmandu, Pharping (also called Hattiban), Nagarjun Forest (a 20 minutes drive from Kathmandu), Bimal Nagar (a 15 minutes drive from Bandipur), Nagarkot and Namche Bazaar.

Costs: The price is very nominal, it is around NPR400 approx. If you are willing to spend more on harness and shoes, then spend NPR100 extra.

9. Ice climbing in Nepal

Have you ever tried Ice climbing? Well, it’s different from rock climbing and one of a kind lifetime experience. Most people flock to Nepal in winters just for ice climbing. Heli-Skiing is becoming a talk of the town. All the gears are readily available. So don’t forget to try this activity when you are visiting Nepal.

Major Attractions: Annapurna range, Mount Fishtail, Makulu, Cho Oyu, Dolpo region and Dhaulagiri.

Costs: Approx NPR 8,00,000

10. Zip Flying and Mountain Biking in Nepal

There are amazing thrilling ziplines across Nepal to experience adventurous zip flying. You can get the World’s longest and steepest zip lines in Nepal. The blood pumping ride and thrilling nature view will refresh your mind and soul. Mountain Biking is another adventurous outdoor activity that you can do. It is the fastest-growing passion in Nepal. Mustang is the point where you can try mountain biking.

Major Attractions: Saragkot is known for Zip flying and for mountain biking is very famous in Mustang, Nepal.

Costs: For Zipping flying, the approx costs are NPR 9000 and for mountain biking, its prices vary from NPR 5000