Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Badami

A land with mesmerizing scenic charm, region of historical significance, destinations portraying Eco tourism, shrines flocked by pilgrims, flora and fauna, archeological significant places and you are defining the country India. Every part of this beautiful land is an epitome of natural beauty and cultural uniqueness. And, then there are the places which have the capacity to take your memory down the lane, even to the mythological era. It is a promise for many spellbinding memories.

There are states and cities which lay witness to the richness of the culture and portray it well. If archeological significance intrigues you, the city of Badami is just the perfect tourist destination. So, go ahead pack your bags, book the tickets to this beautiful town of Karnataka, quaint and distinctive. In accordance with the mythological tales this town was known as Vatapi. You will be enamored by the beauty and intricate carvings which reflect the richness of the Badami Chalukyas era.

Here is a list of tourist attractions of this city:-

Badami Cave Temples

These caves were constructed by the Badami Chalukyas by 6th and 7th century. A huge hill of sandstone was carved to build these cave temples. This is an epitome of the style of architecture pursued by the people of the aforesaid era. It is a treat for the eyes of archeological enthusiasts.

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Badami Cave Temples

Bhutanatha Group of Temples

These temples is also constructed of sandstone. They were fabricated by the Badami Chalukyas between the time period of the 7th and the 11th century AD. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is also known as Bhutanatha. In fact, the complex of the temple is a beautiful blend of architectural style of North India and South India. The sculpture, the carvings and the scenic charm are bound to allure you.

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Bhutanatha Temples

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Mallikarjuna Group of Temples

This temple is in close vicinity of the Bhutanatha Group of temples. These temples were constructed in the 11th century. The Badami Chalukyas fabricated it; however, the architectural style reflects a pyramidal shape which presents a different look.

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Mallikarjuna Temples

Badami Fort

The location and the surrounding are acumen enough to visit this fort. It was built by Pulakeshi, the Chalukyas king in 543 AD. However, by 642 AD the fort was destroyed by the Pal lavas. The remains are fort walls and gate which stand tall till date, reflecting their magnificence.

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Badami Fort

Malegitti Shivalaya

This beautiful shrine is constructed above the Badami fort. It provides the most enchanting view of Agastya Lake. It is one of the oldest shrines in Badami. The panoramic view from here will leave you spellbound. There is some sort of serenity, of this place which will touch your heart.

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Malegitti Shivalaya

Many students of archeology, archeological enthusiasts and travelers reach out to this tourist destination. In fact, this place has been under the reign of Vijaynagar dynasty, Adil Shah Dynasty, Marathas, Mughals, British and even Mysore kingdom. Hence, it is absolutely enriching to find the reminiscence of their glorious past.

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This city is a must visit tourist destinations which will enthrall you!

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