Experience on the Mountain Flight in Nepal

Mounatin Flight

There are only 14 mountains in the whole world that are over 20,000 feet in height or over eight thousand meters high.

Out of these fourteen mountains a whopping eight of them are situated only in this one country – Nepal. If you journey to Nepal then a trip to this country without traveling on the Mountain flight is incomplete.

The Mount Everest is locally known to the Nepalese people as ‘Sagarmatha’ or even as ‘Chomolungma’ known to Tibetans. This highest peak in the world is nestled amidst several other great mountains for many many miles in length in a vast crescent.

Marvel at the highest mountain peak in the world – Mt. Everest surrounded by mystique charm while you are at awe of the jaw dropping scenery around the mighty snowy peaked Himalayas.

This is one of the off - beat activities to do in Nepal to Witness the World’s Highest Peak of Mount Everest. The rugged terrain of the most remote mountains that you cannot trek by foot or even if it is not possible to summit the mountain by your body or due to the time issue, but you still wished to see it, then you can still do it.

Experience Mount Everest Flight

For the convenience of the above reasons there is an alternative arranged for such tourists and visitors to Nepal. The special flights to Mt. Everest offer the visitors a majestic view of the highest peak in the world and the neighboring mountains that aren’t any less awe inspiring. These convenience flights provide an easy option with clearer conditions and the ability to see the Himalayan peaks.

Now, there are more and more such mountain flights operated by various tours. However, the four main Mountain Flights offering this promising you experience are:

  • Buddha Airlines
  • Simrik Airlines
  • Tara Airlines
  • Yeti Airlines

The Mountain Flight Sights

Mounatin Flight

Early in the morning the mountain flight would depart Kathmandu to offer the mesmerizing encounter with the top mountain peaks in the world.

First get a chance to view the Shisha Pangma or Gosaithan, 8,013 meters high, then at its right you Dorje Lhakpa mountain shows up standing at 6,966 meters tall.

Beside would be the Phurbi - Chyachu at an elevation of 6,637 meters. Then comes the smallest Choba - Bhamare at a height of 5,933 meters known more for its spirituality. Then comes Gauri – Shankar standing tall at 7,134 meters and very noticeable from the mountain flight.

As the Mountain Flight of Nepal moves towards the rising sun, the eastern Himalaya some that have been summited and some still yet to be summited. Witness the splendid mountains that are lesser in height and nearby the destination on the way to the highest mountain peak in the world – Mt. Everest.

There is the Melungtse a mountain that resembles a plateau stretching up to over seven thousand meters. Next comes Chug Imago at six thousand and two hundred ninety seven meters tall which nobody has ever summited until now. Then there is the Numbur which is also popularity known as ‘Mini – Everest.’

Many – a – time the mountain has also mistaken for Everest when witnessing the mountain from other regions such as Nagarkot but it lacks the height as it stands at a height of 6956 meters. Next mountain that you see on this vast Himalayan ranges is the Karyolung which can be spotted especially for the luminous white gleaming with the rising sun. It measures over 6500 meters tall.

Cho – Oyu mountain is the next mountain on the menu. It is also famed as the Sixth Highest mountain in the World standing at 8201 meters in height and stands out for its beauty and height which can easily be observed from the thrilling mountain flight.

The next mountain is one of the mountains which is one of the toughest mountains to climb by the mountaineers. It is called Gyachungkang and stands at a whopping height of 7952 meters in height. Then comes the majestic Pumori with a height that measures around 7161 meters before you meet the 7855 meters tall Nuptse mountain that means West Peak. This means its direction from the tallest peak in the world – Mount Everest.

The top mountain flights in Nepal does not only let the traveler enjoy the mesmerizing views of the mighty snow capped mountains along the way to Mount Everest. The travelers will also be able to witness and understand about the geography of the nation of Nepal. These mountain flights are for convenience if people are not able to trek up these trails or climb up the mountains.

Although they are quite new they are still very popular amount the foreign tourists to Nepal and adventure enthusiasts who are unable to summit the mountains due to issues such as time and health reasons, etc. In a very short while of the unveiling of such a trip to the mountains the mountain flights have gained immense popularity due to the promise of showcasing the Himalayan beauty.

Nepal Mountain Flight Highlights

The top highlights of the Mountain Flight in Nepal are:

  • The flights start early in the morning ranging from 5.30 am to 6.00 am.
  • The time traveled in the flight ranges from fifty minutes to one complete hour.
  • See the beauty of the snow filled Himalayas and mountains in and around.
  • The tallest peak in the world Mt. Everest is situated at distance of 20 miles from view.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Mountain Flight is also known as the Everest Flight. This is an amazing experience that every person travelling to Nepal must enjoy this. These are the flights that provide the tourists here with an exciting and close up view of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

This flight is mostly taken by those tourists who cannot visit the mountains in Nepal because of the short duration of their stay in the city, but in the end, anybody can book these flights to enjoy the aerial view of the mountains while going on a ride on this flight.


This flight provides the tourists with a magnificent aerial view of these snow covered mountain ranges. It doesn’t matter if the tourists have already seen the mountain up close by going on trekking of something else, this bird’s eye view, is the best way to enjoy the mountains. Because of this amazing view, this mountain flight has become of the top preferences of the tourists here concerning their visit to the mountains.


The duration of this flight is approximately of an hour. Generally, this flight takes on an average fifty to sixty minutes to finish a single trip.


This flight generally takes the tourists on a ride very early in the morning. The first ride takes place early in the morning at around 6:00 AM. Each flight takes at least an hour to finish journey and then there are constant trip that continue till the clock strikes 10:00 AM


There is a very serious and justifiable reason for this mountain flights to take place during the morning. In the morning the weather here is extremely clear and thus it is very easy to see the mountains and enjoy the marvellous view in the morning.


 It is not impossible to change the operation time of the flight. Even though the time of operation of this flight will be the best in the mornings, if the morning schedule is a trouble for the tourists, they can also take the tour in a special chartered flight which allows them to go for a ride in the afternoon or even in the evening, whichever suits the tourists the best.


 There might be several occasions where even after the tourists have bought the tickets to the flights, the flight had to be cancelled because of certain reasons, which might include weather conditions or any other technical reasons. In this case, the whole paid amount will be returned to the tourists.

There might however be some occasions where the refund is made after deducting a total of 10 per cent of the total amount from it. This depends on the organisation that the tourists have used to buy the tickets of the mountain flight.


The airline companies that lead the flights here always refund the full amounts. However, it is the organisations or the hotels through which you have booked the flight that hold back ten per cent of the total amount that you have played for the flight. The logic for holding back this ten per cent is given by the organisations.

They hold back this ten per cent as service charge which is used for the online fee transaction procedure. These charges are deduced because of the purchasing of the tickets which is done online. This online processing is done manually from the capital city, Kathmandu.


The hotels or the organisations, which help the tourists in buying the tickets for this flight, also provide transportation service to the tourists. They, however, do charge an extra amount for these transportation services. If it is two people travelling together, the minimum cost of transportation services is 10 U.S. Dollars and if it is just one person, the extra cost is 20 U.S. Dollars.


For the booking of this mountain flight in Neap, you can check some websites like www.expedia.com, www.getyourguide.com, et cetera. From these websites, you can book the ticket yourself. Otherwise, if you do not want to book online, you can just ask your tour manager or even the hotel that you are staying in. They can connect you to the organisations which help the tourists with buying these tickets or the hotels can do the booking for their customers.


While on the mountain ride in Nepal, there are a lot of important things that the tourists need to carry. First and foremost, the most important thing to carry is a passport of the tourist of the ID Card. It is suggested too that the tourists carry some warm and comfortable clothes and comfy walking shoes.


One of the major restrictions in the Mountain Flight of Nepal is the restriction on smoking. It is strictly prohibited here. Another fact is that the tourists are not allowed to carry any large bags and luggage.


The mountain flights in Nepal are operated by the airlines with the names of Buddha, Simrik and Yeti. These are three airlines in Nepal. The cost of the tickets of the mountain flight in Nepal for all these airlines is more or less the same and is around a hundred and eighty-seven U.S. Dollars.


In a single Mountain Flight in Nepal, approximately only fifteen people can travel in a single flight. The reason for maintaining this limit is that this keeps the group homely and enables the guides to make sure that there is no negative impact here in the place. If the group is short, there is more interaction within the people and thus increases the chances of making friends from across the world.


The name and height of all the peaks that you can see from the Mountain Flight in Nepal are

  • Mt. Everest (8848 m)
  • Mt. Lhotse ( 8516 m)
  • Mt. Makalu (8463 m)
  • Mt. Cho-Oyo (8201 m)
  • Mt. Shisha Pangma (8013 m)
  • Mt. Nuptse (7855 m)
  • Mt. Gyachung Kang (7652 m)
  • Mt. Chamlang (7319 m)
  • Mt. Langtang Lirung (7234 m)
  • Mt. Melungtse (7181 m)
  • Mt. Pumori (7161 m)
  • Mt. Gauri Shankar (7134 m)
  • Mt. Dorje – Lakpa (6966 m)
  • Mt. Numbur (6957 m)
  • Ama Dablam (6812 m)
  • Mt. Phurbi – Ghyachu (6637 m)
  • Mt. Pigferago (6620 m)
  • Mt. Karyolung (6511 m)
  • Mt. Chugimago (6297 m)
  • Mt. Choba -Bhamre (5970 m)


Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is the place from where the Mountain Flights take off. While this ride takes only one morning of your trip, there are a lot of other things that you can do in Kathmandu.

A few of the things to do while in Kathmandu are – rafting in the rivers in Kathmandu, visiting the Swambhunath Stupa, which is located on top of the Kathmandu Valley, visiting the Darbar Square in Kathmandu, visiting the village of Nagarkot.

Apart from these experiencing the architectural beauty of 1970 by visiting the Narayanhiti Palace, visiting the Indra Chowk for shopping for souvenirs, enjoy a hot air balloon ride and get an aerial view of the city, Bungee Jumping along the Tibet-Nepal Border, rock climbing, wildlife Safari in the Chitwan National Park, visiting the Pashupatinath and Dakshin Kali Temple, visiting the numerous monasteries here, enjoying the thrilling ride of a mountain bike here, and many more.


The organisation or hotel that arranges this trip for the tourists make sure to provides the tourists with a team of guides or professionals, who are extremely enlightened with every kind of knowledge of these mountains. These teams have enough people so that and throughout the journey, this group of professionals is ready to help you with any query that you might have about this place. It is their duty to clear out all your confusions and clear your idea of this place.