Kerala Music & Dance

Music and dance also form an important part of the life of Keralites. Welcome to the magical land of melody and rhythm, Kerala. Classical as well as folk music and dance have kept alive the ancient thoughts and stories which still find a wide audience amongst tourists. Visit Kerala to witness the colourful play of melodies blended with the strategic rhythmic beats of the musical instruments. A few of popular forms of dances are:

Kathakali - Sensations of A Classic

Kathakali is the classical dance-drama of South India, Kerala. Red, green, white and flashes of gold, are the true colours of a Kathakali dancer. Kathakali is a dance with heavy costumes and elaborate masks. It is one of the world-renowned dance forms of Kerala. Kathakali is a group presentation, in which dancers perform various roles traditionally based on themes from the Hindu mythology, especially the two epics, the 'Ramayana' and the 'Mahabharata'. Kathakali recitals are longer than the other forms of dance and are more narrative.

Kathakali is a blend of dialogue and myth.

This is mostly performed in the courtyards of the temple.

Mohiniattam - The Dance of Extraterrestrial Enchantress

Mohiniyattam, the female semi-classical Dance form of is closely related to Bharathanatyam of Tamil Nadu, which was originally called 'Dasiyattam'.This classical dance - recognized for its graceful and sensuous form - adorns an exquisite feminine style with undulating flow of body movements, that leaves a viewer mesmerised. Musical instruments such as the violin, 'veena' and 'mridangam' chaperon the Mohiniattam dancer, who describes episodes from the epics and legends through virtuous steps, rhythmic movements of her arms and amorous facial expressions.

Koodiyattam - Let A Koodiyattam Entertain You

Koodiyattam is the earliest classical dramatic art form of Kerala. Koodiyattam literally means "acting together". Koodiyattam is a dramatic presentation in Sanskrit, with the exception of the vidushaka, who is the only character speaking in Malayalam. You will be fascinated to see how the artists give expressions to the deepest of human emotions - anger, frustration, happiness, melancholy - as you become one with the characters, the true gift of a performing artist.

Theyyam - The Enchantment of Folk Art

Theyyam is one of the most outstanding folk ritual art of this southern state. The beauty of Theyyam is that, it is more about the participation of beholder than the actual performance. The hood, headdress , face painting, Breast plate, bracelets,garlands and fabric of attire of each of these Theyyams are distinct and meticulously crafted according to the character presented. Musical accomaniments are chenda and veekuchenda (drums), elathalam and Kuzhal(horn). If you get an opportunity, don't miss the 'Theechamundi', in which the dancer performs wearing tender coconut leaves.