Boudhanath – Most Spiritual Place in Kathmandu

Boudhanath is an important pilgrimage place and meditation spot for Buddhists, Tibetans and Nepalis. Located in a busy trade route between Tibet and Nepal, this is a popular tourist site, heritage site and an important sightseeing spot.

Iconic attractions of Boudhanath

Boudhanath Stupa

This is an ancient monument of 5AD. You can find many pilgrims circumambulating the monument while chanting mantras. The place will be illuminated with butter lamps in the night.

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Taragaon Museum

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Located inside the Hyatt Regency, this museum holds galleries that explain the culture and heritage of the land. Entry is free and you can find many interesting elements in the display.

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Shechen Monastery

sechan monastery

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Located near the stupa in the alley, this is a beautiful monastery famous for its architecture. There is a small garden restaurant and a guesthouse inside the campus.

Khawalung Monastery

This monastery is located 10-minutes’ drive away from Hyatt Hotel. This is a small Tibetan monastery, which is famous for Buddhist paintings.

Kopan Monastery

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Located to the north of the stupa, this is a thriving monastery, which is famous for enjoying the religious culture of the land. Tourists are allowed to pray and meditate in this monastery.

Thrangu Monastery

thrangu monastery

Opposite to the Boudhanath stupa, this monastery is famous for unique ritual practices. Climb up the monastery to get a beautiful view of the mountains.

Pullahari Monastery

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Located on the foothills of the Boudhanath Stupa, this monastery is famous for prayers, rituals and culture. You can spot scenic views from the monastery. Individual retreat programs are also available in this monastery, throughout the year.

Ka-Nying Shedrub Ling Monastery

This is an ancient settlement amidst a large farmland located north to the Khashor Stupa. Visit at 6 in the morning or 4 in the evening to witness unique rituals here. Each ritual takes place for one hour and tourists are welcome to be a part of this ritual. Saturday Morning Talks are common in the main temple. Translators are available.

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How to reach Boudhanath ?

The nearest airport is in Kathmandu, Nepal. You can find taxis from airport or Thamel to Boudhanath. It would cost around 500 rupees to reach the destination. Taxis reach up to the main gate of Boudha Stupa. You can also find many buses and vans from Kathmandu Valley, Ring Road, Chabihil and others. The place is at just 20 minutes away from Chabihill and tourists prefer trekking to the main gate. Once inside the site, you can easily scale the place on foot. You can find taxis at the main gate until 8 in the evening and thus, you need not worry about your return journey.

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Shopping in Boudhanath

Shopping in Boudhanath

You can find many shops and handicraft stores around stupas and other important attractions. Top things to buy are

  1. Himalayan singing bowl
  2. Prayer flags
  3. Incense sticks and other articles
  4. Tibetan statues

What to eat in Boudhanath ?

Boudhanath Cuisine

Noodles, Thukpa and momos are very common here. Food is relatively cheaper in this site. It is rare to find meat here. You can find traditional Tibetan styled menu here. During tourism season, you can find live music performances in a few restaurants.

Exotic activities to enjoy in Boudhanath

Apart from meditating, sightseeing, jungle safari and others, you can enjoy certain unique activities in this site. Shechen monastery is famous for Tibetan massage, acupuncture and others. You can also find aromatherapy, Shiatsu therapy, Ayurvedic treatment and others here. The authenticity of such treatment of every service provider is not guaranteed.

Tips for travelers

  1. Wear conservative clothing to the site. This holds good for both the gender.
  2. Remove your footwear and close your umbrella before entering any temple or stupa.
  3. Circumambulate any monument or temple in clock-wise direction
  4. Maintain silence during your visit to monasteries.
  5. Do not stamp or walk over any deity even if it is in ruins. Do not climb or sit on any statue.
  6. Do not take pictures of rituals, monks or locals without their permission.

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