How to Get From Mumbai to Goa by Train

Goa and Mumbai are two of the hottest tourist spots of India and hence there are several trains which ply daily between these two locations. Flights and buses are also available between Mumbai and Goa and you can even travel via car. Then why should you choose train?

Let us checkout the primary advantages of travelling via train.

• It is the cheapest mode of travel between Goa and Mumbai.
• It is more comfortable than bus ride.
• The picturesque Western Ghats is best seen when you travel via the Konkan railways.
• It takes just 10 hours to travel from Goa to Mumbai via train; if you catch an overnight train, next day morning you will be at Mumbai.

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Luxury Trains for Mumbai, Goa and Surrounding Regions

From where you get the best options

The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal is the main railway station in Mumbai from where you can get a train to Goa comes to this station. This station was earlier known as Victoria Terminus and is located near the Fort area of South Mumbai.

Another option is the Lokmanya tilak Terminus. This railway station is at Kurla, which is at the north eastern suburbs of Mumbai. This railway station not only has direct trains from Goa to Mumbai but also is near to the Mumbai airport.

Trains to Mumbai from Goa also pass through Vasai Road, which is in outer northern Mumbai and Kalyan Junction, which is in outer north eastern Mumbai. If you want to be at the Mumbai airport then it is advisable to get down at the Panvel station, which is located at eastern Mumbai.

There are numerous local trains available at the Panvel junction which can take you to any part of the city. Hence upon reaching Mumbai from Goa you can easily reach your next destination or home.

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Now speaking about Goa, the main railway station here is located at Madgaon, South Goa. This place is also known as Margao, in short, MAO. For tourists visiting North Goa, they can get a train to Mumbai at the Thivim (THVM) station.

There are also several flight options available from Mumbai to Goa. The code of the flights going on this route is CST and these are available from the Mumbai airport. Get a train to Dadar, the nearest stop to Mumbai airport.

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Which are the best trains from Goa to Mumbai?

The most popular train from Goa to Mumbai is the Konkankanyan Express, which has the code 10112. The train departs from Madgaon railway station at 6 PM and reaches Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai at 5.50 AM. This train is considered to be the best option on this route as it is punctual and clean.

Mumbai platform

If you just need to be at the Mumbai suburbs, there are couple of choices for you; the Matsyaganda Express, Mangalore which departs from the Madgaon at 8.40 PM and reaches Lokmanyatilak Terminus at 6.35 AM. But this train is not for tourists who need to reach North Goa. Another overnight train is the Vasco Patna Superfast Express, which leaves Madgaon at 8.00 PM and reaches Panvel junction at 6.20 AM.

If you want an economical option to reach Goa from Mumbai is the Jan Shatabdi Express which leaves Madgaon at 2.30 PM and Dadar at 11.05 PM.

If you have some more time in hand, you can opt for Mandovi Express. This train departs Madgaon at 9.15 AM and reaches Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus at 9.40 PM. You can also get on this train from Pernem and Thivim; the best part of this train is it ply everyday between Goa and Mumbai.

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For luxury-loving tourists train, the newly launched Tejas Express is your best bet. This train runs on the Goa-Mumbai route five days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 😉 during monsoons, that is, from June to October the train ply only on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This superfast train takes just 8.5 hours to reach from Goa to Mumbai. It leaves Karmali in North Goa at 2.30 PM and reaches Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 11 PM; Karmali is the only stoppage in this journey.

Train from Mumbai to Goa

This luxury train comes with comfortable leather seating, coffee vending machine, LCD television sets and wireless internet.

During monsoons, the other trains also change their time tables, like these leave early to reach Mumbai on time.

Hence Goa to Mumbai is just an overnight trip these days, enabling tourists to enjoy fun filled moments at the exotic beaches of Goa every weekend.

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