Harsil Valley

Uttarakhand state has an unspoiled and hidden jewel named Harsil Valley providing ample scope for people who wants peace and serenity in the place of Himalayas. It's situated on the banks of Bhagirathi River at an elevation of 2620 mts above water level. This ancient hamlet has become popular in recent years among travel enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are several adventurous trekking routes that you simply can do in the vicinity of Harsil. a vacation at Harsil maybe a rejuvenating experience where you'll do yoga & meditation.

What is harsil Valley famous for?

Harsil could be a popular destination for Corporates, Families, Foreigner’s, Group & Solo and includes the subsequent activities: Base Camps (Trekking) Cantonment Area Char Dham Route Emerging Destination Hill Stations Orchards Yoga & Meditation.

How to Reach Harsil ?

  • By Air – Direct Flights Available –

    • Banglore to Dehradun
    • Kolkata to Dehradun
    • Mumbai to Dehradun
    • Pune to Dehradun
    • Dehli to Dehradun
  • By Train

    Take the train at night to Dehradun from Delhi (Special A/C train from New Delhi would be best).

    It is believed that in Satyuga, the Hindu River Goddesses, Bhagirathi and Jalandhari, had a heated argument regarding who among them is more significant. After watching this, the Hindu Lord Vishnu, also called Hari, took the shape of a ‘Shila’, a stone tomb, and absorbed their fury. because of this, the village derived its name ‘Harsil' or 'Harishila’. Moreover, since then, both the rivers are believed to own been flowing less turbulently.

    Tourist Places In And Around Harsil The village is situated near Gangotri, one among the four Hindu pilgrimage centres or Char Dham. it's home to varied tourist attractions, including the Gangotri national park, which is found at a distance of 30 km from the destination. several other the favoured attractions here are the Mukhba Village and also the Gangotri park. The Defence Agricultural research laboratory (DARL), established in May 1973 in Harsil, is additionally visited by many tourists. the way to Reach Harsil Harsil, being a small village, doesn't have its own airport or railway station. the closest airport to the destination is that the Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun. The railway station of Rishikesh is the closest rail link to Harsil.

Best Time to go to Harsil Valley :

Tourists mostly visit this place between April and June likewise as September & November.

  • Summer in Harsil Valley (April - June)

    The weather remains pleasant and clear during the summers. Carry light woollens with you. the most temperature goes up to 22 degrees Celsius and therefore the minimum to 9 degrees Celcius. These months are the best for trekking and outdoor activities. the town is stuffed with a warm aroma and has the right temperature to feature to its charm.

  • Winter In Harsil Valley (October - March)

    October marks the start of the winter season. The weather in October remains pleasant with a small fall within the temperature by the top of the month. it's suitable for outdoor activities. During the succeeding months, the temperature drops significantly. Harsil receives snowfall during the winters, and also the cold touches zero and sometimes even negative. Do carry heavy woollens with you if you're aiming to visit Harsil during the winters. Trekking excursions will turn difficult and quite inaccessible.

  • Monsoons In Harsil Valley (July - September)

    Harsil receives heavy rainfall during July and August. it's best to not plan a visit during this time because the roads are often blocked because of landslides, and also outdoor activities will come to a standstill. September receives the post-monsoon showers. The weather is warm and pleasant during the day. The valley is adorned with a thick green blanket and decorated with wildflowers. do not forget to hold your raincoats and all the opposite essentials if you're travelling to Harsil during this time.

Tourist Attractions in Harsil Valley:

  • Dharali

    Located 2 faraway from Harsil, Dharali is legendary for its apple orchards and red bean cultivation. Lord Shiva's deity is there in an ancient temple during this village. Ancient stories believe that Bhagirath meditated during this place to induce the Ganges out of heaven to flow into the planet. The temple stands to prove the incident.

  • Mukhwas Village

    Mukhwas Village is one among the favoured tourist attractions of Harsil located just 1 km from it. it's the winter home of Goddess Gangotri as Gangotri itself is susceptible to heavy snowfall making the place pure and delightful. People visit here in large numbers to worship the Goddess and admire the sweetness of the place.

  • Sattal

    A mix of seven freshwater lakes, a place of nature's bounty and many migratory birds and panoramic views make this glorious place called Sattal. A paradise for nature buffs and bird watchers, Sattal contains a mystery thereto that creates it all the more charming and photographer's paradise. Situated in Kumaon Region at an altitude of 1370 m above the sea level, the world possesses of its cluster of seven interconnected lakes namely: Panna, Naldaymanti Tal, Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Bharat and Sukha Tal flanked by the rich green cover of oaks and pines. With pleasant weather throughout the year, a visit to the present destination far away from the noise of cities is an experience to not be missed.

  • Gangnani

    it's situated 26 km before Harsil is usually known for its plight spring, a reasonable place with a picture-perfect view of Himalayas attracts many tourists once a year.

  • Gangotri

    This pilgrimage destination situated in Uttarkashi is usually famous for the four religious centers, or as they assert, the Char Dham spots.

    Mythological stories will make you believe that the following King Bhagirathi's penance spread over centuries, Goddess Ganga changed herself into a river to wear off the sins his forefathers. Lord Shiva then assembles Ganga into his matted locks to lessen the tremendous impact of her fall, and ever since the Himalayan glacier from which Ganga begins has also been called Bhagirathi. Ganga acquires its name after the river passes Devprayag and merges into the river Alaknanda.

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