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10 Ultimate Things to Do and See in Kathmandu

Written by Manish Yadav


Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal is the seat of cultural learning, an epitome of natural beauty and also a witness to the history of the world. A tour to the kaleidoscopic landscape Kathmandu, Hence visit Kathmandu to check out the city life at the backdrop of royal heritage sites.

1. Witness the Buddhist facet of Kathmandu

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Dawn breaks at the Himalayan region of Kathmandu chanting Buddhist hymns and rolling colourful prayer wheels. The aroma of incense fills the air of the city and as people rush to work, they do stop by at the Boudhanath Stupa to pay their homage, as the burgundy robed monks perform the rituals. Located at the heart of the city, this UNESCO World heritage site worships Lord Buddha following Buddhist and Tibetan rituals. Numerous shops and monasteries encircle the statue and walking clockwise is considered to be good fortune. Boudhanath is home to five statues of Dhyani Buddhas and the 13 rings representing 13 steps to enlightenment. 

2. Check out the Hindu temples of Kathmandu 

Another religious destination of Kathmandu is the Durbar Square. Dotted with numerous temples, the centre is vibrant. While the spectacular Taleju temple stands on a 12 stage plinth and reaches a height of 35 metres, the Kumari Bahal depicts some of the intricate carvings of Kathmandu. The single wood structure of Kasthamandap and the Shiva temple of Maju Deval are the ancient jewels of the capital city. The Pashupatinath Temple at the banks of the Bagmati River is another soulful destination here.

3. Rejuvenate your inner being with yoga 

While the Kopan monastery of Kathmandu offers you courses on meditation and yoga, the stunning scenic beauty of the Kathmandu Valley that this monastery offers makes your journey more divine. Yoga, the ancient health science comes without any side effects and hence keeps you stress free both mentally and physically.

4. Know the chronicles of Kathmandu 

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The Narayanhiti Palace Museum, styled in the form of a Pagoda also houses pictures of Queen Elizabeth II. The palace is grand with gold plating, chandeliers and large tiger skin rug.

You may rest you tired feet at the Garden of Dreams to inhale some fresh air and treat you eyes with the ecstatic springs and bright flowers relaxing over the soft grass. 

5. Enjoy an exhilarating journey to the Himalayas 

Kathmandu is visited by trekkers due to its strategic location at the laps of the Great Himalayas. Unravel the mysteries of the snow capped mountains at the Everest region. As you walk or climb from the Everest base camp to the 5545 metres high Kala Patthar, the dense forests and the steep slopes brings you close to nature.

The Annapurna trek takes you to the glacial plateau and the Fish Tail Mountain from where you can get a bird’s eye view of the valleys.

6. Spot the flora and fauna of Kathmandu

The Chitwan National park safeguards the one horned rhinos, different species of monkeys, wild boars, hyenas and gharial crocodiles. As you step into the forest reserve, 450 avian species welcome you with their tweets. 

7. Walk through the Kathmandu life 

Kathmandu is much more than palaces and monasteries, and that is the simple lifestyle of the people. Walk through the lanes of Kathmandu to checkout women busy in weaving baskets, colourful pots drying under the sun, children hopping around and the colourful, intricately designed houses, each of which is an example of creativity. 

8. Shop crazily at the Kathmandu markets 

Thamel, the evening market of Kathmandu is the next place to check out the local vibe. Move like a local here, chit chatting with people, buying antiques, ink yourself with unique tattoos and pack your back with colourful stone necklaces, silk cloths, soft and warm embroidered pashmina shawls, jackets and wall paintings depicting the rich culture of Kathmandu. You also have the option to sit and read here having a cup of steaming hot coffee at the soothing atmosphere of the city. The wooden stamps, wooden figurines of Bhaktapur, the maps and colourful flags are the ultimate gems of Kathmandu. 

9. Try out the cuisines of Kathmandu 

As you savour on minced chicken filled hot momos dipped in homemade chilli sauce, the chilly weather of Kathmandu seems warm and inviting. Platter of lunch at the capital city of Nepal is delicacy in simplicity; dal bhat, meaning rice and lentils with plethora of spicy curries define Kathmandu.

Kathmandu Valley

10. Excursion to the enthralling beauty of Kathmandu

A trip to the Nepal and Kathmandu Valley is the dream come true for wanderlust. Sunrise and sunset of the Himalayas from this valley are breathtakingly beautiful. Dhulikhel and Indrawati Valleys also offer you spectacular views of the Himalayas and hence are photographer’s paradise.

Hence the Himalayan kingdom of Kathmandu is your destination if you are in love with natural beauty and spirituality.

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