Sariska Tiger Reserve – Famous Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan

Nestled by the mighty Aravali hills, the Sariska tiger reserve spans about 800 square kilometer covering cliffs, mountains, dry deciduous forests, grasslands and others. The tiger reserve is the home for numerous other animals other than tiger like chital, sambhar, rhesus macaque, jungle cats, wild boar and others. It is also home for many beautiful birds like crested serpent eagles, harbor quails, sand grouse and others. This park is not just about natural beauty. This is the one of the famous tiger reserve in Rajasthan.

If you are looking for an adventure-filled vacation, here are the top ten activities that you ought to try in Sariska tiger reserve.

Jeep safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

sariska tiger reserve

Jeep safari is best for those looking to penetrate the park to enjoy isolated attractions. Many historic sites like Kankwadi fort and others can be reached only by jeep safari. Safari takes place in two slots. The safari timings change with season. Only approved vehicle can enter into the park for safari. A specific route should be spanned during the safari.

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Canter safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

If you are travelling in large group, canter will be a better option. Up to 20 people can travel in a canter. Canter travels in all zones that are covered by jeep. You can spot many animals and a few birds during safari. It is better to book online as the demand for these activities will be very high, especially during tourism season.

Monsoon safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve

The park is officially closed during monsoon season. However, you can reach up to Pandupol temple if you choose to take the monsoon buffer safari. Canters are allowed to penetrate up to the buffer zones. During monsoon season, you can easily spot dancing peacocks and many other birds.

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Birdwatching in Sariska Tiger Reserve

More than 220 species of birds are found in this reserve. The water sources inside the reserve are the best spots for spotting birds. If you visit during winter season, you can find numerous migration birds from central Asia, Europe and others. The Kankwari Lake is the iconic location to spot some rare birds. If you are visiting in winter, the Mansarovar dam near Tehla gate and Neelkanth temple are good spots for birdwatching apart from the lake.

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Trip with naturalists

You can hire naturalists to enjoy safari in a detailed manner. They will guide you to spots where you can find many interesting animals including tiger. The park is filled with archeological spots and ancient monuments. Your naturalist will be able to explain in detail about the history of those buildings.

Cave exploration

Visit Shyamsa caves for enjoying cave paintings of ancient times. You can spot paintings of rhino, elephant and many others. The caves are best for those who love to enjoy history. Near the cave region, you can spot guggul herb, a very rare Indian herb, which is an important Ayurveda medicine.

Visit the erotic monument

Located inside the Sariska National Park, on an isolated mountain, the Neelkanth temple of 6th century stands. This temple is famous for numerous attractions including its collection of erotic statues. Similar to Khajuraho, this temple also showcases erotic artworks within the temple premises. There is also a large Jain temple close to the Neelkanth temple.

Visit to Pandupol Hanuman temple

Located within the tiger reserve, an ancient temple stands with a picturesque waterfall. The temple is rich with many birds and small mammals. This temple has a mythological importance due to its link with Mahabharata. People visit this temple for pilgrimage activities and enjoying the cascading waterfall. The trail to the temple is rough and steep. Pilgrims receive small packets of holy ash from the temple.

Luxury stay at Sariska palace

sariska palace

Several centuries ago, this palace was a mere hunting lodge for the royals who used the park as a hunting ground. Today, it stands as a luxury hotel for those who love to enjoy a stay close to the nature without compromising their luxury. The palace allows guests to take up safari and trip to the park from the hotel.

The palace still holds all the historic magnificence and thus, you can experience a royal stay here. There are numerous other hotels of varying luxury level inside and very close to the park. You can also take a luxury vacation with luxury train in India.

Haunted exploration

Located on the edge of the national park, the fort of Bhangrah is the site for hearts of steel. Youngsters and adventure lovers explore this ancient fort to enjoy palaces, havelis, ruined temples and much more. People explore this fort for a thrilling experience. There are many rumors of paranormal activities around this fort to give you a hair-raising thrill.

Sariska tiger reserve is not just about these ten activities. The region is filled with natural and architectural beauty that make tourists end up accommodating in the hotels and palaces inside the park. Tiger spotting is not common and nature lovers take a couple of safaris with experienced guides to increase their chance of spotting a tiger.

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Sariska Tiger Reserve Safari Timings

Safari in Sariska Tiger Reserve is conducted in two separate time slots, the timings of which different in winter and summer.

Safari Timing in Winter

Morning Safari Timings –  6:30 AM to 10:30 AM
Evening Safari Timings –  2 PM to 6 PM

Safari Timimg in Summer

Morning Safari Timings –  6 AM to 10 AM
Evening Safari Timings –  2:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

Sariska Tiger Reserve Entry Fee

  • Indians – INR 80/- per person
  • Foreign Nationals – INR 470/- per person
  • Video Camera –  INR 400/-

This is the one of the best place for wildlife lovers and spotting tigers which gives you a lifetime experience. So, don’t wait plan your exotic trio and book your ticket with our India tour packages.

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