Why Visit Kerala? Know Top Reasons To Visit

Today Kerala has been selected by the National Geographic Traveler as one of the thirteen paradises on the earth. An equable climate, beautiful and serene beaches, peaceful stretch of backwaters and canals, exotic wildlife and lush green hill stations are some of the main attractions of Kerala which make a wonderful place to visit.

Let’s start with our series on the top 10 reasons why we think Kerala is such a magnificent place to visit.

God's Own Country - See the real paradise

Kerala "God's Own Country" is the perfect introduction to travel in India. It plays a major role in India tourism and deserves the attentions of tourists from all over the world. There are a lot of tourism options in this culturally and geographically rich state of Kerala, India. During your Kerala tour you will have wonderful opportunity to explore serene backwaters and rolling hills, gushing waterfalls and adrenaline-pumping boat races; ancient culture in modern cities; delectable cuisine and colorful festivals. What else do one need to plan a holiday in Kerala?

Kerala Beaches - Cook the romantic puddle

Take an unforgettable beach holiday on the Kerala Beaches. Feel completely rejuvenated after a tour of the Kerala beaches. Relax on the golden sands of the beaches of Kerala, stretch out in the shade of the rows of palm trees along the beaches, sip the refreshing juice of a tender coconut and have an Ayurveda masseur, treat you to an Ayurveda massage while on Beach tours of Kerala. Kerala beaches provide a sheer romantic ambience and add special charm between their romances.

Mountains - Discover the Magical paradise

The hill stations of Kerala are also a superb place for the tourists to visit. It is known for its green forest covers, calm and quiet backwaters, turquoise sea water, incredible sun-kissed beaches, spice plantations, luxuriant forests and vivid therapeutic traditions. Wandering these lands is actually a heavenly experience. The popular hill stations in Kerala include the Munnar, Wayanad and Idukki, where can perform, wildlife treks, nature walks, mountaineering and rock climbing. The hill stations of the state would definitely impress you a lot.

The Emerald Backwaters - Feel the backwater serenity

Feel completely relaxed as you enter a paradise where land, sea and sky, come together in a union of elements. The backwaters of Kerala comprises of a fantastic system of interconnected lakes, inlets, waterways and channels. Floating along the waters of Kerala on a hired houseboat would be one of your most cherished memories. A houseboat ride through these placid waters is a heavenly experience, with visions of the green countryside, swaying palm trees, emerald rice fields and children waving from the banks of the backwaters of Kerala.

The backwaters would ensure that you have a relaxing holiday when you travel to Kerala.

Delicious Food – Spicy and Tangy Cuisines

One of Kerala's popular attractions is its delicious Kerala cuisine. The cuisines are generally hot and spicy offering great taste and vigour, using plenty of fresh vegetables, exotic fruit, and locally-grown aromatic spices (don’t miss a visit to a spice farm). The Keralites have love in rice and fish.

Beautiful Scenery – Blue Hills, Beaches and Backwaters

Kerala has lots of fascinating and romantic destinations in this beautiful Indian state which appeal tourists, and couples from all over the world. Enjoy the luxuriant, long beaches, misty mountains, elegant rivers and charming inland water bodies. Such incredible views and most of it unspoilt, just itching to be explored by the more adventurous traveler.

Ayurvedic Medicine – Take Body Rejuvenation Treatment

Ayurveda is a perfect ancient science of life; and Kerala is the home of Ayurveda, one of the oldest forms of traditional medicine in the world, which focuses on a holistic approach to wellbeing. The word Ayur literally means life and Veda the science or knowledge. Important Ayurvedic techniques include yoga, meditation, diet, massage and the application of oils. Many hotels and resorts offer treatments in luxurious, peaceful settings.

Art & Culture of Kerala - Have a glimpse into Kerala

Kerala is a heaven for the lover of dance, drama and music. The art & culture of Kerala always attracts travelers from all parts of the country. You have scores of art forms, which are quite unique in nature to Kerala, Watch them and experience an endless and varied emotions to win your passion, love, kindness, compassion, mirth, joy, sorrow, grief, anger, wonder, horror, fear, valour, courage etc.

Kerala Beaches – The most charming beaches in the world

The beaches in Kerala rank among the popular tourist attractions in Kerala and are surrounded by lovely palm, coconut groves, natural harbors, lagoons and sheltered coves with the azure sea on the background. Enjoy an array of water sports like parasailing, diving, swimming boating and one can also bask under the sun on the beaches or take a short stroll on the beaches. This is a perfect for lazy outing or a pleasant vacation.

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