Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

With 40 species of mammals and 176 species of birds, this wildlife sanctuary is a famous spot for nature lovers. This park has a crocodile-breeding center built as a memorial to Steve Irwin.

Best time to Visit Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

October to March

How to reach Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary ?

  • Nearest railway station : Trivandrum central station (32 km away)
  • Nearest airport : Trivandrum airport (38 km away)
  • Nearest town : Neyyattinkara (20 km away)

Entry charges

  • Under 5 years : INR 5
  • 5-12 years : INR 125
  • Adults : INR 250


9 in the morning to 4 in the evening.

Park is closed on Mondays.

Things to do in Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Deer park
  • Boating
  • Trekking
  • Lion Safari Park
  • Overnight camping
  • Guided trekking
  • Elephant rehabilitation center – play with elephant calves, elephant ride and feed elephants

Birds and Animals to Watch out For

Top animals to spot are lion tailed macaque, king cobra, elephants, tortoise, crocodiles, slender loris, lion and others.

Places to visit Near Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Trivandrum Sivagiri mutt
  • Museum
  • Sri Padmanabaswamy Temple
  • Children’s museum

Suggested places to Stay

There are a few government accommodations inside the park. If you are looking for luxury accommodations, try Trivandrum or nearby cities.


  • Wear dresses in green, brown or khaki.
  • Do not step into the lake. It is home to more than 500 crocodiles
  • Stick to the rules of the guide throughout your Kerala trip.

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