Top Places in India that look like International Destinations

India has been one of the most beautiful and attractive places in the world due to its wide variety in terrain, environment and the ecology it presents along with the culture. There are several places which have a huge resemblance with some of the other famous destinations in the whole world. These places either look very much alike or will certainly remind you about the ones that are already famous for their beauty.

India has some of their own beautiful places which can also be visited like the Taj Mahal in Agra, exotic beaches in Goa and the ultimate tourist destination of India that is Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. These places have their own fun activities and sight-seeing that can make you forget about the problems that are there in our life.

Here is a list of the top international places compared to their counterparts in India.

1. Gulmarg Valley of Kashmir Vs Switzerland

A lot of love to enjoy the snowy valley where they can find peace from all the hustles in their life to find peace. The Switzerland has been famous for its beautiful snow valleys with hut like structure where a lot of people from all over the world come to celebrate their honeymoon or just to simply enjoy a quiet, peaceful and cheerful vacation.

The Gulmarg Valley in Kashmir looks identical twin to Switzerland with similar types of snow laden hills and picturesquely scenery that are romantic and charming. The beauty of the hills is breathtaking and making it one of the most popular destination for travelers in India specially during the summer time. During the summertime the valley is covered in snow along with the green pine trees which make it very comforting and relaxing to look at.

2. Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand Vs Antelope Valley of Flowers in USA

Everyone loves to watch and smell the beautiful flowers specially in the spring season as the blossoming flower is the very essence and the spirit of spring. A lot of times we are not able to capture the beauty with the current weather conditions and lack of space to grow flowers.

However, the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand has thousands of flowers which can be enjoyed by people all around the world. There are different types of flowers like the wild roses, asters and nearly 300 more which fills up the color into our lives as well.

The valley of flower has a huge resemblance with the Antelope valley of flowers in USA where poppies blossoming in spring along other everlasting flowers can make anyone fall in love. Both the valleys have hills surrounding them where a lot of tourists can go for trekking and other adventures.

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3. Thar Desert in Jaisalmer Vs Sahara Desert in Africa

There are great number of tourists who like adventure and want to explore the different type of wildlife present on the Earth. Sometimes their adventure takes them to a completely different terrain which lacks water and a hard ground.

The desert offers some great adventure and only few places have plain desert stretched out for miles. The great Sahara Desert in Africa is one of the famous tourist destinations where hundreds of tourists like to take the camel safari over the sand dunes which stretch over miles and tent in under the moon and the stars.

The Thar desert in Jaisalmer is the only desert in the world which reminds people of the Sahara Desert for the similar characteristics like the long stretch of dunes and people camping under the moonlight which give them the sense of the Arabian nights theme. People who love deserts certainly can’t miss this place. With the presence of some forts build by a numerous ruler over the time adds the taste of making the trip royal.

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4. Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan Vs The Great Wall of China

A lot of people Visit China with the great wall among the most famous and visited place. The Great Wall of China which has a great significance importance in the world history is visited by the thousands every day.

The Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasthan has forts wall which resembles the structure and looks of the great wall with a comparable length. The Kumbhalgarh Fort has a rich heritage and some of the nicest and royal rooms whereas there are some compartment places in the great wall which have some huge significance in the history. It is one of the famous forts in Rajasthan to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013.

It took a huge amount of time and great intervention from a number of rulers over the time to build this wall.

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5. Pondicherry City in India Vs French Town in France


There is no better place in the world for a honeymoon trip rather than the whole state of the France, which is known for the romance in the air due to the essence of roman empire. There are some great places in France which can spark any relations and hence the French town in France is one of the best places.

However, the Pondicherry city in Pondicherry, India which was a colonial of French, Portuguese, British and Dutch has some attractive looking architecture that has huge resemblance to the French town.

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6. Alleppey in Kerala Vs The Venice in Italy

The ultimate tourism places of India which offers a huge variety in places to visit and activities that can be done both adventurous and romantic offers the Alleppey, where the houses and places don’t have car and road system but a boat and water system which makes it very soothing to travel. The Alleppey in Kerala reminds the people of Venice where similar water and boat system of transportation is followed.

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7. Andaman and Nicobar Islands VS Kho Phi Phi

A lot of people like to take vacations on islands and other places where they can enjoy some of the nicest beaches, sea sports, surfing, scuba diving and many other interesting activities that are tough do anywhere else.

The Phi Phi islands in Thailand are a group of islands which offer these fun activities and make the trip a lovable and enjoyable one. The Andaman and Nicobar island group are also one such Island group where a lot of people come to make their trip memorable.

8. Beaches of Goa Vs Beaches in Brazil

places in India

Whenever someone thinks of the beaches then two words come into the mind that is Brazil and Goa. Both of them have numerous beaches which are famous for their romantic, adventurous and party trips. There are a lot of sports like that of surfing, beach volleyballs, kite surfing and many more which attracts people from all around the world to these two places.

A lot of tourist in both the beaches enjoy the waves that comes from the shores and the weather the beaches faces for the most part of the year. There are a lot of festivals and parties that happen for most of the part of the year which can’t be missed for in the world.

9. Athirapally Falls in Kerala Vs The Niagara Falls in USA

There are very few waterfalls in the world which are beautiful and can mark their presence into people life with their soothing water sound and green cover around them. Both the waterfalls are very special and beautiful in their ways as they have a huge amount of water flowing through them and at a similar height that they look nearly identical.

10. Arc de Triomphe in Paris Vs the India Gate in Delhi

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 France has some of the most wonderful and architecturally compelling buildings, places and monuments in the world where people from all around the world come and see. One such unique and alluring monument is the Arc de Triomphe in Paris which has a huge pass way like a structure and thousands of people come to visit.

However, the India gate in Delhi has a close resemblance with the Arc de Triomphe. The war memorial has a huge number of visitors where they can gather to celebrate or march over an event. A lot of people visit this memorial which was designed by the British, on daily basis for picnic and sightseeing purpose.

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11. Leaning Tower of Pisa Vs Qutub Minar in Delhi

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa is world renowned and famous for many things but among the people of science explorers and college students the tower is famous for the experiments conducted on the field of gravitation.

It is a huge tower which is associated with catholic church and Pope in Italy, has a height of 55.8 meters with a four-degree slant.

However, the Qutub Minar which was built in between 12th century to 14th century has a height of 73 meter which is astonishing for a monument of that time. A lot of archaeologist, teachers, professors and many travelers around the world come here to see this world heritage by their own eyes.

It’s five stories tower with a little broader base than top along with 379 steps flight in them.

12. Floating Market in Bangkok Vs Floating Market in Srinagar

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There are a lot of astonishing and sometimes unexpected things that can happen in the world. The Floating market in Bangkok and Srinagar is one such thing where people and all the vendors whether they are selling food, clothes, goods or anything that is traded there is sold on boats and people visit these boat shops on boats themselves.

This activity is a fun, relaxing and adventurous at the same time. A lot of tourist finds it an interesting concept and both the countries have developed their tourism a lot through this method.

13. Rajabai Tower of Mumbai Vs The Big Ben, London

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 The Big Ben clock tower is one of the famous tourist attraction places in the whole world and everyone who knows about the England knows about this huge clock tower. However, the Rajabai Tower of Mumbai is a huge tower with a clock on it and is equally compelling like the Big Ben.

14. Scuba Diving in Lakshadweep Vs Scuba Diving in Thailand

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The water activities is one of the most enjoyed and adventurous activities done by numerous tourist every year in hope to make some nice memories. The diving paradise in Thailand faces a huge challenge by sea diving in Lakshadweep islands.

Both the places have a nice sea and underwater life to look out from. These places have annually thousands of visitors couple or young people in the hope to explore the water world and they have always returned as happy people because of the different forms of fish and other sea animals that are present.

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15. Malana in Himachal Pradesh Vs Greece

A lot of people like to travel to different places in the world during the summertime as it is infection free time, students are able to enjoy holidays, long breaks are there and the heat is very hard to bear.

A lot of people during this time like to visit hill stations and other peaceful and quiet places with a decent cold weather to escape the summer heat and the work problems that always surround them.

The villages in the Greece are very famous for such attributes as the hilly area of Greece and the seaports nearby provide a very nice weather. However, in recent times the Malana in Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh has seen a significant rise in the tourism for features like that of Greece and a really nice weather.

The hills around by provides the opportunity for tourists to engage in activities like trekking, exploring the flora and fauna and much more.

There are many more places in India like tea gardens, monuments, masjids, valleys which have a huge resemblance to different places of the world. These places with the presence of the local people who are very friendly and have different culture often make these places a wonderful tourist destination.

The food which is filled with different spices and flavors also make these destinations more compelling and alluring. India has some of the picturesque sceneries and many more important monuments that cannot be missed.

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