Art & Crafts of Kerala

Where You Touch the Feet and They Touch Your Heart

Kerala is renowned worldwide for every inch of space and time of history, scenic backwaters, beaches and hill stations. The sprawling greenery, the shimmering backwaters, the mouth-watering cuisine and the Dravidian culture - all have intrigued people worldwide for ages and hauled his imagination to a high. Besides of these, some of the well-known arts of Kerala include Kathakali, Bharata Natyam, Mohiniyattam, Kalaripayatt, Chakyar Koothu, Theyyam, Ottam Thullal, Loodiyattom, Chavittunadakam, Poorakkali, and Theyattu are also revered for its rich cultural heritage, which has been kept alive through the Arts and Crafts of Kerala.

Handicrafts Items in Kerala - The Fingers Create Magic

Kerala is renowned for its articulate craftsmanship, which is an intimate part of her tradition. The local arts and crafts industry in Kerala is so strong that you will find numerous shops there selling handicraft items such as carvings in metal and wood like rosewood and sandalwood, metal jewellery, granite statues, coconut shell and coir products, snake boat model and other collectibles. A very famous product of handicraft is the wooden face of a Kathakali dancer that is available easily on any roadside shop.

Come to see the famous arts and crafts items in Kerala. There is a wide range of handicraft items available in the Kerala markets.

Kerala - Seventh heaven for Art Lovers

Kerala is a land of arty people. It is almost like the populace of Kerala has art in their blood. The variety of arts and crafts in Kerala is very lively and emphasizes a lot on the use of colors. You will find intricate designs and vibrant details on Kerala art and craft.

In fact, handicrafts in Kerala are pretty much popular and there is a whole festival dedicated just to handicrafts. Come over to this green paradise and shop India in various forms of wood, ivory and buffalo horn carvings, bamboo reed weaving, Palmyra leaf weaving, Kora grass mat making, rattan or cane work and coconut shell carvings.

Here, Where You Can Buy Everything

Kerala's handicraft centres have a surprising collection of wood, coir shell and sandalwood souvenirs. Marquetry in wood, ivory and buffalo horn carvings, Bamboo Reed Weaving, Palmyra Leaf Weaving, Kora Grass Mat Making, Rattan or Cane work, Embroidery and Lace Making, Lapidary work, Granite carving, Coconut shell carving, Lacquer work, Cotton map making are some of the specialities of Kerala that enchants its every visitor, whether national or international. Very few things can make a women satisfy.

Kerala's intricately designed and delicate gold jewellery is surely one of them. Make sure you have enough money with you before you enter a gold shop, because whatever be your taste, you'll find designs you would wish to possess. Come to Kerala and pick up anything from bell metal, wood, cane, and ivory and coconut shell craft to wall mats (dhurris), carpets, bags and funiture made with natural fibres.