Top Famous National Parks in Nepal

National Park in Nepal The country that boasts of rich bio-diversity due to the various regions – from snow capped mountains to the low lying lands of Nepal has a huge variety of flora and fauna.

To keep them from decreasing population due to various reasons there are certain protected areas where they take special steps to make sure that they go on.

So, such a place is known as a national park reserve, wildlife sanctuary, conservation region, etc. to protect these decreasing animal species in their natural habitat. There are a number of such famous national parks in Nepal.

These amazing 12 national parks in Nepal showcases the unspoiled beauty of nature in its raw state without intervention by human hands. If you visit Nepal on you next trip here are the best national parks in Nepal to explore.

1. Bardia National Park

Established in 1988 it is situated in Thakurdwara near Terai region in the country. It is one of the best nature parks with a part of the River Karnali flowing close by. You have a choice for jeep safari or go for a walk in the jungles or even the adventurous river rafting while you are waiting for your favorite animal to come by. There is also jungle camping where you can experience the forest in one of the most scenic places of Nepal.

Entry Fee: Rs. 935 per head

2. Chitwan National Park

This is one of the most popular national parks in Nepal that is located in the south western region of Kathmandu. Here, you can find the Royal Bengal tiger and the famed One Horned Rhinoceros in addition to several different species of plants and animals.

Other wild creatures such as wild boar, bison, rare fowl are found among others. During the wildlife spotting in this famed national park there are also activities that will keep your adrenaline pumping. Experience the jungle safari sitting on the back of an elephant!

Go for a canoe trip or walk through the jungle. You can also go for river rafting here.

Entry Fee: Rs. 2000 per head

3. Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary

With the famous River Sapta Koshi flowing close by this picturesque wildlife reserve is situated towards the eastern side of Nepal in the inner Terrai lowlands. Sometimes, during monsoons there is also chance of flooding due to its close proximity to the river within the districts of Nepal called Saptari and Sanskari.

There are many animals found here in their natural habitat including the wild buffalo, fish, animals, and many rare species of fowl. Many of these species are only found in this place and no other place. Hence, trip to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best things to do in Nepal.

Entry Fee: Rs. 468 per head

4. Khaptad National Park

Situated in the mid mountainous terrain in the Doti district of Nepal, this national park of Nepal was named after Swami Khaptad meditated and worshiped here. One of the top national parks in Nepal hosts varieties of flora and fauna and many distinguished insects. You can spot the Kalij pheasant, leopard and also find several plants that are used for medicinal purposes.

Entry Fee: Rs. 343

5. Langtang National Park

This great national park celebrates as the very first national park started back in 1976 in Nepal. You can spot the rare animals such as Himalayan Tahr, Ghoral, Pheasant, Wild Dogs, Impeyan, from many more.

The biggest highlight of this national park situated in the North of Kathmandu is the annual festival of Janai Purnima which is attended by many visitors to Nepal in the month of August. There are also many other features of this national park including holy lakes at Gosainkunda and Langtang Valley.

Entry Fee: Rs. 2100 per head

6. Makalu Barun National Park

This vast area is spread over 2000 square kilometers and is surrounded by famous landmarks on all four sides of the national park. While the Sagarmatha National Park is situated on its western side, the tranquil Arun river flows by on the eastern side.

The Nepal – China border is towards north and the Southern side is marked by the famous hill known as Saune Danda. There are also very large bird species that fly here. Moreover, the chirping of other smaller birds can be heard in the atmosphere.

There are also species such as langur monkeys, Himalayan weasel, and serow. It is best time to visit this place from October to November or March and April.

Entry Fee: Rs. 937 per head

7. Parsa Wildlife Reserve

Spread across an area of nearly 500 square feet it is dotted with several majestic Sal Trees. It is situated in the inner Terrai lowlands towards the south central part of Nepal which is one of the most centrally located areas in the nation.

You can find a number of various flora and fauna and rare species of mammals, snakes such as the King Cobra, sloth bear and also the big cat leopard. It is best time to visit this wildlife reserve during the months of May to September of the year to enjoy the jungle experience.

Entry Fee: Rs. 62 per head

8. Rara National Park

This is one of the most picturesque places that is nestled amidst alpine coniferous vegetation with over 500 types of flora and fauna. You can find the flowers blooming in the region and there are more than 214 bird species, 20 mammals species, and innumerable flowers in the Rara National Park. There is also immense lake life here with the snow trout as one of the most popular spotted until now.

Entry Dee: Rs. 2118 per head

9. Sagarmatha National Park

This is one of the best places in the world to spot the rare and sought after big cat species called leopard. Other great species that you can see here is the langur, tahr, weasel, serow, and maren among others.

Due to its high altitude there are several species of animals that you can only find here in their natural habitat. There are also many people from the Sherpas community who live here. This is situated at an elevation of 9700 feet above sea level in the north eastern side of Kathmandu, Nepal.

Entry Fee: Rs. 938 per head

10. Annapurna Conservation Area

Famed for the Annapurna treks this lush forests untouched by the human hands has everything from fertile farmland to the snowy terrain. On the way of these famous treks you can find the local tribes and sub tribes of various ethnicities too.

All such activities on the way of the trek makes the trekking at Annapurna National Park an exciting experience for the traveler. Ensure that you put on durable and comfortable trekking shoes and this would be the most satisfying trek of your life.

Entry Fee: Rs. 937 per head

11. Shey Phoksundo National Park

One of the oldest national parks in Asia set up in the year 1984 is a situated within the Himalayan region in Palam, Dolpa District towards the north western side. Nestled amidst the picturesque beauty of the Himalayan mountains around the breathtaking lakes gives a mystical experience to the traveler.

Sometimes the winters are too harsh and chill so it is good to go there during summer. It is possible to get there by air and then walk for quite a distance.

Entry Fee: Rs. 2338

12. Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

This amazing wildlife reserve is famous for housing a huge number of the swamp deer and also has the Bengal Florican. Situated in the southern side of Nepal’s Kanchanpupr district, there are several other types of plants and animals that you can find here.

You can explore the massive national park on a jungle safari. You can find rattle snakes, kraits, Indian python, and many species of animals. You can visit the wildlife reserve during February to May and also during mid – September to mid – December. There are also timings for the national park which is from six in the morning to six in the evening.

Entry Fee: Rs. 470 per head

The top national parks in Nepal are given above so it is a guide to help you select if you are confused about the number of such places. These national parks also offer adventurous activities to engage in while you go for wildlife spotting or jungle safari to the best national parks in Nepal.

This is great fun and you’re assured to have a lifetime experience at one of these places. Go ahead and complete the form to vacation in Nepal with us here.

There are a number of national parks in Nepal. So visiting a national park of another country altogether could be so much fun. You could spot some species from your nation too. You will have the time of your life, we assure you!