How to Experience Thekkady in Kerala ?

Kerala is one of the best, desired and the ultimate tourism destination in India as well as famous for the wildlife and backwaters where rowing and canoeing is very famous. It is often wondered how the beautiful state of Kerala can be visited and enjoyed in a short span of time? Thekkady in Kerala is one such place which being the home to some of the best hotels and various home stays can make trips worthwhile.

The district of the Thekkady in Kerala is particularly famous for being closely surrounded to some of the plantations, forests and the Periyar National Park. The district Thekkady is one of the most famous and visited districts that has hundreds of tourists that like to experience new things and visit new places.

The district of Thekkady is situated close to the southeaster border of the Kerala and is just 140 km from both the Madurai airport as well as 145 km from the Cochin airport. The people in the Thekkady are very friendly and can understand English very well. The people are welcoming and warm with their guidance to help the tourists to visit some tourist attraction places.

A lot of tourist who plan to make the visit to wildlife park often prefer staying in Thekkady in Kerala. There are other activities like rafting, exploring the hills and forest cover, sightseeing wild animals, looking for exotic flora and many more. The tourist can stay in the area where locals usually greet them well and provide them the opportunity to try different foods. The tourists are able to experience the life in Kerala firsthand themselves.

Some of the most desired tourism destination places and activities that can be easily visited through Thekkady are given blow. Tourists can make a day trip to most of the places and enjoy their stay in the Thekkady district.

Tourist Attractions in Thekkady in Kerala

1. Murikady

It is one of the surrounding areas to the national park and has some of the best and huge plantations of various spices and coffee. This place can be great point to take walk as it is just 5 kms away from Thekkady in Kerala. There can be some wild animals like monkeys and insects like butterflies, moths can be found which makes the walk refreshing and very pacifying. A walk like this in the morning can account for a good start to the day and increases the positive thinking in lives.

2. Chellar Kovil

This place is less than 20 kms from the district of Thekkady and is the route for Theni district in Tamil Nadu. This place has some of the most alluring waterfalls and charming cascades that is enjoyed by various tourist during their visit.

This place is said to be a beautiful creation by the Gods and hence is protected from the pollution and all other contaminants. This is one of the most beautiful and clean places in the world where a lot of tourists visit. These plantations are the borders to the National park of the district and hence make it one of the most suitable places to visit.

3. Anakkara

This is one of the famous spice plantations where spices of all and every kind are available that can be seen grown in this area. Tourist can see themselves the various kinds of spices that are available in the market as well as the different methods and the different procedures followed by the locals to grow different spices all at one.

The trip to Anakkara is always considered knowledgeably fun for the fact that people are able to experience some new wonders as locals use a lot of unconventional method of growing these spices. The place is just 13 kms from the Thekkady and can be easily made into a day trip to this place.

4. Mangala Devi Temple

The temple is one of the very famous temples in the world as it is situated 1300 m above the sea level where a lot of pilgrims visit on regular basis. The tourists can visit the temple to find inner peace and pray for their prosperity in their work life and family life.

Since the temple is at the top of the hills, it gives a great opportunity for the people there to climb those hills and go for a trekking and hiking trips. This adds a little value to the prayers made by pilgrims and often regarded as one of the best day trips.

5. Periyar National Park

The most famous and important part of the whole district is the 300 square mile of the forest area that is spread over the whole region which can be explored by Jeep Safari. The forest is filled with lakes, mountains, rivers and some of the diverse and erotic species of animals and plants that are there.

There are some of the most attractive and various types of animals like the Elephants, bison, langur, white tiger and many more animals are present. There is huge variety in the trees from evergreen to deciduous forests and over 100 species of grass and orchids are present.

The whole place is said to be a treat to all the tourists that wish to witness a diverse lifeform in a single place and study these astonishing animals and their behavior. With trees like rosewood, sandalwood and many more, there is always a nice and clean fragrance in the air of these forest which is very refreshing and amicable. There are 250 plus species of birds like the Malabar Grey, Nigiri wood pigeon, crimson-backed sunbird and numerous others along with many more migrant birds that come during the season.

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6. Periyar Lake

 This is the 2nd most famous place in the Thekkady in Kerala. The lake offers various activities like the back-water rowing and rafting. There are nearly 40 species of fishes like the Barb, Latia, loach along with other amphibian species like Malabar gliding frogs, Asian toads. Various others that are very unique in features, rarity and their charm which makes the trip memorable.

Several insects like the lime butterfly, southern birdwing, Atlas moth and plenty more of them are present which make everyone composed and comforted.

The tourists can take a cruise ride along the lake to witness some of the beautiful forests. The biodiversity of some of the beautiful and wonderful animals that can make them joyous. The cruise rides on the reservoir with the light current make it very soothing ride where everyone can relax and enjoy their water safari of the whole place.

7. Pattumalay

This is Malayalam word that means hills covered in silk as the surrounding hills are covered with a tea plantations, factories and other exotic quality of trees and plants. These hills can be explored by walking and a lot of trekking trips are organized here by the locals that can be used as nice opportunity to step away from the daily hustle. And you can also find the cool, friendly nature’s home where everyone is welcomed with open hands.

It has one of the oldest and famous tea factories that was founded in 1931. This tea is very famous in whole area and must be tasted once. The whole factory processes a lot of tea which is astonishing and leaves people in awestruck by the location it is present in.

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Festivals of Thekkady in Kerala

While being in the one of the religious and culturally rich places in India, the guests that stays in the Thekaddy region can enjoy the festivals of Kerala with the high spirits along with the locals. There are a lot of festivals that are celebrated in Kerala at different times of the year from February to December there are festivals like Christmas, Makaravilaku, Pongal, Vishu and Onam are the most celebrated and popular festivals.

Also Explore other festivals of Kerala such as Snake Boat Race, Elephant Festivals.

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Cuisines of Thekkady in Kerala

thekkady in Kerala

Due to the presence of huge number of groups and communities that resides in the area of Thekkady, a huge variety in the food can be expected by the tourists. Most of the dishes like idli, appam, dosa and pidi which are few of the most famous dishes along with several others are vegetarian dishes as there is a huge cultural belief in the people.

Nightlife in Thekkady in Kerala

There are a lot of things that can also be done during the nighttime. Depending upon the location where one is staying, several animals which are active during the evening or nighttime can be scouted.

There are Dance performances, martial art performances and other various arts that can also be enjoyed. These dance performances are one of the most difficult performances with a heavy makeup and equipment with some of the advanced skills when it comes to give the facial expressions.

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Shopping in Thekkady in Kerala

1. Spices

Thekkady is the spice capital of Kerala and there is a large variety of spices on sale at the local markets in Thekkady and neighbouring town Kumily. Fenugreek, white and green pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Pepper, Vanilla pod, Star Anise, Coriander, Cloves, and hot favourites!

2. Hand-crafted Souvenirs

The handcrafted items like sandalwood & rosewood sculptures, Batik paintings, lamps traditionally looked, household utensils, kitchenware, furniture and more. The Lord’s Spice supermarket may be a famous shop in Thekkady selling handcrafted souvenirs in Thekkady.

3. Au Naturale

A shop stocking varied commodities is right near the entrance gate of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. You can get souvenirs, T-shirts, postcards, WWF products, books of wildlife, and many more types of forest goods from Thekkady.

4. Periyar Woods

The Periyar Woods at Thekkady Junction is you want to visit the place. The shop is known for its Happy Family – A handcrafted elephant with 6 babies, which is thought as something which heralds happiness and good luck if placed at a strategic location within the living room of the house.

You can also get collectibles, artefacts, vintage items, etc. from the Ganesh art gallery located near the doorway of the French Restaurant in Ambadi Junction. Just browse through the displayed selection of merchandise on the shelves and buy something to suit your taste.

5. Tea & Coffee

The vast stretches of plantations of tea in Thekkady are a splendid choice for the Tea connoisseur! They give you an opportunity to sample different varieties of teas. You can just step into some of the tea and coffee plantations and factory outlets in the area & choose from a surprising array of the beverages they produce. You can check out for coffee beans as well!.

The trip to Thekaddy, Kerala can be one of the best and memorable trips for anyone and can be visited by students, family and couples. The district of Thekaddy in Kerala with its strong geographical location and cultural influence from various parties has developed into one of the best places in the Kerala to be visited and can be visited anytime during the year.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Thekaddy in Kerala

Q. What Is Thekaddy Famous For?

A – Thekkady is known for being home to the Periyar National Park. Mosisst, evergreen deciduous forests and rich wildlife are the first highlights of this national park. Thekkady is additionally known for Periyar or Thekkady lake which is true within the heart of the jungle.

Q. Which Is The Best Time To Visit Thekkady?

A – September to April is the best time to visit Thekkady because of the favourable weather conditions. March and April are the driest months, where plenty of animals gather near the water bodies, and hence it’s the best time to see animals. Monsoons bring freshness and greenery alongside it and make the world even more beautiful.

Q. What Are the Top Attractions To Visit In Thekkady?

A – The top attractions to visit in Thekkady are:

  • Gavi Forest
  • Periyar Lake
  • Green Park Ayurvedic & Spices Plantation
  • Elephant Junction
  • Periyar Tiger Reserve
  • Periyar National Park
  • Chellarkovil Viewpoint
  • Mullaperiyar Dam
  • Spice Walk
  • Mangala Devi Temple

Q. What Are The Best Outdoor Activities In Thekkady?

A – The best outdoor activities in Thekkady are:

  • Thekkady Boating Tours
  • Bamboo Rafting & Hiking In Thekkady
  • Border Hiking
  • Jungle Night Patrol
  • Nature Walks In Thekkady
  • Tribal Walks
  • Spice Plantations and Elephant Rides in Periyar Tiger Park
  • Jeep Safari In Thekkady
  • Follow The Tiger With Ex-Poachers
  • Thekkady Sight-Seeing Tours

Q. What Are the Most Popular Things To Do In Thekkady With Kids?

A – The most popular things to do in Thekkady with kids are:

  • Elephant Rides
  • Nature Walk – There are a number of plantations and roaming around it is a total different feeling.
  • Periyar Tiger Trail – It consists of many spicies which the kids will enjoy to watch.
  • Bamboo rafting or boating – Kids along with the family will love the adventure of boat and bamboo raft.

Q. How Many Days Are Required To Visit Thekkady?

A – To explore and cover the whole place you need three to four days at a maximum. It will be sufficient to roam around within that time.

Q. What Can I Buy In Thekkady?

A – Here’s a list of things to buy while shopping in Thekkady.

  • Spices
  • Hand-crafted Souvenirs
  • Au Naturale
  • Periyar Woods
  • Tea & Coffee

Q. Is Thekkady A Hill Station?

A – Yes, Thekkady is a very famous hill station in Kerala and a very popular one at that. It is one in every of the foremost popular holiday destinations in Kerala and is home to the Periyar national park.

Q. What Is The Famous Food Of Thekkady?

A – Idli, Dosa, Kappa and rice & curry is the famous food of Kerala.

Q. Are Periyar And Thekkady The Same?

A – Yes, Periyar and Thekkady are the same. Thekkady is usually mentioned as Periyar and sometimes Kumily too.

Q. Is Thekkady Better Than Alleppey?

A – Though, Thekkady and Alleppey are two very different destinations as Alleppey is known for its beautiful backwaters whereas Thekkady is a hill station and is famous for its wildlife sanctuary and Periyar lake.

Q. Is Thekkady Worth Visiting?

A – Yes, Thekkady is worth visiting. If you are a nature lover and someone who rejoice to interact with wildlife and boating then Thekkady is worth a visit. Also, there are many interesting things to try to to in Thekkady which will catch your interest.

Yes, it is worth to visit Thekkady as well as Munnar, because these two famous destinations are situated nearly and also both in Idukki district. Thekkady is even popular for its rich spices, tea and cardamom plantations.

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