Top Buddhist Places to Visit in India

There are certain hidden places in the Himalayas which are fascinating and scenic both. Most of them are the Buddhism monasteries with a huge and thick deodar forest in its background. When it comes to adventures and fun then the stunning lake, beautiful scenarios, colourful sky, the vintage forest will make your visit to the Buddhist places more astonishing.

Moreover, if you are really into exploring Buddhism places, then a piece of good news is for you. As the Indian government has taken a step to focused on Buddhist pilgrims and will start the free train from Kolkata to North-eastern region which includes the location such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Maharashtra. Meanwhile, there are numerous beautiful places to visit in India which can give you experience and tranquillity of Buddhism. Read on to find out.

And while there are thousands of places that one can look forward to visit, below is a list of the top buddhist places to visit in India.

1. Tsuglagkhang Complex

Tsuglagkhang Complex

The Buddhist religious belief spreads across Dharamshala. It is established as one of the greatest points of interest in tourists and it is known as the Tsuglagkhang Complex. This complex consists of Tibetan museum, in-house bookstore including a library, Monastery, monastery café and private residence of his holiness

They do not charge you any kind of entry fees as well. It was built when the Dalai Lama made his first visit to India in 1959. The complex remains open from 6 am to 7 pm for all the tourists. They also entertain the people with their amazing Tibetan showcase of unique music and dance performances.

2. Namgyal Monastery

Namgyal Monastery

If you are looking to attain peace and tranquillity, then Namgyal Monastery is the place for you. The vibes are so positive here that you will automatically relax and rejuvenate in the surroundings of this monastery. It is one of the greatest and popular learning centers in Dharamshala for Buddhism.

Monks who live in the monastery have their separate prayer and meditation rooms where they perform all their sessions to attain the neutral state of the mind. The monastery contains its cafeteria which remains open from 10 am to 10 pm daily. The monastery is open from 6 am till 7 pm. This monastery contains around 200 monks which make it one of the biggest Tibetan temples.

3. Ajanta Caves

It is considered as the 1st cave monuments made by Buddhist during the period of 1st and 2nd B.C. Whereas, the paintings and architectural work appraised as the masterpieces. With the area over 8,242 hectares, it is considered as the ideal locations for national and international tourist as well.

Moreover, you will encounter the 30 caves with the height of 76km are craved with amazing architecture in Ajanta. Additionally, apart from this magnificent heritage location, you can discover the Waghora River. This river will soothe your eyes, as the entire area is covered in greenery and mountains around it. around the mountains.

4. The Great Stupa

Sanchi Stupa

Apart from various fascinating locations to visit in India, whereas, The Great Stupa is admired as the oldest Buddhist place. Mauryan and Ashoka designed this place in the 3rd century and believed to be the house ashes of the Buddha. However, last in 2nd century BCE, there were some structural damages which later got repaired and added elements made it large.

Additionally, with 120 feet wide and 54 feet high, its central structure contains a hemispherical dome which symbolizes the heaven enclosing the earth.

This historic Buddhism place is being located at Sanchi which holds the largest stupa at the site being the most eye-catching a place in Madhya Pradesh. Elements which depicts the Buddha’s life are well covered with relief sculpture which will attract you.

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5. Lumbini


The world’s most spiritual location and Birthplace of Buddha, Lumbini is just a few minutes away from Nirvana located in the Himalayas. The exact spots find by the archaeologists have identified the birth of Buddha, hence, this place is termed to be known as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You will discover the alluring Sal grove where the birth took place. Sal grove is now known as the focal point of the Lumbini Garden.

You will get clear memories of 2000 by visiting the ancient stupas. People from all over the world visit this place to study the sculptures, meditate peacefully, practice the correct form of yoga. Moreover, one can also enjoy trekking and learn more about Buddhism however possible to find as well as enhance inner peace.

6. Karla Caves

One of the unique and famous places of India, Karla Caves is ideal Buddhism destination to explore. It is essentially carved from a hard rocky hillside which is quite rare and old in the history of mankind. Moreover, the oldest Buddhist cave shrines in India.

Whereas, being located near Pune-Mumbai highway many of the other caves are unearthed in Sahyadri Hills. All the sculptures inside and outside of the caves are carved almost around 2000 years ago. This creation of rocks represents a variety of an extensive stock of mind-blowing halls and Viharas reflecting the ancient culture in the modern form with historical beauty.

7. Golden Temple

Golden Temple

Located 34km away from Coorg, there is a large teaching center of Tibetan Buddhism known as Nyingmapa. However, it is now popularly known as Golden Temple. For the great visual experience, one can experience the Tibetan architecture represented by Namdroling Monastery. It is one of the unique ways where the temple tower is decorated with beautiful murals.

It is being built by bamboo which was donated by the Indian Government. However, today it nourishes every aspect of knowledge by showcasing many auxiliary structures like many of the educational institutes, hospitals and even providing homes to more than 5000 members of their community.

8. Bhojjannakonda

This place is a small group of six heavily rock-cut caves that remind you of 4th century AD. The era when originally Buddhism was flourished in this region. These unique caves represent the Buddhism culture and given an attractive view of stunning statues of the great Gautam Buddha.

The statues of Gautam Buddha capture the eyesight of the tourists and represent historical significance. Moreover, to attain peace of mind via meditation, the monks would go to the stupas located nearby.

The entire set of caves are said to be located on the top of Bojjannakonda hill surrounded by beauty. Additionally, the archaeology department of India maintains this whole area. To reach the cave one have to pass through the staircase carved with stones.

Moreover, to maintain the security of the people staircase is secured with railings even though the climb is too short. Amongst all the main cave has six large pillars to hold the massive size in size. It also consists of monolithic stupa situated in the center creating a surrounding path and you will find the umbrella-shaped ceilings right over the stupa.

9. Tawang


Situated at the peak and height of 3048m, Tawang is known for various Buddhist monasteries and culture. This location place represents the birth of the great Dalai Lama. Apart from, religious purpose, the town Tawang also represents the magnificent sceneries to make your trip memorable.

This place will flatter you with its Buddhism culture which is wrapped in the natural scent of spirituality. Along with beautiful orchids and the Tipi Orchid Sanctuary, it is also a quiet place for you to breathe in a tranquil and calm environment and leaves out all your worries.

10. Masroor Rock-Cut Temple

Masroor Cut Temple

Unlike other historical temples, Masroor Rock cut temple represents the Indo-Aryan style architecture and representing many great tales of Indian ancient stories as well. Further, the temple is made up of perfect chopped rock which provides charm to its beauty and astonishing look for the viewers.

Whereas, the stricture of craving in the temple is acquired from one of the best scenes from Ramayana which showcase the true fusion of art nature’s beauty.

This the temple has been preserving the art of Buddhism which was dubbed as Himalayan Pyramid. According to the study, this art is one of the amazing work which had been done between 8th and 9th century A.D. Moreover, the 15 temples situated at these places is the biggest attraction for national and international tourist as well.

These 15 temples are carved out from a single massive rock. Research showed that during the exile, Pandavas were trying to build a staircase which leads to heaven but which further left in-completed due to some reasons. However, these staircases are still there as half stricture and a lot of visitors come here to discover this masterpiece.

11. Vaishali

Vaishali is famously known for Hindu as well as Buddhist worshipping place. A small district which is similar to the village. Most importantly, it is also the birthplace of Mahavir. It is located far from the crowded places, one can experience the beautiful scenic view charming surrounded areas that will soothe your eyes. Moreover, the name Vaishali is driven by the king named as Vishal from the golden times of Mahabharata. It is believed to be the last city where Buddha delivered his last sermon.

Surrounding by vegetation and fields of mangoes, bananas, and massive rice fields make it the most divine and iconic place to discover. Buddhist also considered it as the holy place as the Lord Buddha served the last few years of his life here and used to visit Vaishali even in his childhood days. Additionally, Lord Ram’s footprints in many temples around Vaishali build a strong bond for Hindus and Buddhism people as well.

12. Shravasti

A plane sacred land which holds the true spirits of the Buddhists are termed to be given rise to a cultural paradise-like Shravasti. This holy place is situated right in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. Monasteries situated in this place gives life to the architectures that turn stones into reality. This city is the birthplace of Tirthankar who is the one to find the true spirit of Jainism. However, the entire city holds the entire ancient Bodhi Vriksh which is not quite unfamiliar with the myths of Ramayana.

13. Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh

On your visit the famous Buddhist places, you must visit this land. Apart from Buddhism and historical background, you will also encounter the spectacular beauty of this place with fabulous landscapes, mountains, river and many more. Bounded to each other by the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range Ladakh offers a magical view of nature.

For those who still have a slight amount of confusion about the exact difference between these two locations, the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is however divided into small three parts: Jammu, Ladakh, and Kashmir.

Hence Ladakh is further categorized into two main districts: Leh and Kargil. The primary district Leh has a huge amount of crowd in its popular town due to great tourist attraction such as a reserved culture of Buddhism which drew from ancient times.

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14. Bodh Gaya

Bodh Gaya

Considered as one of the main pilgrimage site for Buddhism, Bodh Gaya is a unique place situated under the trees. As it is believed the under these trees Buddha had attained his enlightenment. Contemplating this historical significance it is declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and visited by numerous visitors every year.

Additionally, this place contains some of the famous things such as Bodhi Tree, a meditation garden, Vajrasana or Diamond Throne, the Mahabodhi Stupa, and 80-feet Buddha statue. Further, you can also discover some of the famous Monasteries of Chinese, Japanese, Bhutanese, Taiwanese, Bangladeshi, and Thai.

These were some of the top Buddhist places in India. All these places are really beautiful and they have a lot of different tourist activities and sightseeing places as well. If you are looking for peace and tranquillity, then you should definitely visit one of the place from this list.

Most of the Buddhist monasteries also conduct workshops on mind, body and soul. These are usually open to all and thus, you can consider taking part in one of them. Plan a trip in advance if you are visiting any of the hilly Buddhist places.