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Interesting Facts about Mount Everest

India, Dated on 21/11/2019

Mount Everest – the highest mountain on earth at nearly 8848 meters above the sea level. It was formed by the pushing up of force by the collision of the two tectonic plates of India and Eurasia. There are hundreds of climbers every year to this iconic mountain estimated to be around 50 – 60 million years in age. Every year with the hundreds of aspiring climbers and successful climbers there are many tales of it too.
Mt. Everest

Here are the Interesting and Unknown Facts about the World’s highest mountain – Mount Everest.

1. How do you pronounce Mount Everest?

This is how Mount Everest (pronounced Eve+Rest) and is generally pronounced (Ever+Rest) by many.

2. Who discovered Mount Everest?

Sir George Everest discovered this as the tallest mountain. He served as a Surveyor General of India 1830 – 1843. Earlier, surveyor and mathematician Radhanath Sikdar identified the obscure Peak XV.

3. Where is Mount Everest Located?

The Mount Everest summit is on the border of the country Nepal (towards south) and Tibet (toward north). The mountain is situated on Nepal – China border.

4. How many successful mountain climbers?

There are nearly 4,000 or more climbers till present. With gadgets and technology, discovering new routes, and commercial trips, the number of mountaineers and climbers is rising.

5. Which climber has climbed Mount Everest most times?

Apa Sherpa & Phurba Tashi Sherpa from the Sherpa tribe have achieved the top number of climbing Everest. They both successfully climbed 21 times!

6. How do they call Mount Everest in Nepal & Tibet?

Sagarmatha – meaning Goddess of the Sky in Nepali and Chomolungma means ‘Holy Mother’ in Tibetan languages.

7. When was the first Mount Everest successful climb by Whom?

The first successful summit was done by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in the year 1953.

8. Who holds the record for oldest and youngest climbers?

An 80 year old Japanese man called Yuichiro Miura successfully climbed in the year 2013. The youngest is Jorden Romero who climbed Mount Everest in the year 2010 at the age of 13 years.

9. Who was the first disabled climber of Mount Everest?

Tom Whittaker whose right foot was gone due to accident successfully climbed the Mount Everest. Other disabled mountain climbers include Erik Weihenmayer, (blind) USA and Mark Inglis, (double amputee) from New Zealand.

10. Who was the first female disabled climber of Mount Everest?

Arunima Sinha, a national level sportsperson who lost her leg in a train incident successfully climbed seven summits of different continents including the Mount Everest.

11. Which Couple got Married on top of Mount Everest?

In the year 2005 Nepalese man and woman married on their successful summit of Mount Everest which makes them the first couple to get married on the highest mountain in the world. It was a 10 minutes ceremony on top of it. They kept the secret till they successfully reached the top.

12. What type of living creatures live up there?

Euopnrys Omnisuperstes is the scientific name for the jumping spiders in the Himalayas residing at a height of nearly 6700 meters above sea level in the Himalayan ranges. Other species of grasshoppers were gathered in 1924, the first British Everest expedition.

13. Do climbers suffer from fatal snow ailments?

Due to extreme freezing temperatures, climbers suffer from snow blindness, suffocation, and even starvation, frostbite and hypothermia and some climbers even die on their summit attempts.

14. What is known as “Mount Everest Death Zone”?

At an elevation of 7500 m the region from there up is known as Death Zone due to the deaths because of snow diseases. Doctors check on mountain climbers are available at a height of 5400 m or below.

15. How do they move dead climbers?

Mountain climbers also come across dead bodies sometimes on their Mount Everest summit. There are around 200 dead bodies and they cannot be brought down as it is dangerous in poor climate.

16. What is the Maximum Temperature on top of the mountain?

A surprising fact is that the max temperature up the mountain has not gone more than 20 degrees. This is the hottest that it can get on the snow filled tallest mountain.

17. Is there oxygen at the top of Mount Everest?

There is very little amount of oxygen which makes it difficult for people to breath and they suffocate. Climbers carry the oxygen tanks up there as the oxygen present is lesser than 1/3 of oxygen at sea level.

18. Is there high speed internet on Mount Everest?

As the hiker used 3G from the top of the mountain after reaching there, he tweeted: “Everest summit no 9! 1st tweet from the top of the world thanks to a weak 3G signal and the awesome Samsung Galaxy S2 handset! @samsunguk”. However, while going up the Everest there is high speed internet.

19. Can there be a traffic jam while climbing up Mount Everest?

Yes, its’ surpirsing! But there is this picture captured by a mountaineer here. It shows the number of people in the lengthy queue for the summit of Mount Everest in what looks like a ‘traffic jam of climbers’ that was clicked in the year 2012.

20. What is the exact measurement height of Mount Everest?

This is still in dispute as there are different measurements coming. Some say it measures 29016 feet or 8844 meters above sea level whereas others say its height measures 29029 feet or 8848 meters.

21. What is the wind speed and climate like up there?

It is freezing cold and people get frostbites too. The speed of winds on this mountain goes up to 200 mph. This is the type of wind speed that blows at storms, typhoons etc. on ground level.

22. Does Avalanches happen on Mount Everest?

Yes, people have even died during these avalanches which is a flowing down force of ice, snow and smaller rocks down the mountain.

23. What is known as the 'Maiden Year of Mount Everest'?

1974 is considered as the maiden year for a strange reason – Nobody attempted the Mount Everest summit during this year!

24. How does the Mount Everest grow tall every year?

Scientists have found that there is an increase in the height when compared to years before. So, it means the mountain is growing or an northward movement of the rock on which Mount Everest stands.

25. How many attempts were made to climb Mount Everest?

It is estimated 4000 people have tried to climb the highest mountain in the world and 800 people include the guides, Sherpas, professionals, etc.