Nepal Travel Information

Nepal is one of the most beautiful country in the world. Commonly reffered as the "Roof of the World". Mount Everest is one of the major and beautiful attractions of Nepal. Get detail travel information about where to go and what to see to help you plan your next trip to Nepal.

People always seek some kind of change in their life. They want a small break from their daily lives. For this, they leave their original places temporarily to go to new places and observe new things. In a sense, this sort of brief movement of individuals for recreational purposes and a large range of services targeted for them will be termed as tourism.

In recent years, tourism has developed itself as an important industry involving huge investment and creating countless jobs for people worldwide. Between October and December is that the best time to go to Nepal because the skies are generally clear and therefore the views spectacular. The weather remains dry until about April.

Nepal is one among the important tourist destinations from a historical and natural point of view. The geographical diversity, favourable climate, linguistic diversity, religious tolerance, etc attract both domestic and international tourists in Nepal.

Thus, the bulk of tourists around the globe come to Nepal to enjoy natural beauties. Thus, tourism in Nepal has remained a powerful economic pillar with nearly 8% contribution to Nepal’s GDP. Nepal is rich in many factors that have made tourism of Nepal to grow.

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