Shopping in Nepal

Shopping in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries in Asia. The biggest prosperity of this country is its natural resources and beauty. This is the small landlocked country extremely rich in mountains and the culture of this land is the soul of the people.

This country is lying along the southern slopes of the Himalayan ranges. The country made its remarkable record in art and architecture.

Nepal has always been a popular destination for beautiful handmade crafts. Clothing, metal and paper materials and jewelry are popular things one can purchase in Nepal.

Apart from these things Nepal is highly popular for adventurous activities. People visit Nepal only for the purpose of experiencing adventurous activities.

Adventurous activities are one of the most important reasons for increased tourism activities in Nepal apart from cultural visits. Apart from the shopping and adventure, one must definitely know about the dramatic and dynamic landscape of Nepal. The natural sceneries, hospitality, environment, and rich culture are some of the most important highlights of Nepal.

Once you visit Nepal it is really difficult to get over its remarkable beauty. Well, once if you visit any place you will mainly concentrate on three important things about the place and they are exploring the place, tasting the local foods, and shopping.

Shopping is unpredictable reaching the new place and getting confused about shopping is quite common for everyone. Here is the ultimate shopping guide to explain more about shopping in Nepal and a list of special things you need to buy in Nepal when you visit Nepal.

Top Things to buy in Nepal

1. Pashmina


This is the type of cashmere wool this wool is taken from different species of cashmere goats such as changthangi or pashmina goats. The products made from this wool are highly popular for centuries.

You can find countless products that are made up of pashmina wool and the prices of the products vary accordingly. You can easily find countless shops in Nepal who deal with pashmina products.

Well, these days there are imitations of pashmina that have become quite common so before buying the right one little local inquiry is needed.

Shawls and scarfs are the most common and popular pashmina products.

2. Trekking gears

If you are a travel lover definitely Nepal will be on your list. Once you visit Nepal, you will want to try trekking. Nepal is extremely popular for adventurous activities, trekking is one of the popular adventurous activities carried out in Nepal mountain and hills. Trekking gears are very important to concentrate on while you are planning for trekking in Nepal.

Trekking gear includes shirts, jackets, sleeping bags, shoes, etc. Kathmandu and Pokhara are the most popular places to buy trekking gear. Well, most of the shops in Nepal sell trekking gear but apart from all Takara is the best place to buy trekking gear.

3. Stones and the beads accessories

beads accessories

Kathmandu is one of the well-known places where you can buy gorgeous accessories made of colorful stones and beads.

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, ear-rings, studs which are made of beads and stones are the best and special things you can buy in Nepal.

Rudraksha is one of the most popular and important things to buy in Nepal.

Thamel, Durbar square and Pashupatinath are some of the best and popular places to buy stone and beaded jewelry. If you love to buy gold jewelry or silver jewelry, Kathmandu will be best.

Apart from the jewelry, the traditional Newari utensils molded with silver are popular in Nepal. If you want to buy a variety of beads for your accessories Nepal is one of the best places. But beware of imitations!!!

4. Handicrafts


Handicrafts and Nepal are amazingly correlated from the ancient period. Nepal is well-known for its amazing and brilliant handicraft products from the ancient period.

Traditional hand made goods are extremely popular and beautiful in Nepal. These products are an amazing choice for beautiful interiors.

The Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan and Thamel are some of the popular places to buy traditional and handmade products. Prayer wheels, puppets, masks, pottery items, etc are some of the popular handicraft products in Nepal.

Wooden, carvings, boxes, painted masks, hemp products such as t-shirts, pants, bags, etc are some of the beautiful products you can buy in Nepal.

5. Tea and Coffee

This is the most interesting section of the beverage lovers. You can find the best organic tea, coffee and other spices in Nepal. You find countless varieties of teas in Nepal.

Spices like cardamom, chilly, cumin, pepper etc are popular and less expensive in Nepal. Illam is one of the most popular places for experiencing the taste of local tea and you can buy tea and coffee products at a very reasonable price.

6. Puppet Dolls

You can find a beautiful and variety of puppet dolls in Nepal. Bhaktapur city is a popular place to buy puppet dolls in Nepal. You can buy the locally made puppet dolls in this place as bulk or in single pieces.

7. Thangkas

This is the traditional Buddhist cultural paintings popular in Nepal. You can find beautiful paintings from small to big sizes. Bouddha, swayambju, and thamel are some of the best places to buy thangkas paintings.

These are the unique design paintings made out of cotton or silk appliqué. This is one of the best and special things to buy in Nepal when you visit.

8. Khukuri


This is the national weapon used by the gurkha soldiers in the battle field. This is a very stylish weapon and can be used to decorate the walls in your interior.

Bhaktapur is one of the best places to buy Khukuri. This is the world’s popular knife and the specialty of the knife is its slashing edges.

These traditional knives are used in the war field. These are the high quality and handcrafted knives. Well, you have to think well before buying these items because there are risks in transporting such items.

9. Singing bowls

Singing bowls are the most important thing to buy in Nepal. This is one of the most gorgeous things that you can take from Nepal.

These are the metal bowls that make soothing sounds. When the rim of the bowl is rubbed in the circular motion the soothing sounds are produced from the bowls.

These bowls produce vibrations that have healing qualities and create meditation vibes. The handmade bowls are quite expensive and machine-made bowls are reasonable.

Other local products

Apart from the above-highlighted products, there are countless local product antiques. Some of them are ayurvedic soaps, juniper incense sticks, stylish paper products, and other handmade products. Nepal is popular for producing felt products and decorative products.

Nepal is one of the wonderful countries in Asia. People in Nepal will shower you with love, affection and good respect. This is a friendly country and it offers you the most memorable experiences that you remember till the end of your life.

This place is perfect to spend your happy vacation with family and friends. If you are an adventure lover then this is the perfect place for you. more than all you will have a wonderful time and experience in Nepal. You can have a good time shopping in Nepal and it is worth it too.